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  1. So, we all know how much fun lightning rod is (if it’s open and we’re able to ride it), but I’m curious if the reason we haven’t seen more of these launched RMC’s because Dollywood has had so much issue with them. Like, I would’ve loved to see a launched iron gwazi (without the crocodile ‘cause it makes no sense), and it would have been an incredible coaster at Busch gardens Tampa. It seems that Busch gardens just wanted to copy steel vengeance and make it five feet higher for safe and good reviews. Nothing wrong with that, but if they really wanted to grab the attention of us coaster guys and girls, they could’ve built a working launched RMC coaster that focuses on a good layout, rather than just wanting to drop our stomachs and then keep the ride fast paced with minimal inversions. Maybe it’s not possible with the issues that Dollywood has. Thought??

  2. To keep in line with their African inspired names, such as Montu, Sheikra, Kumba, etc., a better name would have been Twisted Mamba since Mamba in Swahili means crocodile and their theming this after a crocodile. There's no sense in naming it Iron Gwazi (NOT saying I don't like the name because I do) when it's being themed after a crocodile and Gwazi was themed around being a hybrid of a tiger/lion creature haha but, I do love that they're paying homage to the original coaster by keeping it's original name, nonetheless. I'm totally digging what we could see of the trains and the logo looks awesome, too! That purple track with the green trains is going to be a sick contrast. This is gonna be a HUGE hitter for BGT! It looks bad ass for sure. I'll definitely be making my way down there next year!


    Totally agree. The crocodile doesn't make sense. Iron Gwazi isn't a bad name, but at least make the logo an iron looking version of the original Gwazi logo. The logo for Iron Gwazi looks so low quality. As a graphic designer of almost 20 years experience, including designing for Orlando theme parks - I'm disappointed in the logo. Like, all their other coaster logos look awesome. I don't understand what happened with the marketing for this.

  3. God, that name is horrible. Either come up with something new or just leave it as Gwazi.


    Exactly! I'm so confused how a crocodile is the theme of Iron Gwazi. Gwazi means Tiger's head and Lion's body. So....


    An African Swahili name meaning beast or something similar would have been better. Like how Kumba means roar.


    Busch Gardens has failed at naming ever since Cheetah Hunt, which should have been named Cheetaka. Their branding fits so much better with one word names. Their next coaster will be named "Hang Gliding Safari Adventure" and the theme will be a Flamingo, lmao

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