Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Part 6: Disneyland Grand Finale!
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby The Great Zo » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:22 pm

Part 2 -- Six Flags Magic Mountain / West Coast Bash Day 2
September 9, 2018

I've spent my whole life going to Cedar Point, a park that has billed itself as "America's Roller Coast" and the "Roller Coaster Capital of the World," among other things. Yet in those great days of the coaster wars, it was a property on the other side of the country that always seemed to be the foil to my midwestern home park's claims. In recent years, you probably won't find many arguments as for which park is the more well-rounded, or has the better overall collection of coasters. Still, when I'd heard even recently of people who considered this Californian destination their favorite park, I just had to see for myself.

How would Six Flags Magic Mountain hold up? Did we have a Six Flags day?

Welcome to Day 2 of West Coast Bash. Let's start with the agenda.



So, this one was a really, really early morning -- a solid hour of driving to get from John's place to Six Flags in Valencia. Or is it Santa Clarita? Eh, whatever. It's in the desert north of LA somewhere.

Before we even got to the gate, I ran into an issue. In six years of traveling with a Gorillapod for my camera, and going to tons of theme parks every year (usually with TPR) I ran into some overzealous security who wouldn't let it in. "We don't allow selfie sticks." "That's not a selfie stick." "Well, we don't allow, um, anything that connects to a camera." Whatever. With the West Coast Bash event ending at 8PM, I probably wasn't going to get many night pictures anyway. I took the Gorillapod back to the car. We're gonna dock a flag for that, so we're down to five.

Check-in was next, and man, Robb and William have some epic levels of patience. "No, the registration table is not quite ready yet, we'll let you know when it is!"

So, once we got in, it was off to begin our ERT! What better place to start than on Twisted Colossus? Very good ride. Best ride in the park. We even dueled for most of our ERT rides, or at least came close to it! It looks like it's tough to get the drops to match up exactly, but for the most part it was within a second or two.

We got a spin on New Revolution -- or is it Revolution? Or Revolution Classic? I can't keep track of what they're calling it. Anyway, it was a perfectly fine ride on an old Schwarzkopf. Not the most exciting thing ever, but smooth and enjoyable.

We headed over to Chop Six where the park was serving breakfast. Donuts and juice, not orange chicken and general tso's, just to clarify. And you know what, their donuts were quite enjoyable.

X2 had just gone down for a break in the action, so we headed up to Tatsu, which was probably my second-most anticipated ride at the park. It delivered! So, uh, if I'm reading the Kings Island thread correctly, there are actually people who prefer Vekoma flyers to B&M flyers? You folks are insane.

X2 opened back up, so, well, we experienced that. Yeah. It was an experience. I'll save that for the coaster review section below.

With ERT complete, we headed to the front of the park and then began to make a lap around the place to take out the rest of the rides. John and I did not get Flash Passes, and this would work out just fine -- the park was not very crowded. It was a Sunday, which is a day you might expect to be somewhat busy. However, it was also close to 100 degrees. That might have kept some people at home.

We started out by riding the Helpful Honda Express to the top of the hill. If that sentence doesn't make any sense to you, well, now you know: it's a funicular that sold out its naming rights to a car company. You're welcome.

Ninja was running one train, so as we were already at the top of the magic mountain, we hopped on that first. From there, we hit up Superman, Gold Rusher, and all the coasters at the north end of the park. We basically walked right on to everything, maybe waiting a cycle or two for seating preferences. John headed back to the car for a break, Zach Z went to ride a few more things, and I did some photography. Then, John tried to get his meal plan put on his season pass, and had to run back and forth between two or three guest services locations while they tried to deflect responsibility to someone else. Yep, that was entertaining! Docking another flag. We're down to four.

At 2:30 PM, we all met up for lunch. For this special lunch event, we were treated to a Q&A with park president Neal Thurman. Neal was a great speaker, and took a barrage of questions from the WCB attendees. Let me just suggest that this might not be the most advantageous time to complain for a solid two minutes about how you lost a dollar at the X2 fluffy-bunnies. Also, John did his best to get me an invite to the top of the long-closed Sky Tower, but despite his immense charm, the efforts were unsuccessful. If you want a little more of what Neal talked about, check out John's trip report.

