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  1. ^^ Spoken like a true obnoxious Californian!


    --Robb "You're attitude is one of the main reasons I had to get out of that state!" Alvey


    And your obnoxious attitude is one of the main reason Californians are glad you did!


    With Knott's, Magic Mountain, Disneyland and Universal, there is always some new attraction going on. THAT is what makes us spoiled out here in So Cal. I'm looking forward to MM and KBF announcements, and no amount of you guys crapping on our 4 parks and their attractions to make yourselves feel superior is going to change that! Sorry!

  2. Man I just got this terrible hunch that we might get the same Superman coaster from Discovery Kingdom, except instead of having a newly built loading station and launch in a wooden tunnel, they might just install the track/launch area inside the former Metro tunnel. This would also explain the first launch happening inside the tunnel.


    Oh boy that would be disappointing! I hope I'm wrong!

  3. As far as Indiana Jones, the only real thing I've noticed that doesn't work the way it used to is the rolling boulder scene at the end of the ride. That used to be one of my favorite parts of the ride. For a while it was half rolling, but wasn't too convincing, and the last couple times I went on it, it didn't even roll at all. I hope they fix this scene during the 3 month rehab.


    Besides the non-functioning last lift-hill scene, the ride (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad) at least appears in good addition I'm glad they choose Indy over this.


    Agreed. BTMR is in pretty good condition me thinks. What is supposed to happen in the last lift-hill scene that is non-functioning?

  4. I wonder how costly it would be to have Gerstlauer come in and replace the existing launch mechanisms with a new LSM system. They could also replace the trains with their new "Schwarzkopf" trains a la Sooperdooperlooper.


    It's funny to me that you would so quickly blast a young kid for using his imagination, and then in the very next paragraph suggest something equally, if not more, absurd.

  5. They may announce months before construction begins, but parts typically show up before the announcement.


    Sorry to say this, but if MM was getting a major coaster next year, parts would most likely have already been showing up (in the dirt lot near guest parking, across the employee road). If my memory serves me correctly, that's how it's been before every coaster announcement that I remember (going back to Batman). Except for the sling shot, I don't think we are going to be getting anything major next year.

  6. The last coaster Knott's got trying to provide a rarely seen style of ride while appealing to families was Pony Express, and look how that turned out. PAAASSSSS!


    I'm not quite sure which giga has been built which is cookie cutter? In fact, none of them are.


    A giga at Knotts would be unique to the park, the West Coast, and would inevitably have its own layout based on the design and space limitations of the park. And nothing about that means the management is trying to turn the park into CP West.


    SB was pretty much the icing on the cake for me in terms of destroying what little charm the park still had. Massive supports plopped in Ghost Town, Reflection Lake turning into Reflection concrete pond. Considering whatever is going on will most likely be in PP's spot, there's really not a lot of charm or themeing on The Boardwalk that will be destroyed by installing a big attraction.

  7. If they were to add something the size of Griffon (to scale):



    Or maybe something along the lines of Sheikra (to scale):



    So all-in-all, it seems doable (if it were to be a compact design).


    I for one appreciate your time and effort into showing us that a compact dive coaster with a few modifications to Sheikra's or Griffon's layout could actually be possible given the space. Something like that could remain in one "area" of the park, and it wouldn't miniaturize the park nearly as much as a hyper/giga that would have to travel backstage along the perimeter of the park.

  8. My only problem with another B&M in the park is the size of the track and supports, and how dominating they are in a park the size of Knott's. We see this with Silver Bullet, how the ride practically takes up big chunks of the park, even with it being spread out in different areas. To me Silver Bullet has a sea of huge support beams which really put an eyesore in some of the more elegant areas of the park, and that ride is only 150 feet tall.


    Can't imagine how a 200/300 foot coaster would miniaturize the park even more.

  9. Yeah, Viper and Riddlers suck compared to other rides at SFMM.


    Huh, that's funny. I definitely wouldn't say they suck, but I would definitely say they are two of the more "intense" coasters at the park, meaning you're probably not going to want to ride them over and over very often. Viper is a forceful ride, sit in the back and the drop and first half is quite a ride. That roughness people complain about is just 20 year old track and car design by Arrow.


    To me Riddlers' order of inversions and how HUGE they are make it a fun looping coaster with a few pops of air.


    As for Lex, I agree about the long drop, but I like that it's so tall. I think my favorite part of the ride is the forces of the magnets slowing you down in your seat as you come to the bottom. Those G's and slowing down from 80+ MPH coming down in that direction is pretty amazing.

  10. Screamscape seems to think the long delayed then cancelled Giga coaster is back on again.


    The worst part about reading that post on Screamscape is to read the upcharge Screamin' Swing isn't pulling numbers, so it may be on the chopping block as well. Cedar Fair destroyed a nice chunk of entertainment in that spot when they took out the Haunted Shack for VertiGo, and nothing in that spot has been successful since.


    I was hoping those Freefall rumors would come to fruition, but that spot may just always be dead space they can't do much with.

