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  1. Not an unreasonable assessment of I305. It's definitely in my top 5, but on a scale ranging from flat-out-fun to manic-intensity, its very far from fun. I find it to be almost an endurance challenge of sorts. I still love the sh*t out of it though, even though I can't believe it actually exists.


    Call me a masochist, I think I305 is pure fun and totally re-rideable. To each their own..

  2. Something people have to understand about the whole B&M rattle situation; Every ride will be different, even on the same coaster within minutes of the last ride. Sometimes all it takes is another person sitting in your row to turn a completely rough rattly ride on a certain B&M into a glass smooth one. Weight (full train vs empty), weather, temperature, maintenance, all of these things affect the ride vastly and are constantly changing.


    In my personal experience, Fury has seldom given anything but glass smooth rides. However, even the smoothest coasters out there have their bad cycles.. Hell, I've even had a ride on maverick that had rattle!

  3. It is really sad, I agree with her on Ice Dragon! Definitely with my latest rides, I have found it to be one of the most intense inverts.. I rode it back to back within a day of Afterburn, and I must say that both sides of Dragons were notably more intense! And smooth.. :O (which is saying something because afterburn was my favorite invert until recently)


    Plus, the only other invert I've ridden that matches the intensity of the cobra roll on ice is Alpengeist's cobra roll..

  4. Dragons was never a big draw since our Florida trips always include Busch Gardens and we knew we'd be able to ride the best invert in America


    This is obviously just a difference of opinion, but I have found my latest rides on Dragons to be as good if not superior to the most recent on Montu. I never thought I would see the day that a top tier B&M was scrapped. To me this would be the same as if Montu or Kumba were being scrapped..

  5. Went to the park today for the first time in a few years, pretty dead.. The whole Nitro having ejector this season thing is a myth, though I found it to be running very well regardless. On the other hand, Batman is seriously hauling, like.. Montu/Afterburn level intensity, maybe even more! The back left felt like it was trying to kill me in the final corkscrews, in a good way. El Toro was running very fast, ejector on the S-Hill after the twister section fast.. but, definitely due for re-tracking (looking at you turnaround ). The park in general looks worse than I remember, not a lot of landscaping, the new joker area already looks run down to me. In general needs a lot of work... Anyways, here are all the rides I got in and some additional notes:



    El Toro - 7x

    Batman - 6x

    Bizarro - 5x (forgot how good this is, totally overshadowed in this park)

    Nitro - 4x

    Kinda Ka - 1x (rip capacity these days)

    Green Lantern - 1x (ran pretty smooth compared to what I remember, just such an endurance test! Very intense for a standup ride)

    Superman - 1x

    Zumanjaro - 1x

    Skull Mountain - 1x

    Mine Train - 1x (ouch)

  6. Here's my whole list:


    1. Afterburn

    2. Montu

    3. Ice Dragon

    4. Alpengeist

    5. Fire Dragon

    6. Great Bear

    7. Raptor

    8. Batmans

    9. Talon

    10. Silver Bullet

    11. Banshee


    I still love silver bullet and talon etc, but its definitely not on the same tier as the great bear and upwards category for me.


    I found Banshee to be completely uneventful, though it was definitely forceful. There needed to be more quick moments, it all felt very drawn out like a forceful wingrider (but lacking in all the near misses and cool maneuvers such as gatekeeper).

  7. Personally, I don't want the new Mean Streak to be thought of as an inversion coaster first. I'd simply prefer a long, aggressive layout with plenty of airtime, with no more than an inline twist or single stall thrown in. I'd like New Texas Giant with even more meat on the bones.


    ^Definitely agree! I would like to see something that looks like the el toro of RMCs with primarily large ejector hills, but of course with a bit of a twist.. (pun intended)


    RMC transitions are just as snappy as Maverick's if not more snappy. Maybe not every transition on every RMC coaster, but I can think of a few transitions on Outlaw Run that make Maverick feel like a wacky worm.


    What?? Please show me exactly what transitions you are talking about.. Maverick pretty much set the bar for insane transitions that I have only seen other intamins compete with.

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