Oh, and there was a photo contest! Which I wasn't even really trying to enter (that's my story for why I didn't follow instructions!!!) but apparently won anyway. So, I got a prize. Want to see what it was? It's in the pictures below! Robb said some stuff about how I'm a good photographer (aw shucks) and that people should follow me on Twitter. I checked and I gained exactly zero new Twitter followers on that day. Them's the breaks. Thanks for trying, Robb!

After lunch, I continued my photo lap of the park, as it was hot and I really didn't feel like riding much. Oh, but I did get on the log flume, even though I had to ride that one by myself. It had a bit of downtime, but the line was not too long.

Random: in my Knott's report, I made a mention about how TPR bash crowds are different than TPR trip crowds. That came up again at SFMM! Because TPR trip crowds know how to not lose their keys on Tatsu, and TPR trip crowds know not to stand on the exit platform of Twisted Colossus for a full minute, talking to your friends across the train, delaying the dispatch and screwing up the dueling rides that the employees were honestly trying really hard to get right. Don't do that, friends. Don't do that.

Evening ERT was good. Even though it was shared with another group, the added crowd was hardly noticeable at all, because ERT extended to the entire park. We got in line for CraZanity right as ERT started, and had to wait a few cycles as the general public finished going through. That was really the only wait we had all day, and it was maybe 25-30 minutes. From there, we rode Lex Luthor (which was somehow cycling both sides with only two or three ride ops) and took a few more spins on Twisted Colossus.

Oh, am I forgetting something? YOLO! We finished the day on YOLOcoaster, or -- as John puts it -- "where's the second half of the coaster?" Two rides on that and it was time to head home.

How was SFMM? Well, what's my tally at? Four out of six flags? I think that's about right, honestly. Look, this is a Six Flags park. It's full of advertising, concrete, and roller coasters. I knew what to expect going in. The good news is that this is a comparatively good Six Flags park. It's honestly one of my favorites in the chain that I've been to. It can't beat Great Adventure (my #1 SF park by a long shot) but for the overall experience, I'll put it in the next tier with Georgia, Fiesta Texas, and maybe Over Texas.

How was the coaster collection? Well, there's really no competition here with Cedar Point at all. Cedar Point has better coasters in virtually every category, and Cedar Point has 4 or 5 coasters I'd rank above the best coaster at SFMM. Also, we all know that SFMM is a park that inflates its world-record coaster count with kiddie coasters. But here's where I'll give them some credit -- compared to a lot of other theme parks that aren't Cedar Point, their second-tier of coasters is actually pretty strong. Batman, Scream, Goliath, even Ninja and Revolution. These are legitimately good rides. And sorry, Cedar Point, but in the battle of 1976, Revolution is a million times better than Corkscrew. Do they need more flats? Yes, but they're clearly working on that. Lex Luthor, Justice League, and CraZanity are all very good rides -- and all are recent additions.

SFMM is big. There's a lot of terrain. Combine that with the sheer number of rides, and it's an exhausting park to get through. West Coast Bash was the way to do it. My thanks go to John and Zach Z for the coaster rides, and Robb and friends for setting it all up!

How were the rides?

Twisted Colossus -- My fourth new RMC this year! How did it stack up? It's so different that it's tough to say. It's definitely weird basically having the ride split into two halves, with a break on the lift hill in the middle. I love the first (blue) half, but I'm kind of indifferent on the second (green) half, which isn't among RMC's more inspired designs. When dueling, this coaster is a ton of fun, and most of our ERT rides were dispatched correctly. Give the crew some credit, because they were working their hardest to make sure that happened! Overall, although this is a really good coaster and probably my favorite at SFMM, it'll probably rank near the bottom of my RMC list. That will still put it in my top 30-40 overall, out of over 400 coasters, so that's nothing to sneeze at.

Tatsu -- Tatsu is really good. The pretzel loop is crazy, yes, but I think the overall layout and progression of elements is the best of any flyer I've been on. Manta's close, but Tatsu takes the top spot for me.

X2 -- Um, well then. This was a ride, alright. I was genuinely kind of not sure what to expect from this, and I was a bit nervous going in. The first half wasn't that bad. I actually enjoyed the drop. Then it gets rough, it gets crazy, and it flips you around in ways you aren't expecting. My head was jackhammering against the seat back. At one point, both of my legs were flying over the seat divider onto the right side! No, I wasn't in any danger of slipping out, but that's not a very comfortable position to be riding in. I just don't know what to think of this thing. I just remember that when I got off, John and I looked at each other and were like "nope." So, we're gonna go with that.

