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  1. Rob can I politely ask you to stop calling us idiots? If you do not frequent this park, you really can't chime in without the whole story. Ive visited many times and had similar experiences at non-peak times. The main problem is many places do not have systems in place. For example, JBs Smokehouse usually has a shorter wait because you pay in one area, get a buzzer, and pick up at another location when ready. Johnny Rockets however. I went about 11:30 or noon and waited about 45 minutes. Got line was quick, but the cooks somehow where getting wrong orders. Customers where being told to wait for food in three different spots and orders where going all over the place to wrong people. If you haven't experienced this, then I would really appreciate it if you'd chill on the name calling.

  2. I will weigh in for what it's worth.


    In my opinion, the park itself does not suck. It has enough, just enough, to keep me coming back. That being said, the park sure did have one sucktastic year.


    If you're just looking at lineups yes, SFA may look like it's not as good and I can see why youd be baffled by complaints if that or something smaller was your home park.


    But when you plop down the money it takes at the start of the year for a season pass like my wife and I do, you have certain expectations. And when you go to see broken rides and mind bogglingly slow and inept food service, it makes you less and less excited to return.


    Not all of this is controllable. Most of the ride stuff has just been bad luck. I don't think the problems on Superman, JLBFM, NinjaVR, or Boomerang are due to lack of funding or skill. But I do think the food problems can be shook with proper training and proper systems. There is a reason JB's has the best service in the park. It has a system. You pay here, you pick up here. Its simple and many of the resteraunts don't have that.


    All of these things are mildly annoying one trip, but when you go once Or twice a month and still food lines are terrible, rides are broken and you see no progres it leads to negativity. Which is voiced here.

  3. Got caught in the wicked rain storm at the park Saturday. Man I would really hate to be there during a legit emergency. Everyone was calmly trying to leave before it got bad, which it did, and the system to get from Hurricane Harbor to the parking lot was a little jarring. You had to wait for everyone to squeze out of two turnstiles in HH because they "have to know how many people where in the water park". Then they had employees forming a red rover chain blocking the main turnstiles again bottlenecking the crowd. I understand but It was frustrating. Totally could've made it to my car without getting soaked the process was smoother.

  4. Finally took the plunge and went to Holiday World this weekend. I know this isn't the HW thread so I will do a full trip report there maybe, but there's been a lot of talk of how the two parks compare lately and how much their advertising in STL will affect SFSTL and that was very on my mind.


    Overall, I found at least personally, the parks compare pretty favorably to one another. Neither are perfect and what one lacks, the other one seems to have. While I had a great time at HW it really made me respect the things we have that we may take for granted. Rides like Batman and Mr. Freeze, while not "unique" to us traveling coaster junkies would sure help Holiday World feel more complete. While SFSTL could learn from Holiday Worlds operations and guest relations.


    Splashing Surfari on the other hand makes me never want to return to Hurricane Harbor, so there is that on the negative side haha.

  5. ^ It used to be Calico's Fried Chicken for many many years. After it was closed, it was used for numerous different things... secondary season pass location, secondary first aid/ cooling station, storage, secondary kitchen and food prep location.... They've desperately needed to reopen this location for years, and from what I've heard now, because of the disaster in food service, it IS reopening as another restaurant..... but I haven't received exact word on what it will be, what it will serve, or how often it will be open


    I just noticed on my last visit, as I was waiting for Fireball, the sign telling what lies ahead still has Calicos Chicken on it. I thought that was very odd.


    Best thing I could see would make this a chicken place, and redo old Loney Tunes Cafe as just Go Fresh. One side can be to place orders with the other to pick them up.


    The isn't the building that is being made into a HitP preview center is it?

  6. I posted a quick TR from one of our surrounding parks, WOF, if anyone is interested:




    I think it's really interesting that WoF seems to have what we all claim Six Flags needs, a legit hyper. But when it comes down to it you still say it doesn't have one of those rides that really grabs you and makes you want to come back. Makes me wonder if SFSTL ever did build a hyper if it would calm the masses, or if its just been seen as another geneceric or clone.

  7. Guys with all due respect to the people, this has nothing to do with the amount of passes sold. Its a a) lack of training for employees and b) system failures. Both were present at my 30 plus minute wait at Go Fresh when l went two weeks ago. I didn't see many dinning passes used honestly. What I did see was an employee working the register that had no clue what he was doing, was drinking and touching his face/hair while talking to customers and generally seemed untrained in food service.


    I also saw systems fail the young man that took over for the first kid. There is no official handoff plane, so I have no idea where to go. Food is not coming out in order so the line of people has to communicate to each other what item is up. People wanted their receipts, but receipts are what was used to tell the cooks what to make. Lack of systems lead to failure and unhappy customers. I uh....I watch too much bar rescue.

  8. So I've watched the videos of the free spins a few times and pondered. Yes, it would be great to be quote unquote passed over and get a massive, unique addition. But realistically, we know the chances of that are slim. I would be actually fairly happy if we got a free spin. Is it a hyper? No. But there really isn't anything like it in the midwest. It would be unique to our region, and would be a new steel coaster. While we all know what we want, we have to have realistic expectations. Would I rather have a hyper than a free spin? Duh. But I'd also rather have a free spin than a water slide or flying eagle flat. It's all relative, we don't want to turn into middle class kids that are jealous of the rich kids.

  9. Went yesterday and had a great time. Saw Love At First Fright for the first time and enjoyed it, my wife adorded it. Pyro show was pretty cool, got to see it from the Justice League line. Which is my only complaint. Justice League opperations between 6pm and 8:30 where by far the worst I've ever seen, like anywhere.


    They where not grouping well, if at all. After waiting 2 and a half hours, we got up around Cyborg to realise they where letting groups as small as two people take up a whole car to themselves. We saw a family of four so frustrated she litterally ran past the ride ops and seated her family in a car they where trying to let only two people ride on to fill it. I was behind a family of four with my group of two. They asked how many to the group in front of us, they then asked us, we replied we had two. They let us go in front of the family of four....only to be placed in a car by ourselves. On such a busy night they have to do better

  10. Some of you guys are pretty delusional when it comes to Eagle. I love it as well, and I think a retracking would be great for a few years. But haven't they retracted in the past? Boycott the park if they do anything else, are you serious? Do you expect this thing to just keep running and running for the rest of time? Six Flags is going to get to a point where they are tired of dumping money into a ride, No matter how great it is/was. I'd personally rather see it RMC'd than knocked down

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