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  1. Firstly, I do liked your report. I could saw all the details themed and paths (with some FunHouse stuff - I loved the ideia) in all those photos, that's amazing. All in all.. I've always asked the same question as you have done to myself when you commented about Wave Swinger theming. Well, after I tried to respond it, I got started to think how could I make to change this ideias with new others. I thought in western hats, umbrellas, OVNIS and Aliens and big quaint/exotic trees. However, one of them had been already created. There is a WS themed as a big umbrella at Hopi Hari (Sao Paulo, Brazil). I don't know about you, but I really care with themes. And to my mind, that ride is amazing because it's original (without any clones, I thought). Here, there are some Google images showing more about this ride. Look at - weblink: I hope it can answer your question. Oh, yeah... I've almost forgotten to comment about those Log Flume cars themed as bathtubs. Wow, I though say good bye to the classics woody trunks cars. lol P.S. Sorry for any language error, I'm improving my English skills.
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