YOLOcoaster -- The infamous YoloCoaster was not a favorite of mine at all. The launches aren't that strong, and it's way too short. My biggest complaint, though, is the speed at which you hit the brake run while you're still coming down from the top hat. That was very uncomfortable. Sorry, YoloCoaster, but I'm just not a fan.

Batman The Ride -- It's a Batman clone, so you know what to expect. Lots of fun, and very intense -- a little more intense than I prefer.

Riddler's Revenge -- Probably one of the best B&M standups, but it's still a standup. It's a good coaster, but I only needed to ride it once.

Scream -- A good floorless, though not to the level of Dominator or Superman Krypton Coaster. Still, you can do far worse than this for a mid-tier coaster.

Goliath -- I've been on Titan at SFOT, so I sort of knew what to expect. Still, what a weird, inconsistent ride. It's got a huge drop, but with such a shallow angle that it's basically forceless. It's got what may be the best perfect floater airtime hill on the planet. Then, it's got the crazy grey-out helix near the end. I'm still not sure what to make of this one!

New Revolution -- Really enjoyed this one. It's nothing special by 2018's standards, but I'm all for keeping pieces of coaster history like this one around if they still ride well.

Ninja -- A pretty good Arrow suspended coaster. We didn't hit any branches, but I swear we came close.

Gold Rusher -- It's a mine train! The only thing I remember about it is the giant pile of hats and shirts laying underneath the track about halfway through the ride.

Superman Escape From Krypton -- This thing was a big, big deal when it opened. I was pretty unimpressed. It's hard to ride something like this when you've been on TTD and Kingda Ka and, heck, even Xcelerator the day before.

Lex Luthor Drop of Doom -- It's a giant drop tower with killer views, and sometimes that's all that needs to be said!

Honda Express -- It's a funicular! At an amusement park! Best funicular I've been on since Hillbilly Golf in Gatlinburg. (hi, Russ/Jared/Nathan!)

Jet Stream -- I know people like to talk about Log Jammer, which looked like a pretty awesome flume. But you know what? Jet Stream is pretty good in its own right. Better than I expected, for sure! Not too wet, either. Pretty much exactly what I'm looking for in a standard log flume.

Justice League: Battle for Metropolis -- I think this is the first time I've ever seen the pre-show for one of these. I also think it's the first time I've had all the effects working properly, but this one's just a year old, so that makes sense. I really enjoyed Justice League, and have to say that it's a lot more fun than Iron Reef.

CraZanity -- This thing takes a while to get going, but once it does, it puts the Huss models to shame. It runs a pretty long cycle, too, so you get several big swings once it hits full speed! Every park needs one of these.
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-- Andy
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby The Great Zo » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:23 pm

