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  1. Dear Secret SanHansKwanziClaus,


    I just wanted to let you know that upon return from our Thanksgiving week vacation, I had indeed received a package courtesy of the wonderful USPS!


    As I am very impatient by nature, I could not wait until Christmas to open!


    I will post photo evidence reflecting what a terrific Secret SanHansKwanziClaus you were as soon as I get the chance!


    Thank you very much!

  2. Dear Secret SantaMenorahClaus,


    If you have not yet done your shopping, I wanted to provide you with a few ideas for the wonderful gift/gifts that you will be sending my way.


    I am a collector of Montreal Expos items. (They were a Major League Baseball team several years ago).


    I LOVE Rottweilers! (My wife thinks more than I love her, and she may be right!)


    If you happen to be an international Claus, I love Kit Kat candy bars from other countries.


    My t-shirt size is XL.


    Of course, if you have something that you love that you would like to gift to me, I would certainly love a surprise as well.



  3. Thank you for this great report Robb!


    Seeing this report brought back great memories of seeing the launch of last flight of Atlantis...what an incredible experience to witness in person!


    I don't really have a "bucket list", but if I did, seeing a Shuttle launch would have certainly been at the top of it and to finally get the chance to have that experience is something that I am still amazed by well over a year later.


    So, with this being said, I think a visit to Florida later this summer is in order!

  4. To whom it may concern,


    A couple of "employees" here at Picknyourseat Gift Headquarters that were supposed to be wrapping and preparing everything for shipment seem to have had just a little too much egg nog last night and failed at their duties. With that being said, your gifts will be leaving our office tomorrow headed for the cold and wet neck of the woods that you call home...perhaps a raincoat or a parka would have been a more suitable gift than what you are getting!


    Anyway, sleep tight, only a handful of sleeps until you receive this box of awesomeness!

  5. To whom it may concern,


    The completely and totally incredibly awesome final portion of your gift arrived to us at Picknyourseat Gift Headquarters today.


    We will now be spending several hours wrapping and packaging your gifts with extreme care so that they can be completely destroyed by the wonderful USPS sometime between tomorrow when we drop them off and the time they reach you!


    I know you are anxious to see what will be in this box of greatness, but get off of the Internet and go to sleep, it's late!


    Take care,



    President and CEO of Picknyourseat Gifts

  6. To Whom It May Concern,


    Your ChrisHanKwansivus gift is coming together one piece at a time.


    We here at Picknyourseat Gift Headquarters expect to have the final pieces of the puzzle in place by Tuesday of next week.


    We are certain that the wait will certainly be worth it!


    Thank you and have a great weekend, but make sure to bundle up and hopefully you won't have to shovel any snow!

  7. Dear Secret Santa,


    I am here to give you a few ideas about what I like, but please feel free to surprise me with anything you feel that a 41 year old roller coaster dork would be thrilled to open!


    - Kit Kat candy bars made with Nestle Chocolate, (just in case someone from another country is my Secret Santa)


    - Anything pertaining to the Montreal Expos, (baseball team that no longer exists, but still sells select merchandise)


    - I am a gadget junkie, (not sure if there are many items $30.00 or under that would fit this category)


    - I enjoy funny, (not vulgar) t-shirts in dark colors in size XL


    Thank you Secret Santa and Happy ChrisHanKwansivus to you!

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