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  1. Hello all. I'm visiting Texas with my family and have a quick question for someone who frequents the park. So we went this past Sunday, the 16th, and wanted to go again tonight. I had heard somewhere that if you go twice within the same week you can get the second day admission for like $20 or so. Is this a real thing? And if so, do I need to bring my receipt from this past Sunday as proof, or what do I need to do? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.


  2. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/08/29/oculus-rift-melds-with-a-real-life-roller-coaster-ride


    Ok so this is extremely cool. Totally different environments are projected thru the headset but synced up to the ride itself when you ride it. You could be fighting in outer space or flying around some sweet Pegasus drawn chariot flying thru these incredible environments but synced to the forces and inversions on the ride.


    I would love someday to see a park do something like this for the general public.

  3. Yeah I only get to visit here once every few years because I have family and I show up and had no idea this was happening! It looks quite impressive and seems to be the biggest and best thing this surprisingly awesome park has ever had.


    Weird to think this will be the parks like 9th or 10th coaster. This place never gets much press but I love it. Why can't there be more wickeds. That launch lift is killer.

  4. I couldn't find the Lagoon discussion thread but it there is one could an admin please move this.


    I was at the park today and got some pictures of construction of their new coaster going up. And honestly I don't even remember this being announced but! Looks pretty cool!



    Supports are very intriguing


    Also there's like 3 huge buildings.


    I spy with my little eye.



  5. I do apologize for my arrogance.


    When I say a 'steady stream of updates' I mean, as fast as I can. How I build is very slow and I try a lot of different ideas to get just what it is i'm looking for. For example, this next screen I have I've literally spent the last 3 days and a good 2-3 hours a day on this one building.. and yes, it's just on this half. why do you think i have the back side blacked out

    Ncso park 1.bmp

  6. That's right! I'm starting a new NCSO park. After Atlantic Adventures I haven't really done any NCSO as I've been trying to broaden my abilities using custom scenery. My goal with this park is to create a clean NCSO park as most of them have a lot of junk thrown together that's supposed to add to 'detail'


    Got one screen for you guys so far of this unnamed park.. hope you like it.


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