Pictures from SFMM -- Part 1!
Six Flags! 365 Days of Thrills! So some poor schmuck has to work on Christmas!
The view from the parking lot. It's a skyline of coasters.
Scream: The Parking Lot Coaster.
Superman kind of towers over everything else.
It's twisted, it's big, and it's white.
I got a picture of the high-five! Unfortunately, it was before the park opened, so there are no trains. Sorry.
At the gate. The park's about to open, and our ERT is soon to begin.
Starting off on Twisted Cycl... no, that's not it. Wicked C... no. Try again.
Yeah, that's it.
The future of thrills -- today!
A map of the coaster, though I'm not even sure that I know what an "outward banked floater" is.
Stats! Nerd yourself away.
...and now I know that "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park" is a thing that exists.
"All by myself..."
"...don't wanna be, all by myself..."
Ah, that's better.
Twisted Colossus was dueling intermittently during the day, but more consistently during ERT.
Some action from the blue train and the orange train.
Airtime on the second lap.
It's not a huge drop, but it's steep enough to pack a bit of a punch, especially in the back.
The orange train makes a big curve.
Next up, it's the New Classic Revolution on Fire!
It's ... a roller coaster landmark.
This picture was taken during ERT, which means 80% empty trains!
This drop is revolutionary.
Hey, people in the front, show some excitement.
There, that's a start.
On the way up to Tatsu, I passed these frightening mushrooms, which reminded me of that famous rock formation at Kentucky Kingdom.
OK, this is what we're looking for.
But what, if I may ask, is the speed of fear?
Tatsu takes an inversion during ERT, with -- as far as I can tell -- not a single rider on board.
Later in the day, it was a popular attraction.
Tatsu could probably use some paint.
Tatsu opened in 2006, and is the only flyer with a zero-g roll.
It's also got the very intense pretzel loop, which is the best part of the ride.
With Tatsu's position at the top of the hill, and the way it interacts with the terrain, it gives the best views of any B&M flyer by far.
"Are you going to stand by the side or ride?"
Zach Z opts to ride -- twice.
John rides once and bows out due to possible brain damage.
You are now free to get thrown around like a rag doll.
It's a very exposed feeling going up that lift, facing backwards.
Hard to get good pictures of the riders on X2.
So, instead, have a picture of the back of the train.
As the train comes back into the station, it doesn't even look like a fun roller coaster -- it looks like some kind of industrial-grade torture device. Which, well...
Helpful Honda Express! Best ride in the park!
Look at how helpful it is!
It was built in Austria! You know what isn't built in Austria? Hondas.
At the top of the hill, Ninja was our next ride.
A piece of artwork hanging in the Ninja station, which I just had to share with everybody.
Not too many of these suspended coasters still around.
Ninja's interesting, with two lift hills -- one at the start and one at the end.
Super nice thing I can say about Ninja: it's better than Iron Dragon.
Also, it didn't derail.
Superman! Escape from Krypton! Pretty cool queue / station, actually.
Only the right side was running, probably due to the light crowds.
The coaster credit completionists out there would be sad.
But, they weren't even filling full cars, so it made sense.
There's a really great photo spot near a glass-enclosed restaurant at the base of the tower.
LOL! This is a classic!
Beginning the drop.
It's funny to watch people go from terror on the way up...
20180909_1236.jpg delight on the way down.
Now, for an overview from the top of the park. There's a lot of construction going on to the west.
Oh, and there's poor Apocalypse, not operating yet again.
Just off frame: John Wayne about to ride into the shot on horseback.
Have I mentioned I love the landscape of southern California? Mountains make me happy.
Ninja, Jet Stream, and some of the DC coasters in the background.
Two-train shot on Batman and Riddler!
Coasters in the foreground, mountains in the background. I like.
A Rip Roarin' mine train!
Only picture I have of Goldrusher is a train pulling out of the station. Not an easy ride to see from the park pathways.
Sally Corp Is Awesome: The Ride.
It's hot as heck outside, so we're gonna step inside the Hall of Justice.
Our mission: rescue the Justice League.
I scored a 120,582. Yep.
Is this ... the Riddler's Revenge?
I'll never complain about a park being empty, but admittedly it's not great for coaster photography.
When I rode, I almost got stuck "sitting" because the seat was too high. The ride op wasn't too anxious to help me out.
Nonetheless, my "seat" was fixed, and the ride ended up being fairly comfortable.
Coaster / palm tree juxtaposition #643.
The Ride.
Kick the Sky! [gets sued by Cedar Point]
By this point, your feet feel like they weigh about a hundred pounds each.
Oh hey, you know what coaster I didn't ride? This one. Because it's horrible. And, well, because it's broken.
I did ride CraZanity! With a capital Z in the middle of the name!
Ride / palm tree juxtaposition #754.
CraZanity gets pretty high, which is obvious when comparing it to the Superman tower.
As far as pendulum rides go, CraZanity is probably the best I've been on.
Oh, hey, I caught Superman running too!
It's intense, fast, and lots of fun.
See, look at these people having fun!
Some interesting photo angles against a crisp blue sky.
The benefit to waiting 30 minutes for a ride? Some genuinely nice photo angles from the edge of the queue!
Also: nice lighting from the sun.
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-- Andy
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby The Great Zo » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:23 pm

