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  1. After going on the Road to Cedar Point TPR trip next August and knocking out some of the big East Coast and Midwest Parks...My next trip has to be to get out to the West Coast and get to SFMM! The park looks AMAZING

    Well, if you can hold off a year, it looks like we may do another West Coast Trip in 2012....and with what looks like might be going on at knotts for 2012...you might want to wait a year!





    Doesn't take much to sell me on this trip! Ha

  2. I know most people have already said it, but Cedar Point's skyline is second to none! I nearly drove off of the causeway cause I couldnt stop looking at the park during my first visit!


    Never been to SFMM but it does look impressive!


    My old home park of Jazzland/Six Flags New Orleans had a nice skyline driving on I-10...with MegaZeph along the service road...man I miss that ride!

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