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  1. The log flume in the mountian that's currently being used for Volcano the Blast Coaster at KD is a commonly known one. Not quite as good of an example, but there is sill a small portion of the old Log Flume at Cedar Point visible from the Maverick queue. The station, and a small bit of track, is still visible from Son Of Beast at KI.


    Not sure if its still there, but at least up until a few years ago, the station platform and part of the launch system for Tidal Wave (the old Schwarzkopf shuttle) at CGA was still around. It's visible from many of the Vortex, now Patriot, POV's along with Google Earth/Maps. It would be interesting to see if anyone has pictures of this, it would probably be pretty easy to get from the entrance ramp of Vortex or the station platform.

  2. I can only think of two reason why Cedar Fair killed Geauga Lake in 2007, at the time they just bought out Paramount's parks and also Geauga Lake was taking away business from Cedar Fair's flagship park, Cedar Point.


    In my opinion, I think that Cedar Fair made a bad decision to buy Geauga Lake in the first place!


    Cedar Fair did not kill Geauga Lake



    That's a matter of opinion one way or the other. People will debate that for decades to come. You can definitely say that Cedar Fair had no intention of helping the park thrive. Their actions back up that statement.


    In order for the park to thrive, they would of have to significantly reduce operating costs while still maintaining attendance. So essentially, remove rides but somehow still get people to attend.


    The park was doomed as soon as SF added 4 coasters in 5 years with no plan of how to manage the park and for no reason other than to "compete" with CP. It was probably the dirtiest, worst managed, poorly up kept parks in the country. I believe the Geauga expansion by SF is probably one of the dumbest business decisions in the industry, possibly ever.


    The additions combined with the poor operations drove away the local market for good and the additions were never strong enough to draw people away from CP. Remember, in the years SF owned Geauga, CP added Mantis, Millennium Force, WT, and Top Thrill. Absolutely no way a park could compete with that in a similar market.


    If the park maintained its 80's and early 90's size and growth, it might still be around today. However, I believe the park eventually would have been marginalized by CP and Kennywood if it stayed small and not been operated with extreme care.

  3. From my experience with coaster models, having rigid and strong track is just as important as reducing friction. In your case both the track itself should be strong to retain is shape as well as its width.


    Also, over time and test runs, if the track is super strong, it will begin to lose its shape and therefor further reduce its efficiency. Being able to balance strength and flexibility is quite tough on its own, not to mention building the rest of the model itself.

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have tragic news to report! Unfortunately, my Knott's file has become corrupted and I am not able to load it again. I was using openrct2 to finish this project once and for all, but for some reason, the whole game crashed on me. When I tried to reload my saved game...a message with a red box says, "Unable to load file" If anyone has any advise on what to do, let me know and I should resume work ASAP. Keep in mind, it may take awhile due to college and work. Thanks for reading and God bless.


    Post it here, or message me the file. I'll see what I can do, not guaranteeing anything but usually I'm able to fix these sort of things.

  5. Most things little kids say on the internet make me want to drink; from their grammar, their wtf ideas, to their incomprehensible posts, I feel like i need a 5th of Captin to understand them.


    Most millennials have that effect on me because they aren't aware of anything before 1995.




    There was a major transition in a short period of time from our years of youth to the people only slightly younger than me. When I was a child I remember being repeatedly told "You can be whatever you want to be as long as you work hard for it, because you're special in your own way." Sometime later that sentiment was transitioned to "You should be able to do whatever you want to do no matter how hard you work for it or who it inconveniences, because you're entitled to everything no matter what."


    I've literally never heard anyone say such a thing, other than 30-50 YOs complaining about "millennials" on the Internet. In fact, your statement is probably far less true for young people today than it was for young people years ago, much harder to get an entry level job now than it ever has been. But whatever...

  6. Just for some perspective on Mystic Timbers, the lift hill will be 109 feet tall, and The Beast's lift hill is 110 feet tall, and it looks pretty big when looking at it in line. I think Mystic Timbers will look MUCH bigger than people anticipate. The rendering makes it look smaller, and much of the GP are thinking of this as barely bigger than a kiddie coaster. They're in for a surprise. I can't wait for this one.


    I believe that Mystic Timbers lift hill will be on land that is 5-15ft higher than Beast's lift hill. I'm not sure how the height is measured exactly, but there is a good chance that Mystic will actually look taller from a distance.

  7. I don't think they are going RMC at this point, I feel if that were the case they would make a much bigger deal of the announcement. Its likely going to get the GCI treatment like Ghostrider, which I guess isn't the worst thing but unless they do some major reprofiling, kind of feels like a wasted effort. Ghostrider seems to have a much better layout than Mean Streak, and is worth keeping far more than MS is.

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