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  1. 1710 pph! Wow, that's insanely high. Of course, the actual capacity is never as high as the estimated capacity, but when comparing to some other coasters it is very high:


    Cheetah Hunt: 1370 pph

    Intimidator 305: 1350 pph

    Diamondback:1620 pph


    Not always true, Intimidator at Carowinds was only listed at 1600 and when the crew actually tried we could run it at 1650 all day. We almost broke 1700 one time...

  2. The workers that would normally be there probably work elsewhere in the park.


    While the employees that may have been placed at SOB are now elsewhere, the total number of employees will be less as there will be, lets say 20 "open" line positions at SOB that are not going to be filled this year. Staffing is budgeted per ride not per department so just because the ride is closed does not mean that there is more employees elsewhere, they just did not have to hire the "20" associates. The other rides may have got 1 extra line spot but most likely the budget did not change.


    Figuring a minimum of 3 on the ride at all times (though since its a Cedar Fair park it would likely have more)


    Agreed, lets just make the math for 6 associates at all times! $52,000!!!

  3. Damn The one credit I still need!! I will be heading to Crowinds for my last time this year in august. It's a Forty-five minute drive from Mooresville.


    Its not that bad, I drive that every time I work. I have some of my associates that drive 1 hr, to 1 hr 15minutes, so a 45 minute drive to go play is nothing!


    the ****box


    Oh I love this game. I'm going to guess Blue box?

  4. Even on saturdays right now if you can take the heat Intimidator has around a 20 minute wait mid day. And when I say take the heat, the heat index was almost 120 this last saturday. The mister fans are nice but they don't help too much if your not used to the heat.


    My game plan for a saturday right now would be this; Make sure your at the gate at 10am, go ride everything besides intimidator, then enjoy the reason you are here. Intimidator does get a 1hr wait the first few hours as thats what everybody wants to ride, I don't know for sure as I can't really see any other rides queue, but I have to imagine the other rides are walk on when our queue is that full at opening.


    Roller skates maybe(depending on color), naked, no. Steve does let people fly naked now thou, ask him.

  5. Cosmo_tad Pufferfish and Skycoastin Steve were actually running the ride for ERT and managed to get some rides in with us, which was AWESOME as well.

    Well – on to the pictures:


    ADMIN EDIT: I figured you wouldn't want the thread to be confused for the ever-popular Coaster Sock also at Carowinds, so I updated the thread's title!


    I figured I would help fix it too!


    Everything steve just said about the airtime was the truth. I have well over 150 laps on Intimidator and that was the most air I have ever had on it. I have had trains to myself in the morning, mid day and at night many times, none of them even came close to how awesome it was saturday night.


    Edit: I even represented with my TPR shirt on under my uniform! Steve is my witness, as I am to the TPR pen he had.

  6. The July 4th holiday (and its notable absence in Canada) probably explains the lower Behemoth numbers, but great job on the accomplishment!


    We beat Behemoth on the July 1st (Canada Day) as well! I don't know the official numbers other than we won. I know it was a great time, I hope the other ride crews had as much fun with it as we did, I am looking forward to next years competition already!


    And to Pingu1651, if you are a nascar fan at all, you can make Charlotte a week long trip so there will be lots to do if you are in town for only a day or two. Besides the park there is the National White Water center, all the race teams, and lots of awesome disc golf courses. A little advice when you do come to charlotte, stay off the highways between 7-9am and 330-6pm, they don't really work to well around here. Post some hobbies and there are plenty of people that can tell you what to make sure you check out when you are in town.

  7. I'm not defending the ride ops in any means, but on the arrow looper that I worked when a pedal was left down when it left the station it triped a flag which stoped it on the lift. Not sure if all arrows are that way but its a simple saftey system, it was only built a year after corkscrew and is owned by the same parent company.


    Is the control person on the same side as the pedals at corkscrew?

  8. ^They may seem faster as the trims grab less on emptier trains, but time wise it runs considerbly slower, and yes I have timed it hundreds of times (i may or may not have a life, to be determined).


    Also to weigh in on the local vs out of town bias topic, the locals ride it every weekend and get to see the coaster as it sorts its self out. I actually enjoy reading the out of town reviews more, as they tend to be more in depth. Its just all the out of towners "research" comes on one or two days where the locals get to live and learn every weekend.

  9. 1st post, I know I'm the new guy in town.


    However i'm one of the few people that has rode Intimidator every weekend since "opening day". About the trims it just depends on the day and sometimes the individual train. Yesterday for example the trims did not hit at all, while the MCBR was. On other sites people make it seem like the trims stop the train every cycle, while they do hit hard some times there are still cycles that they are not even on.

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