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  1. Made it to the park for the first time this year. Great day, beautiful weather and light crowds. In fact there was nobody there this morning, walk-ons everywhere I went, and only started picking up a bit in the afternoon. Ops were fine, a few things were closed, food service was as slow as ever -- I can't tell they changed anything there. Oh well.


    The highlight of the day, without a doubt....Pandemonium is fantastic! It was my first time on a Giant Discovery and I loved it! Can't wait to ride again! I dig the theming too, I just hope they keep going and build that area out. It needs more, but they got a great start. This is such a great addition to the park this year!






  2. I know I'm asking for speculation, but do we know what sort of ride this should be when they're done? I'm pretty ignorant about most of this I guess. When RMC comes in to do one of these is it a complete rebuild or more of a refresh? In other words would you guys expect us to get something completely different out of this or just a better Cyclone?


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  3. ^The single rider lines are a joke.


    I agree with this with one possible exception -- the single rider setup on the new JL dark ride looks decent. It cuts out about half of the queue inside the building at least.


    I had to look up photos of the ride to remind myself what it looked like, but I see your point now.



    Looks like an extremely narrow gap for height restrictions to me, and especially odd having kids go without their parent or older rider on a 30 foot drop tower.


    Thanks, I thought so too, especially since it didn't open that way. I rode it last year. I guess nobody's got any inside scoop on what changed or why, but I feel like there's a story here.


    Just to stir up a little speculation, I know that it was mentioned that RMC markers are usually orange. With the green markers on cyclone is it possible to assume that since flags may be bringing in a company like GCI to work on cyclone? Maybe just a full standard retrack?


    Nobody asked, and most of you may have already seen them with your own eyes, but here's a couple of pics of the markers I took last week.


  4. We went yesterday for the first time this year. Overall a great experience. Park was empty. Ops were very good all-around, but then its hard to really judge on a light day. Many rides were walk-on, or close to it. Foodservice was fast but characteristically unhappy and borderline-rude. We got food though, and it didn't take forever, so I call that a win. Weather was great. Overall a fantastic day at Six Flags.


    The new Metropolis section is beautiful, a much needed facelift to that part of the park. And the JL:BFM building looks great.


    Yesterday was our first time on one, and it was a lot of fun. The kids loved it. Unfortunately it was having some sort of minor technical difficulties all afternoon. We were turned away earlier in the day since it was down, but when we came back by it was running. There wasn't much of a line, it wasn't even outside the building, but even still we waited almost an hour due to small down-time delays occurring regularly. We stuck it out though and got to ride, and, best I could tell, it worked flawlessly while we were on it. I can see us riding that one often, especially with the kids, I just hope they get the new-ride gremlins worked out soon.


    Overall, a great day at the park. Hope to find time one day next week to get back.


    PS: When (and why) did they adjust the height limitations on the Superman Drop Tower? I rode it when it first opened, but yesterday I was turned away as being too tall. Sure enough, the signage now says 54" max height. This is now a very limited ride, only allowing riders between 42-54". Both my 11yr and 13yr old are too tall for it now, even though they rode last year. My 7-yr old had worked up the nerve to try that one this year and none of us were allowed to ride with her yesterday. She rode it anyway, and enjoyed it some, but was very nervous. I think she would've enjoyed it more had she not been alone on it.

  5. To be fair a lot of the "false information" you're referring to came from actual news outlets and reporters. I don't think its irresponsible to quote the news, and nobody who did so and inadvertently spread misinformation should feel bad about it. Not their fault.


    That aside, I can't begin to express how glad I am that the damage isn't as bad as reported. My family just loves that area and this whole event has been heartbreaking to watch unfold. So I for one am glad most of what I've heard in the past day may be wrong.

  6. Hey all, we're going to be in the Pigeon Forge area in about a week and plan to check out Dollywood. I've never been so I hoped to get some "insider" tips. We've got 4 kids, so I probably won't get to do the bigger coasters. That's too bad, but its not what the trip is about anyway. So what should someone traveling with a bunch of kids know about Dollywood? Any specific kids attractions that are must-do's? Any certain order/direction we should do things? Which shows should we consider? I hear the Christmas parade is awesome, but where/when should we gather/stand/camp to get to see it the best?


    Thanks all, I really appreciate it!

  7. I don't disagree with you, but Splashwater falls is still very popular though, isn't it? I mean that line always seems to be quite long on hot summer days. I couldn't see them getting rid of it when it's still a largish draw.


    Anybody been since sfog posted that teaser photo? Can you see the blue tarps from the public areas? I'd love to see more photos. Or maybe someone's adventurous enough to go and take a peek..


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