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  1. can someone tell me how to put my park Six Flags Miami up for download so someone could take over
  2. Can someone tell me how to put up my park for download so someone can take over and do what they want to the park please help.
  3. You know what sence you said that the park is back on thank you you saved the park thank you
  4. the park will be closed due to not having alot of interst anymore so bye
  5. Small Update Here is kiddie land overview It shows slides tea cup spinning ship magic mouse (the small coaster) the ferris wheel spiral slide and next to magic mouse their will be a small food court and soon the grand opening is coming soon they had to change it because of a huge rain strom that flooded the hole park so heres the pic see you soon
  6. Thanks and if you did'nt see i said that they are redoing it just so you know
  7. Small Update Look what i found in the newspaper Advancing in more ways than one... - Six Flags Miami is Opening soon. NEW York Times, Friday Nov. 22 Andrew Hugs Six Flags Miami Inc. will officially open their gates, this season. Home to a wide variety of amazing rides, the is set on December 1st." Six Flags Miami will remain the only park in the country to stay open during winter." This advancement came with a technological revolution installed in Six Flags Miami. The rides feature a new system by Six Flags Miami Inc., which monitors the air temperature and adjusts the temperature accordingly. However, the multi-million dollar system is run by Solar Panels with back up power, as the park owners remain concerned about the issue of climate change. "We are a 21st century theme park and in the 21st century we must make accurate measures to ensure the sustainability of our environment." The park will be the most environmentally friendly, and water-conscious on the planet, whilst also offering year round fun. Off-season Annual Passes will be available for cheaper prices than the regular Full season Annual Pass. Opening on December 1st, the park is set to host many VIP guests for its opening day - including Al Gore. VIP's will be given front of line passage. Tickets for opening day sold at a huge price of $50.00 each, with guests from all over the country wanting to be part of park history. "It's an amazing response, and we are proud to have such guests taking interest in this amazing investment." says the CEO. The park has started on another part of the park that will not be ready for the parks opening. The are also working on a parking lot that will be ready for the opening. NY Times will be on the scene on opening day to bring you a report. They have released this _________________________ Remeber this little restaurant Well it is getting redone and is getting a name heres the logo and the food priecs
  8. Small Update Zap got a new name here it is and new colors Update tomorrow on kiddie land
  9. Yea what did hppen to Sea World Hawaii it was getting good love the park
  10. UPDATE Finally some pics of the coaster sorry there hasn't been an update in a long time but it is finally here Heres the logo Here it is Here are a new ride's that is in the area This is called Loop to Loop This is called jump Here's a teaser of whats coming next Here's the logo and the pic The logo didn't get deliver yet there you have it see you next time
  11. thank so much next update tomarro and sece you are the first person to post i will send you sneak peck of the new roller coaster
  12. Update Here is the new area with 2 new rides and restaurant Here is rocket Here is Discus Hers is the new restaurant It still needs a logo Heres what is next aka tomorrow
  13. Theres going to be an update in like 25 min see you then
  14. sorry there is no update in the past few days but iv been busy maybe one tomarro
  15. Sneak Peak This a sneak peak of that new coast only 1 pic sorry so here it is More later Note there might a update later tonite
  16. o yea k1d1inc made the logo so thanks k1d1inc i love the logo
  17. Hey everyone i couldent get a update well of course its halloween but i got a new logo so heres it is
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