Post Your Christmas Tree

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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby GCI Wooden » Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:15 pm

I'm a little late to the party, but this is the best looking tree in the house!

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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby Erik Johnson » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:04 am

Here is my tree!
I decided to try a new location in the house this year.
This was the first thing I put on the tree.
I think this is the very first TPR ornament.
Though it could be this one. Maybe someone else has a better memory which color was first.
The one from 2008 is my favorite.

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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby thrillrider » Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:37 am

Can you see all 3 in my tree?
341 steel coasters
114 wood coasters

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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby mike541x » Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:14 am

Our tree...


Our one and only theme park related ornament

My parents got this during our very first visit to Hersheypark for their "Christmas Candylane" back in 1995.

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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby FirstDropJ » Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:20 am

No theme park ornaments but Tinker Bell made the tree :)

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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby glucky11801 » Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:48 am

Here's my upside down Christmas tree! :lmao:

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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby OLSinFLA » Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:59 am

This is our small tree :D
Tree 2014.JPG

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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby itisme » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:01 am

new train, woot

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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby pianojohn » Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:40 pm

This year's tree with some of my fav ornaments.
Last year we realized our tree can have both white...
..and color lights! Cool!
One of my WDW cast member ornaments
My newest one
This year's ornament
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Re: Post Your Christmas Tree

Postby cfc » Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:16 pm

Here's a look at my tree.
From a ways back. Let's look up close.
The new Club TPR ornament was given the honor of being hung first this year.
My newest Busch Gardens ornament--a "retro" one for the park's 40th anniversary.
Yes, I even have some nerdy, light-up Star Trek ornaments.
Too bad this didn't come with a boysenberry pie.
Walt Disney World is represented, of course. And Dr. McCoy is ready to beam himself down to Epcot.
Batman is very excited about Lightning Rod.
Grumpy Cat, not so much.
Here's my oldest BGW ornament. I think I bought it back in the early 1990s.
Can you spot Mr. Hanky?
This is the first year that Kings Dominion has graced my tree. Betty seems to approve.
Even my employer is represented.
And here's one of the most important decorations of all. Merry Christmas!


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