Pictures from SFMM -- Part 2!
Rock on, park guests.
Like, woah, dude.
I feel stupid every time I have to type out CraZanity.
Girl in middle: screaming. Guy to the left: not impressed.
It's Lex vs Superman in a giant drop tower showdown!
Those aware of the situation in New Jersey should have no fear: neither Lex or Superman were dispatching fast enough to worry about simultaneous rides.
Everybody enjoys these things a little differently.
Hold on to your hat!
Alright, giant steampunk spider thing, what's next?
Scream! The Parking Lot Coaster!
It's a scream eclipse.
This ride looks like it was painted pretty recently. The colors were nice.
Hey, that guy from Lex Luthor is /still/ holding on to his hat!
90 degree drop, or photo trickery? You decide.
That's a very large vertical loop.
So, I made a big deal about Jaguar! at Knott's having an exclamation point. I guess I should do the same for Scream!
Or, maybe even call it SCREAM! in all caps.
SCREAM! has seven inversions, which is a lot.
It also has a few fast bits near the ground, but these aren't used as well as on Dominator, in my opinion.
Corkscrew, part 1.
Corkscrew, part 2.
The turnaround, as seen from the parking lot.
While I was taking pictures, a brief dust storm whipped up out of nowhere. That was amusing.
Goliath's defining characteristic is it's absolutely ridiculous ride sign...
...and the giant foot in the pavement, which I guess counts as "theming."
Spoiler alert: the wait for Goliath was not 2 hours.
Coaster / palm tree juxtaposition #807.
Coaster / palm tree juxtaposition #841.
A long-distance view of the top of the Goliath lift.
Hey, nobody said this was a water coaster!
Meanwhile, we've got this super genius at the front of the park.
And now, lunch is served.
Welcome, us!
What's hidden on the table?
My prize! My ... shock / piston thing! Yeah!, um, what is it?
Truth be told, not even the maintenance staff at our group lunch knew for sure! The best guess, after talking to a few people, is that it's a shock or a piston from the restraint system on one of the big coasters. The most likely culprit was X2. Seeing as X2 tried to kill me earlier in the day, I'm gonna go ahead and declare myself the winner in this battle. Take that, X2!

Alright, so here's the problem. This prize is cool and all, but it looks like a weapon and it weighs about 20 pounds. How was I to get it home to Ohio? We'll get back to that at the end of the post...
John also won a prize. He got a Superman hat. Robb asked him to do the Superman pose. John did ... this. I don't think John is familiar with Superman.
No, John, that's not it either.
Seriously, go watch the movie or something.
We had a good Q&A with Neal Thurman!
Neal told us about how they spruce up sections of the park when they put a new ride in.
He also told us that West Coast Racers is going to get a new object-storage setup that sounds similar to some of the more efficient options that parks have used in Europe.
With lunch complete, I went to finish my photo lap. Viper was not operating, but I got a picture of the faded ride sign.
What's this???
Markers on the pavement! This must be for ... well, probably that new coaster they just announced. But maybe it's for John's parking lot tunnel T-Rex gigacoaster! You never know!
OK, speaking of John one more time, you see that guy in the middle of the picture? In the blue and lighter-blue striped shirt? Yep, he's world famous -- on an advertisement at Six Flags Magic Mountain. At least he's not looking straight at the camera in this one.
Heading up to the bridge that leads to X2, which has a few good views.
Curse you, Sky Tower. Maybe some day...
Goliath, in all its oddly-shaped-lift-hill glory.
It's not so much a drop...
20180909_1504.jpg it is a really long ramp. I mean, it's steeper than Silver Bullet, I guess.
Rest in peace, Giovanola.
It's really, really hard to get a shot of Twisted Colossus from up here, but I tried.
No dueling this time, but here's one train heading to the second half of the ride.
You say you want a revolution...
Jet Stream! Log flume time!
So, what happens if you put too many people in a boat, and can't even get out of the station?
A ride op hangs on the tarp and, with all his might, forces your boat into the trough. This entire process took about 30 seconds.
I was really tempted to just caption every single photo in this section with that line from the log flume song.
You know the line.
It's literally the only line in the song.
Plenty of good photo spots for Jet Stream, especially from the bridge that leads to the station platform.
Oh, and this does still count as a log flume, even though the boats aren't shaped like logs, right?
Splashdown reactions.
Pay no attention to the rusted supports.
More people on a flume!
I didn't notice it at first, but the right-side trough is blocked by a pipe shooting out a ton of water.
The boats tended to skip a bit on the shallow pull-out.
I think these are TPR people on this boat!
Hey, if you're reading this, hope you like the picture!
Alright, I'm out of ideas for captions, so...
...we are on a log flume...
...we are on a log flume...
...we are on a log flume...
...we are on a log flume...
...we are on a log flume...
...we are on a log flume...
...we are on a log flume...
...we are on a log flume...
...we are filming the drop on the log flume! (See, I mixed it up there.)
I don't really trust going hands-up on a flume.
Because I still remember when I almost flew out of the one in Guadalajara.
More people with their phones out!
Kicking up a splash.
The end of the flume pics!
Oh, one more coaster to go! It's Chick-fil-A! The ride!
I was expecting it to be closed, since it was a Sunday, but it was not.
I don't hate YoloCoaster, but it's just ... weird.
And seriously, vertical loops and top hats shouldn't have the same shape. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other.
YOLOcoaster went full-on dance club after dark!
Yep, this is the only time we rode during the day, and two rides was enough for me. But this picture is meant to illustrate the awesomeness of ERT -- nobody in line at all!
So, here's one phone-quality picture on the way out of the park. Nothing fancy like at Knott's, for reasons mentioned early in this trip report. That's it from SFMM!

