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  1. I uploaded the tracks to the game exchange and changed the downloadlinks. But there seems to be a problem. When I download the .TD6 tracks from the exchange, my computer makes PDF files of them. (This is also the case for RCT2-tracks other users have uploaded.) Edit: I don't have this problem when I use Internet Explorer as a browser. (Normally I use Firefox.)
  2. Thanks a lot for the comments. I really appreciate both the compliments and criticisms. I realize there are a lot of rollercoaster fanatics/experts on this forum, obviously. I myself am more of a RCT fanatic. (I only visit a few themeparks each year.) That's probably why realism isn't my main concern when building rollercoasters in RCT. I'm concentrating more on making a nice looking layout, a ride that's fun to watch, something original but at the same time with that typical "RCT-feeling" to it that I like so much. (That's why I don't use custom scenery, and that's also why I like to choose alliterating names for my tracks. )
  3. 2009-2007: Thriller [stats] >>Download.<< Speedy [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT3 version: here. Flying Squirrel [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT3 version: here. Dragonfly [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT3 version: here. Mister Twister [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. RCT3 version: here. Loony Lizard [stats] >>Download.<< Red Fox [stats] >>Download.<< 2004-2002: Duelling Dragsters [stats 1] [stats 2] >>Download.<< Little Ladybird [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. A.I.R. (Airtime Island Rollercoaster) [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT3 version: here. Racing Rodents [stats 1] [stats 2] >>Download.<< Crazy Cobra [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. RCT3 version (floorless): here. King Cobra (expanded): here. Holland Coaster [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. RCT3 version: here. *Bonus tracks*: Bumper Boats >>Download.<< Pac-Maze >>Download.<< Go Karts >>Download.<< Frosty's Freefall >>Download.<< Giant Giraffe & Robo-Drop Giant Giraffe >>Download<< Robo-Drop >>Download<<
  4. Hi all! Through the years playing RCT(2) I made many coaster designs. In this thread I place pictures, videos and downloads of my favorite ones. I hope you like them too. >>My RCT YouTube channel.<< 2017: Hurricane Force 12 [stats] >>Download.<< Silly Serpent [stats] >>Download.<< Wicked Beast [stats] >>Download.<< (RCT2 saved game, track hacked with 8cars per trainer) >>Download.<< (RCT Classic track) Golden Bird [stats] >>Download.<< Razzle Dazzle [stats] >>Download.<< Shriek & Shout [stats] >>Download.<< Fireball XL5 [stats] >>Download.<< (RCT Classic) >>Download.<< (RCT2 saved game, track hacked with 8cars per trainer) 2016: Blizzard [stats] >>Download.<< Boogie Woodie [stats] >>Download.<< Timber Toppers [stats 1] [stats 2] >>Download.<< The Dragon [stats] >>Download.<< Gramma's Driving [stats] >>Download.<< 2015: Mars Mission X [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version (junior rollercoaster): here. Flight School [stats] >>Download.<< Dip-lodocus [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. ROAR! [stats] >>Download.<< Blue Typhoon [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. 2014: Firefly [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. RCT3 version: here. Moped Madness [stats 1] [stats 2] >>Download.<< El Trueno [stats] >>Download.<< Festa Do Futebol [stats] >>Download.<< Oh No! Wild Lemmings [stats] >>Download.<< Daredevil Dinghies [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. RCT3 version: here. Lollipop Looper [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version ("Loop-Dee-Doo"): here. Operation Superhero [stats] >>Download.<< 2013: Rag-time Reverser [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. Diving Falcon [stats rollercoaster] [stats elevator] >>Download.<< Swoop 'n' Swing [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. RCT3 version (roller soaker): here. Daredevil [stats] >>Download.<< Pharaoh Frenzy [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT3 version: here. Spooky Spinners >>Download.<< Let It Spin >>Download.<< 2012: Sleigh Ride [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT3 version: here. Xmas-edition >>Download.<< Roaring Beast [stats] >>Download.<< Shangri-La [stats] >>Download.<< Wacky Waves [stats] >>Download.<< Frigatebird's Flight [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT3 version: here. Wicked Dipper [stats] >>Download.<< - RCT1 version: here. RCT3 version: here.
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