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  1. Actually DarienLkaer, the track colors are: Trition (Orange track with gray rails and white supports) Viper (Black track with yellow rails and yellow supports) Flight Deck (Yellow track and railings, and dark red supports) Invertigo (Turquoise track and supports and dark blue supports) Steel Fury (Same colors as in real life) Rampage (Grayish brown supports, track, and rails) Hurler (light brown supports, track, and rails) Velocity (Gray track and rails, and icy blue supports) Flying Ace Aerial Chase (Same colors like at Kings Island) Woodstock Express (Same colors like the real life one) Wildfire (Rusty red track and rails, and yellow supports) Wild Mouse (Yellow track and blue rail and supports) That is ACTUALLY the real colors, but you were close
  2. Guys, this is my last post. Why? Because A.J. said I would get banned if I post another post. So, guys, this is my last stand. And I'm sorry that I have to go. I'll remember you guys, and the nice stuff DarienLaker told me about questions and stuff, and I just want to say, goodbye guys. Well, this is my last post of getting banned...
  3. Yeah, that. But I'm saying is that Rampage is a grayish, brown color (because its very old), and Hurler is light brown.
  4. @DarienLaker You will see the colors in the future updates, but the wooden coasters are brown, lawl
  5. Okay, I'm sorry A.J.! I don't want to be banned because DarienLaker is my helper and friend! but please, can you help me how to move a forum to this topic?
  6. OHHHHHH, Thanks for asking! (And your profile pic is so funny lawl)
  7. Hmm, I'll think about it. But hey, thanks for being a good friend, DarienLaker
  8. Yeah, I guess so. But the Crypt would be outside, because an indoor one would be complicated.
  9. The Red Baron, no. The Crypt, I agree! I can revive the Crypt to normal! and also, I can add bumper cars, too.
  10. Atter, you have to wait, because that update moves to the Douglas Gardens thread, just watch!
  11. Hello guys, I know I made my change of Douglas Gardens entrance, but I'm changing the rollercoasters (Oh yeah, I took out the Eiffel Tower cause it kiiiiiinnnnnddddddaaaaaa is spacing my park...) So, only 2 rollercoasters are changed, and here they are: 1. Rail Blazer (Name changed to Wildfire) 3. Invertigo (Now a Vekoma Boomerang Coaster, and named Zoomerang) Oh yeah, and the entrance changed because I didn't saved the KI/KD like entrance, so, yeahhhhhh...... (I don't have the picture.) Also A NEW ROLLERCOASTER IS COMING TO 2015!!! The rollercoaster is called Rage 304, and its a B&M Giga Coaster. It will be the 3RD B&M GIGA COASTER IN THE WORLD!!! It will open in Summer of 2015 (July 24, 2015), so get ready! That is all of the updates, so, this is Spartan Pidgeon, signing off.
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