...but wait, there's one piece of unfinished business.
My X2 restraint piston thing? John found a mailing tube, we shoved it in and packaged it up all tight, and I mailed it home to myself!
Ta-da! It made it home safely!

What am I going to do with it? Absolutely nothing!

Alright, /now/ that's it from SFMM. Thanks for reading!
-- Andy
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby Canobie Coaster » Mon Oct 22, 2018 9:00 pm

Fantastic report! I actually remember Twisted Colossus being one of the better RMCs, but I have ridden almost all the other ones since then so I need to reride it. I really need to get out to West Coast Bash one of these years.
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:18 am

Thanks for the shoutout! I totally agree with you on Jaguar! That ride is underrated. It's not at all intense, but it is fun. And I kinda love the faded colours on Xcelerator.

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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby jedimaster1227 » Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:51 am

Your Jet Stream photos have me intrigued... The second drop has the mechanism and drop channel in place for boats to alternate between paths but it appears that the second trough has been cut and is no longer in use. Interesting that they kept the remnants of it in place while the rest of the ride continues to operate.

Thanks for sharing another great update from your trip!
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby Mike240SX » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:49 pm

jedimaster1227 wrote:Your Jet Stream photos have me intrigued... The second drop has the mechanism and drop channel in place for boats to alternate between paths but it appears that the second trough has been cut and is no longer in use. Interesting that they kept the remnants of it in place while the rest of the ride continues to operate.

Thanks for sharing another great update from your trip!

SFGAdv did the same thing to their HydroFlume midway through its life as well.
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby joelwee » Tue Oct 23, 2018 1:26 pm

Great report again, Andy! SFMM is my home park and I'm always interested to hear other people's opinions about it. I have to agree with you about SFMM vs CP; both have great coaster collections, but there are several coasters at CP that are better than SFMM's best coaster.

As for the question, "Is SFMM in Valencia or Santa Clarita?", the answer would be, "Yes." :lol: Santa Clarita is a city that encompasses several smaller towns/communities - Valencia being one of them.

jedimaster1227 wrote:Your Jet Stream photos have me intrigued... The second drop has the mechanism and drop channel in place for boats to alternate between paths but it appears that the second trough has been cut and is no longer in use. Interesting that they kept the remnants of it in place while the rest of the ride continues to operate.

Thanks for sharing another great update from your trip!

That's exactly what happened. The ride opened with two drops, but the second drop was blocked off in the late '70s/'80s. Why? I don't know. (Oddly enough, the park still brags about Jet Stream's double-channelled drop on its website.)
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby coasterlvr » Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:13 pm

joelwee wrote:
As for the question, "Is SFMM in Valencia or Santa Clarita?", the answer would be, "Yes." :lol: Santa Clarita is a city that encompasses several smaller towns/communities - Valencia being one of them.

So Valencia is like Los Angeles where there's all these areas within, but not actual real cities?

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Re: Photo TR: Andy's California Adventure

Postby joelwee » Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:35 pm

^ You have the right idea, but Santa Clarita is the big city that encompasses a bunch of smaller "cities" that aren't real cities, but just unincorporated communities - namely, Valencia, Newhall, Canyon Country, and Saugus.
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