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  1. They should sue, they have that right and should be compensated for. Accidents happen yes, fatal accidents at theme parks in America shouldn't though. That could have been fatal, one death or one major injury, is one too many. I hope Knotts/CF/Intamin resolve this issue ASAP, but they need to know they dodged a bullet. With every accident it hurts the industry just a little more.

  2. E-stopped worked exactly as it was designed, it cut all power to the brakes forcing them to pop up and slowed the train down before it hit the block before it. In this case it was passed (or on) the damaged section of the cable/launch sled which has nothing to do with the smoke or the kids seat being misaligned.


    And if you can make it without freaking out then more power to you. And if not I'll make fun of you on the internet.


    So if you had debris falling on your face you would just sit there and remain calm while trying to dodge losing an eye?


    ADMIN EDIT: It's OK to disagree. Name calling, however, is not. Please keep this conversation civil. Thank you.


  3. I fixed my post... You were judging the father.


    Yes I was, and the father was not injured, He was trying to signal the ride ops that his kid was hurt in a way I would personally not react but you don't care about that. From my experience, I know there's nothing that can be done as the ride would have e-stopped itself meaning the whole ride has to be reset in order for anything to move at all. That's not including if there was any physical damage to the train itself preventing it from moving past where it came to a stop. There was some damage to the train itself so who knows the extent of how bad it really was.


    And it's not like the ops didn't know the ride broke, again the ride will e-stop itself, and the sound of a cable snapping on an accelerator is horrible and very loud so the people on the midway, if any, would have heard as well. If it were me in this situation I would have called back out to the ops that we needed medical assistance in a much more calm manner as they were not far out of the station, as I'm not the type of person to freak out. Perhaps a downfall of mine (one of many I know) but I blame my judgmentalness on being a Spanish Catholic Woman (yes that was a joke again I laugh at inappropriate times).


    I don't think the e-stop exactly worked out too well when smoke is shooting off and the train is passing by the damaged cable, while the kids seat is being popped out of place. I guess if I were to be involved in an accident with metal shards flying at my eyes and having a lacerated leg, I should stay calm and wait for the ride attendant to assist me while sitting in a pile of smoke. Just saying.

  4. Another blast CP thread I see.. *sigh* You guys take what you are given for granted. Try living in Houston with a low end park SFAW and have it stripped from you and have nothing. I would kill for ANY of the major CP coasters to come down here.(outside of Mean Streak) I absolutely loved my one lifetime trip to CP last June. It's July-August prime season, you will get long lines, at a major theme park. I thought the CP staff did an excellent job of moving the lines when I visited.

  5. Good report, I just went to CP for the first time in June. I had a wonderful time as well and fell in love with the park, coasters, scenery, people, everything. As a thrill seeker it had everything I could ask for and more. I can't believe how people will sit and whine about CP, if you can't enjoy that place you just shouldn't be a theme park goer.

  6. None, I have the ability to enjoy each and every coaster for what it's worth and not moan about having fun. I hope none of you ever have to experience your home park being torn down like I did, to learn to truly value the fact of having roller coasters and rides nearby. Seriously, go ride and have fun, it's not that crucial. Millennium Force isn't built for air time, like other out and back type hypers are so stop wining about it. It's a fun ride in a different sense.

  7. I think people are just overly concerned who travel great distances for CP and may not be able to ride what is cracked to be one of the world's best coasters. Myself I'm coming all the way from Texas probably for my only lifetime trip June 16-17 and would be crushed if it was still down then. Some of us aren't so lucky or wealthy to be able to visit the park as frequently as some so it makes a bigger deal to us. While I don't blame the park for anything at all, things happen, parts break, they get fixed. Not their fault but I can understand why some people may be pumping adrenaline over this lol. I can't imagine CP would not get this open for Coastermania though as long as tests go smoothly. I've read reports the the catch-car has been put back on the track, so it may not be far away now. Lets hope for the best!

  8. Another question, my friend is right around that 6'2 225 limit they talk about with MF, TTD. He has been on Xcelerator with a similar restraint system so I'd assume he'd be fine. Are many people really turned away because of the weight/height limit or is it just something they say and much larger people ride anyhow?

  9. Awesome thanks for the help everyone. Is Maverick still generating the massive lines it was getting in 07 or has it calmed down some? I can't wait to go now, getting closer by the second. Where would you guys recommend to eat on and off property? Hope I'm not burdening you locals with too many questions, like I said I'm from Texas so this is my one and only time to get to experience this place I gotta make the best of it!

  10. Hello all TPR's. I'm planning to make my first ever trip to CP in June to finally full fill a lifelong dream. Coming from Texas it is quite a ways away so I'm not too familiar with the area. I basically am wondering where I should stay. Is staying in the park worth the inflated prices for two nights? I know they knock off some of the ticket price and allow early entry but is it really a bargain opposed to staying somewhere cheaper off the property? Also I want to know what is the preferred way to attack the park in the opening hours to help avoid the long treacherous lines? I'll be going on a Monday-Tuesday.

  11. Rattler, Don't know how many Texans are here or who dares to ride this thing lol. It takes about a minute to complete a triple helix because of extreme trim brakes. The ride starts to get going and bam brakes everywhere before it gets wild. Not to mention the ride is rough as hell even with the trims. Poor upkeep, design, and neuteration. Not good

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