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  1. I've went back and forth on what to call this project.Its an indoor raft ride themed to one of my favorite shows as a kid growing up. I've started with the main entrance & queue area as well as the station. I think this is one of the deals where its best viewed at night just because of all the lighting effects and trigger events I want to add. The western iron light-box makes for really cool recessed lighting to give light to the queue but not totally flood the area. Also added in some faint blue background like as it gives off some pretty cool atmosphere. Also covered the silver cylinder entrance pieces with the fairy tale corner pieces and now they almost look like they could work as a magic band type element. I'm not too terribly deep into the project so figured this would be a good point to actually start showing what is done.Well anyways thanks for checking this out and let's see where it goes!
  2. Thanks man! I've put out an update video as well as expanded the Studio Walk area to include my Ecto-1 & the start of the MadMax launch coaster.
  3. Here is the next section of the park that will be anchored by my Transformers 3D Ride! I'm thinking of making Bumble Bee as well and place him in this red feature circle for pictures & such. I've also added a frontier type coaster that is based off Fire Chaser Express.
  4. Hey guys! I wanted to start the new year with a brand new Theme Park, Adventure Point! This park will consist of my creations as well as items I find on the workshop from you guys! I've already used Andy P's shop at the entrance as well as CaseyBrian's Temple & the wonderful Mexican restaurant built by Knighty! Also found that Seafoam's Asian Food court worked perfect right outside of Traders Village! I feel that with going with an Adventure theme it opens the doors to all kinds of rides & creations and doesn't box me into one set of ideas. I'm always eager to hear your feedback so let me know what you guys think! Also if you have any adventure themed buildings you'd like to see if I can use send me a note & if I think it goes with the style I'm going for I may use it!
  5. The story sets at the base of a cursed temple that houses the spirit of shapeshifters! The Nagual, in Mesoamerican folk religion, is a human being who has the power to transform either spiritually or physically into an animal form, most commonly jaguar and puma.Such a nagual is believed to use their powers for good or evil according to their personality. Will you survive the journey into the temple & discover the secret of the Nagual Curse?
  6. Thanks guys! I've started the parks first waterfall & I have a small nighttime update as well. And the latest update I've removed the spinning coaster & added a new rapids ride.
  7. Thanks! I've finished off this toy store so I believe that will end the 50's area as I'm out of room on this street lol
  8. Hey guys! I was going to pop on here and update you guys on my newest Planet Coaster happening - Geyser Springs. I would categorize this park as a mixture of Frontier/Wilderness with some Dollywood thrown in. Let me know what you think!
  9. Thank you! Actually yes, those chairs with umbrellas I found on the workshop are just for looks. I'm not sure though one day we may have functioning tables like that. Yeah this game is definitely cpu/gpu intensive at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this park like I want and still be able to get a decent recording out of it. Especially when I let the guests in! Thanks for checking this out!
  10. haha I also want to show you guys this area of the park I've been working on. It's basically a large plaza of shops & restaurants but I've placed my stage at the very end of the area for live performances and such.
  11. Thank you Midgetman! Actually probably 95% of what you see has come from the Workshop & your guys creations. That feature has been a 1000 times more useful then I originally thought it was gonna be. But after I get this park done I am gonna upload it so you all can look around for yourselves.
  12. Here is an update on the park is sets today & also a preview of the haunted swamps EuroFighter.
  13. I've started a new park using Alpha 3. It's a fantasy-themed park that is constructed mostly over water. 1st Review video should be out tomorrow but until then I do have a small clip of the interior of the potion shop.
  14. Dude I know this is the weirdest site for me, NO ONE ever comments hardly... Unless its AJ trolling me for something I screwed up. I don't really post here much often anymore but it does give you a decent amount of views, just ZERO feedback lol o_o
  15. Instead of wasting this massive terrain structure on just 1 ride, I'm going to try and create a park around it. I'm sure it will have to carry over into Alpha 3 and if the fairly tale theme is released I think having thatched roof pieces will really help the look. Brett said a couple days ago on the forums we are still weeks away from an Alpha 3 Dev Vlog schedule so I am assuming the schedule will probably release more toward the end of July. So definitely a long term park. That's kind of how all my parks sit right now, basically waiting for water for the most part.
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