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  1. Hi thanks for the reply, So parks we have been to before: Universal, Islands of adventure, Busch gardens, Seaworld, all of the disney parks, all of the disney waterparks, alton towers and thorpe park in the UK. Loved big adventure rollercoasters but have never been on any really big 'hyper' type coasters. As far as getting around we are happy to drive or fly (probably preference is a single flight in and out of the USA from the UK and then rent a car for a couple of weeks. Not adverse to relatively big distance car trips. We would aim to do a bit of sightseeing yep based around the chosen parks we want to visit. Thanks,
  2. Hi all, First post from me so go easy! Having long been a fan of disney / universal parks of Florida my wife and I are planning a trip to the states for 2.5 weeks end of July beginning of August with the aim of visiting multiple different theme parks and water parks across America with a couple of days in each state / city we visit as we go. I need help in choosing the best theme parks for our visit that we would be able to get between in our time frame. We are coming from the UK so don't know all the best places to visit! Any suggestions / itinerary's for our 2.5 weeks or at least which part of the USA to focus our visit on would be very much welcome! The bigger the rollercoasters and water coasters the better! Thanks in advance, Mark
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