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  1. I am planning to visit Carowinds for the first time on Saturday, June 20th. We plan on driving down from Ohio on Friday afternoon and will be staying at the Best Western across the street. We were planning on spending a full day at the park that Saturday and then continuing on to the next leg of the trip on Sunday. Kings Island is our home park, so I was wondering how the typical Saturday crowd at Carowinds compares to Kings Island. I am thinking about indulging in Fast Lane but am still on the fence.


    Does anyone have any suggestions or tips so that we can get the most out of our visit?

  2. ^I'm so glad someone else has said it!


    That was a TERRIBLE video. That family made me want to kill myself. I'm assuming those children will also now be constantly bullied at school because of it.


    Also, I don't see how this is so great for families!?!? First off, we haven't seen any height restrictions. Secondly they're pulling out some of the old kiddie rides to do this. Anyone who followed our Cedar Point report with a 45" tall child knows what I'm talking about and this small 2014 addition won't help.


    I really hope that was a joke, especially because I personally know the family. Sure the video might have been a bit cheesy, but I am pretty sure this is meant to appeal to the general public/family crowd and not the coaster enthusiast community.


    So much bitching over this, atleast the park is getting new FAMILY rides. It is not like the park received a nice shiny coaster or something last year...


    I look forward to this improvement, helps to spruce up an area of the park that really needs it!

  3. Sounds like Cedar Point has a great coaster coming for next year. 170ft tall, tallest, fastest, and steepest wing rider coaster built to date. believe the article also mentioned that it would be the longest wing rider coaster.

    Where are you reading that? Nowhere did it mention stats for the ride, and it did not say the ride *would* be a record breaker. It suggested and implied it *could* be, but the article reads more like a expanded rumor, and nothing factual. Are you reading the same article I am? http://www.sanduskyregister.com/sandusky/belaboring-point/cedar-point/blog-cedar-points-wing-coaster-answers-enthusiasts-prayer


    There is a real article in the physical paper (that isn't a blog).


    The new ride will feature a 170-foot tall lift hill and span an area from the main gate...


    Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet to the company's board of directors, says the coaster will have “longest drop, run the fastest and be the longest ride" and make a “Front Gate Statement — a roller coaster that flies overhead, rolls and flies back— highly visible above guests entering the park.”
  4. Sounds like Cedar Point has a great coaster coming for next year. 170ft tall, tallest, fastest, and steepest wing rider coaster built to date. believe the article also mentioned that it would be the longest wing rider coaster. I am really excited for new life to be brought back to that area, I am sure that entire area is going to look 1000x different come this time next year.

  5. ^It does seem likely. But surely there is another park in the Cedar Fair chain that could use a hypercoaster better than a park that got the same type of ride four years ago.


    I disagree, there really is no CF park that is in need of a hypercoaster.


    Michigan's Adventure - At this time to small/low attendance to support a ride of this caliber.

    California's Great America - Could use a hyper, too risky to install such a large ride due to the park situation. Plus the city would never allow it.

    Knott's - The only viable option I see, I agree this ride could have been meant for Knott's.


    Every other Cedar Fair park has a large hypercoaster of some type. The only other park I could see this going to would be Worlds of Fun. We have to remember though that Cedar Fair is out to make a profit, having this coaster at WOF would probably not be very profitable for the company. CW on the other hand will generate a huge profit.


    Canada's Wonderland and King's Island seem like great choices for a ride of this size. The goal of CF is to bring in paying customers, not to please coaster enthusiasts. From a business perspective this is a great move IMO.


    TL;DR: Behemoth was a huge success for CW, why not build an even better one to bring in more people?

  6. Two rumors I was reading on CWMania.

    Spoke to someone at the park yesterday, they confirmed a few things



    2.It WILL tower over Windseeker (Giga)

    3.It will go from the employee parking in to the general parking, and areas where supports are placed will be blocked off.

    4.They were not sure if it would make it all the way to the front gate


    This is a VERY credible source, They told me last year that they were taking ground sample from around the parking lots for a new ride.


    Looks like we are seeing B&M's first GIGA!


    Many people will not believe this, that is fine, I have no reason not to believe my source.


    A source very close to the park has told me this project will "eclipse Behemoth both in height and length" with it being "taller than Windseeker". He also tells me it will "enter the parking lot". He also mentioned to me that it's the start of a long line of projects Cedar Fair has for CW. They're planning on dumping serious money into CW over the next few years and this project is the start of it. A lot of it is infrastructure work. He also hinted at the possibility of the Front Gate being rebuilt in the next 2-3 years (the actual gate, not Intl Street).


    Take what you want from this, but only me going on it, I do think he knows what he's talking about. I'm still keeping my expectations low however just in case.



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