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  1. I can't think of any particularly great food at Water Country--just the usual burgers, chicken tenders, pizza, and fries.


    I'd hit Colossal Curl first, then head for Malibu Pipeline, Big Daddy Falls, and Aquazoid. Be sure to hang out in the Hubba Hubba Highway, too. This is Meltdown's last season, so it might be a bit busy.

    Thank you for the advice - we had a wonderful time! Such a great water park!

  2. Howdy folks

    We plan on visiting Water Country USA for the first time this Saturday. We'll definitely arrive promptly before park opening. That being said, is it the best strategy to start with the slides at the front first (Colossal Curl, Wild Thang, Rampage, Malibu Pipeline, and Jet Scream), then work our way towards the back (Big Daddy Falls, Aquazoid, Nitro Racer, Vanish Point, and Meltdown)? Or should we approach the park a different way? We'll only be spending the first half of the day there, then checking out Colonial Williamsburg afterwards. BGW will be done on Sunday (we're already familiar with it). Also, are there any good places for lunch at the water park?


    Thanks in advance

  3. My girlfriend and I are kinda making a last-minute decision on whether or not to go to the park this weekend (6/2-6/3) or 6/23-6/24. I know Coastermania is going on of course, but the ERT sessions don't seem to overlap with normal operations. We don't plan on attending the event itself, but how are the crowds normally this weekend as a result of it? Weekdays are not an option; vacation days are being used for other trips this year.


    Thanks in advance!

  4. In recent years:



    Mystic Timbers

    Rowdy Bear Coaster

    Whistle Punk Chaser

    *InvadR and Mine Blower are possibilities later on this year



    Cobra's Curse

    Lightning Rod


    Storm Chaser

    Runaway (Branson Mountain)



    Coaster at Goats on the Roof

    Fury 325

    Ski Mountain Coaster


    Twisted Colossus




    FireChaser Express

    Lightning Run




    Boomerang (SFStL)


    Outlaw Run





  5. Been meaning to ask, what is a good time of year to visit this park? Weather, crowd size, night rides possibly, other considerations in the area...

    Best I've found in that regard is early November. That's the beginning of their Christmas event, which isn't too crowded in the first couple of weeks. Plenty of potential for night rides, too, with the park staying open until around 9pm. It's also a good time of year to do some hiking in the area, as it's no longer hot and you're not dealing with mosquitos anymore.


    Of course, this is assuming you aren't interested in visiting the water park.

  6. Take lots of breaks if needed. Otherwise, like some others have said, it just makes more sense to fly the full distance.


    For me, I'd prefer to just drive the 9 hours. No worrying about flight delays/cancellations screwing up your plans, plus it's usually cheaper than flight + rental car for that distance. And if the weather forecast looks crappy for the weekend, you can more likely just reschedule.

  7. I don't see how this place gets the least bit of praise. First time here. One train operation on Storm Chaser. Most clueless and unprofessional ride ops I've ever encountered. Just a pretty miserable place overall, even if a few coasters are OK.

    Meh, to each his own. SC and LR are amazing, Thunder Run is pretty good, they have some nice flats here and there, and the water park is great. The ride ops aren't quite as good as some other parks, but they're far from the worst out there.


    Edit: T3 is down all day. Yay.

    Consider that a blessing haha.


    Edit: Also Thunder Run one train. About a 30 minute wait so far and line was barely outside of the station.

    I'm not a fan of this either, but it would be a substantial investment to get this ride running two trains.

  8. I caught KI on a rainy Saturday (no thunder/lightning though) last year, and it was excellent! Just about everything stayed at max capacity, and fast lane was really unnecessary with mostly walk-ons around the park. Two thumbs up for their rain policy .


    However, we have a trip planned for this weekend as well, and there seems to be thunderstorms in the mix unfortunately. Saturday looks to be the better day to go, weather-wise, with the storms predicted to be scattered rather than continuous. I completely forgot Coasterstock was happening, so hopefully we along with fellow enthusiasts get a break in the weather.

  9. I'm a very frequent user of Hotwire for hotels. The rates almost always end up a lot cheaper than booking directly with the hotel. Plus, although they don't tell you the actual hotel before you commit, they do have the Tripadvisor rating on the listing (none of the specific written reviews, though). Of course you're locked in with no cancellation, so it's best to use when you're 99% certain you're going on the trip.


    Also, I've become a huge fan of Airbnb over the past year. I always stick with places that already have at least several reviews, around 4.5 stars or above. If you're a little adventurous and don't mind staying in a stranger's home (I know....sounds creepy lol), it's an amazing budget option usually. And you end up meeting some really nice people along the way.

  10. Does anyone know why Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg hotels are all full this weekend? I've been visiting for nearly 20 years during every season and I've never had a difficult time making reservations until this year. If the hotels are any indication, Dollywood could be packed this weekend. Nearly every hotel is full for Friday and Saturday night. As a frequent visitor I've never seen this before.

    Did you try calling Mountain Heritage Inn in Gatlinburg by chance? I called them a couple days ago and was able to add on Friday night (I already had Saturday night booked), so maybe they still have vacancies. $59.95+plus tax per night for the room - very good quality and location for the price; I've stayed there a few times before.

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