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  1. So... I'm currently creating a theme park simulator trough the interwebs. I've already created a simulator wich didn't completely suck (http://connect.wordquest.nl/ride/) and decided that it was time to create something a little more advanced. So this time, why not create a complete simulator? It's not going to be 3D or something super-advanced. You could describe it as a simple version of planet coaster/RCT world. I'm currently still in really early beta (only been working on it for about 2 hours) but just wanted to show it. Currently, it only has the options of being able to buy food and drink stalls, flat rides and coasters. When you do your income increases and you can buy more stuff. I'm now planning on adding certain events, like lower incomes for a while, and adding more things to buy. Things like staff (for hygiene and maintenance) are also going to be implemented in the near future. So... if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments! PS: Remember, really really early beta, at the moment not the greatest game of all times, I know...
  2. So the site now has two carts! I 'm currently working on the English version (currently half EN half Dutch ) and thinking of other attractions. But so long I kind of like it and I'm proud of it. Also, I want to add walking people and stuff. It kind of had a queue in the last version, but now I want the real deal... Little screenshot of current version
  3. Hi there, I'm kinda new in programming but I've always been interested in coaster/ride simulations. So what do I do, I make one =P It's in a really early stage but I just wanted to see what you think of it. The big diference between every other simulation and this one is that is in-browser with HTML 5 so it can be played on any device (currently PC only because of the looks...) instead of having to download Flash. Greatings, Tim PS: Link to site http://connect.wordquest.nl/ride
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