  11. Looks amazing. Talk about finding a way to bring some life to the front of the park. Maybe one of these is in store for Knotts?


    The only part I don't like is after the MCBR, it looks like it kinda meanders through the helix as the last part of the ride. From what I remember that seems to be a signature of the rides at Cedar Point. It's almost like they could have skipped an inversion before the MCBR (perhaps the dive loop on the other side of the entrance), then used one after the MCBR to make the last bit not so blah.


    But a very nice looking coaster that will be reliable. I'm sure CP will be great at running its highest capacity.

  12. Just got back from our East Coast trip and there are probably 10 coasters that we rode this week that I'd trade every single coaster at SFMM to get.


    Most of the people in our group had never traveled to ride coasters and were amazed at the sheer quality of rides like Intimidator 305, SkyRush, Storm Runner, El Toro, Phoenix, Lightning Racer, etc.


    That's not really surprising. I mean it'd be great if we could all just cherry pick the great coasters we don't get to ride all the time, and trade them for the ones we do, at parks we visit regularly. But the fact of the matter is you visited 6 different parks to get on 6 different (and great) coasters. We just don't have that many parks on the West Coast, and really, no park in the world maintains such a large number of high caliber of coasters in one location.


    This repeated notion that Magic Mountains collection of coasters just don't compare to other randomly picked ones at several different parks is getting stale and old.

  13. ^Just sit in the very back seat. Colossus will surprise you.


    I should also mention that there was a mechanic walking the track at SEFK this morning where it passes over the midway. So I'm not sure what the problem was.


    That is routine maintenance before Superman opens. There is a track walk to the top of the turns apex before electricians even get there. Perhaps there was another issue at another ride (probably X2), and the mechanic didn't get to track walk Superman until the other problems at other rides were fixed. Explains its 2pm opening.


    Part of me is hoping Intamin for the new coaster, but part of me is hoping for Premier. Intamin is getting better with its technology, but after Cheetah Hunt, I am kind of hoping SFMM doesn't get a tame launch coaster. Rides by Premier including Mr. Freeze and Speed the ride, really make me feel like they could do a better job as far as ride experience. Plus I would love to have lapbars, but I imagine that won't happen.


    Also, with the way they're working magnets these days, there's really no reason to have a cable launch unless you're working in tight space, or are doing something like Top Thrill or Kingda Ka. Computer systems are so much more advanced, and the magnets do the job with less maintenance.

  14. After the discovery of this slingshot ride arriving at the park, I'm starting to wonder whether or not this will be their only addition this season.


    From what I remember past up-charge attractions at Magic Mountain like Dive Devil and Thrill Shot neglected to have any grand opening day before they opened. In fact, they may have been mentioned in the initial press release, but I have never seen them promoted or advertised like any other regular attraction in the park. I would expect this slingshot attraction to be installed and opened in a similar manner.


    This leads me to believe there are other things going on in the park that they will announce at the end of August. And seeing a land surveying marker in the Log Jammer area is a good sign they are taking the steps to prepare for something.

  15. I think it's funny some people can come on here and complain about Colossus being rough, then come on here and say Viper was smooth. I'd say both rides are equally "rough" in their own ways. Vipers roughness happens due to the 1990 Arrow design of the track and the way the wheels on the train ride, which is most obvious before the batwing. Colossus is more of a steel wheel on steel plates on wood kind of roughness. As far as both rides go I've had awesome rides on them over the last year.


    Some people talk about removing Viper to make room for other rides, but it makes me laugh. Viper is STILL a great ride to me, especially that first drop if you sit in the very back, so I just don't get it. The ride is in very good condition compared to its other Arrow siblings (GASM) and I think much of this can be thanks to the great mechanic team at the Mountain, keeping good care of the track and the trains. LIke Ninja, I think this is the reason some of the rides at Magic Mountain last so long, while at other parks, they fall apart well before they should have.

  16. Very unusual for a park (especially SFMM) to already have parts on site for something that isn't even announced yet!


    Not true at all. Parts for Tatsu showed up near the employee access road across from guest parking before October 1st, (http://www.themeparkreview.com/sfmmnew06/oct1_1.htm) long before the ride was announced on November 17th (http://rcdb.com/3305.htm?dt=126&d=197). At first some suspected the track may be for a dive machine, but soon after evidence led people to recognize the track was for a flyer.


    The park has a knack for parts showing up before announcements. It may not always be intentional, but with modern technology and word that spreads so quickly these days, I think they like the anticipation building up.


    Lol yea that's what I'm saying. Like I said in the original post take it how youd like to. Im just sharing what was told to me. Like I said for all I know he could have been bsing me. What it comes down to is I'm just relaying what I was told.


    That's exactly how i took it, and how anyone else should, with a grain of salt. As far as i see it nobody's gaining by coming on here and lying, and whether or not who you talked to was actually being honest, it is interesting to hear what they had to say. Honestly, I've talked to manufactor/maintenence guys before and you'd be amazed how candid they are if you just ask.

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