Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Last Park of the trip: Linnanmaki now on Page 26 (9/22/15)
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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby StealthFan » Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:10 pm

Jakizle wrote:Now our cruise out of Stockholm..that was pretty.

That was also the best nights sleep I had on the entire trip! It was much needed! Even that insane tilt the ship did couldn't stop me from having that fantastic sleep!

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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby Jakizle » Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:11 pm

Liseberg update time! It's finally here...Liseberg was so awesome I couldn't help but post all 88 photos I picked out for the Photo TR right now!

Along with Grona Lund, Liseberg was my most anticipated park of the trip...and it did not disappoint! In fact it may be my favorite park in the world. It has amazing coasters, an amazing setting, is beautiful, with great food and lots to do (tons of flats, dark rides, and GAMES! I didn't get any good games pics but they had so many unique ones and it was a lot of fun walking around checking them out). Seriously they have everything you could want in park. And uhm...did I mention Balder?!? Holy crap!
Welcome to Liseberg! Love entering the park area from right within the city of Gothenburg.
The "famous" entrance many of us remember.
First thing you see inside the park? Naked lesbians. I love Sweden
Oh yeah, the new kid on the block is here too...but we'll come back to that later.
First up, a morning date with Balder!
Like past visits, we were allowed to soil the coaster...with sharpies and nails. Yes, I suck at nailing.
But how about some morning ERT?
Always starting with a front row ride
The views from the ride are breathtaking.
Love the setting of this park!
Okay, enough scenery, it's time to ride!
70 degrees coming right up! This was super steep for this ride's time (and still is!)
This is where ejector airtime begins, and seemingly never ends.
In videos the turns on Balder look weak. Honestly they aren't, they are pretty snappy!
Diving down into another series of epic airtime hills.
Seriously, the airtime on this ride is sooo good. I think it's the best airtime on earth.
Airtime and headchoppers!
And it's still going!
The relentless airtime keeps going until the very end, and boy it's the perfect long ride!
How about a back seat ride?
Nice view of Kanonen from back here.
Seriously, so freakin' good. Words or videos don't do it justice. GO RIDE BALDER!!!
Our host, Pontus, delivers instructions for our next ambition.
Time to ride the brand new Helix!
...or not. Unfortunately Helix had a problem as we tried to dispatch the first train that had never happened before. Things happen, and we rescheduled the ERT for later!
With the park opening, time to hit the other coasters! With the park being a busy one, we got the low capacity kiddies done first.
If you see this man near a kiddie coaster, hide your children!
Another one for the count.
Finally riding Lisebergbanan after all these years!
Even with a full queue it was only like a 20 min wait! Love it!!
Such a great ride, and I'll dive into more details later when we ride again.
Another cool thing...they decided to add another train right in front of us! No shutting the ride down, just pausing it for 2 minutes to add a new train and continued right on with operations! I think this made for 5 trains on the track?!?
Finally Helix opened for the day, and the park was nice enough to let us ride through the resort exclusive express lane. It already had a full queue!
Helix was a solid new ride. Definitely like top 10 quality. I'll talk about more details later as well as I got to photograph it more!
Last but not least was Kanonen!
I love me some twisty hills, so I was looking forward to this.
Kanonen has many awkward but awesome moments, like the heartline roll.
More twisty hills!!! I was in a super nerdy secret heaven.
Such a photogenic ride, too. Love how it crawls around the loop which is quite the juxtaposition from an otherwise super intense and snappy ride.
The queue also provides some nice views of Balder, so I couldn't resist.
Don't let those turns fool you.
Airtime galore.
Oh yeah, we finally rode Kanonen (it was only like a 15 minute wait). Great ride!
We then walked around the park a bunch to check it out and take photos. Hotel Gasten is the park's year-round haunt, but we had plans for this later.
How can you beat views like this in an amusement park?
Some Helix action for you.
2 rides at once!
We decided to ride Liserbergbanan again and get some photos.
Sweet view of the city from up here.
Lisebergbanan is unique in that it's a super long ride that is never more than this far off the ground!
Airtime and twistyness!
What a view. Wow.
The ride just picks up more and more speed as it dives around everywhere.
Triple helix through the roof above!
It is just so unique with random elements and fast pacing.
A final airtime to helix finale.
And done.
How about another round on Helix?
I will say, the airtime hills on the ride were great. They were intense and made me think I was on a kickass Intamin ride.
But all of the inversions on the ride were really "floaty" and they all kind of felt the same.
Another issue I had is the launches are really weak. You feel like you barely accelerate.
Weird element for sure, but lacking in intensity.
Here you can see how all of the rides on the mountain weave in and out of each other!
We see you too, Balder.
But yeah, it's like a tale of two rides. Some intense, some weak. At least the setting is unbelievable!
The drop out of the station is a nice surprise in the back seat.
Oh yeah, we rode the drop tower too.
How about more Balder riding?
And the after photo. Balder just makes you so happy and wonder how the hell was that so good?
Such a beautiful site.
The park invited us back inside Balder for a reception before night time ERT.
This looks like it could get dangerous.
Soupy and his champagne! We had a toast inside Balder =)
There was also delicious beer present. A Great wait to get ready for ERT!
But first, we had a private experience at Hotel Gasten! It was a fantastic haunt with amazing scares and even better sets! The water room was unbelievable.
The other epic part? Robb was a scare actor inside for our groups! He scared the sh*t out of me.
We were hungry before the park closed. So we got food :)
Nothing like scarving down chicken nuggets and riding Kanonen as fast as you can! Made up for no roll backs :)
We got a solid 5-6 rides in on Balder as well. Seriously the best coaster ever if you love airtime.
And the night ended on Helix!
The lights on the train were pretty cool.
Best part about ERT? No line!
We got a few rides in in different seats.
The station was fun with lightning and upbeat music. Definitely a great ERT ride!
The last train of the evening returns. Sad day! But epic ERT with 5-6 rides on all 3 coasters each in an hour!
We then had to find our way back out of this amazing but dizzying queue line...
...and say goodnight to Liseberg. Couldn't have imagined a better day, and thanks to Robb and Elissa for trying so hard all day to make our visit as memorable as possible. Cheers! Next up, we go to Skara Sommerland on our way to Stockholm.

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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby SFOGdude25 » Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:30 pm

Liseberg is definitely in my top 5 parks to visit in Europe. It looks so amazing!
Great pictures!

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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby mattnz » Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:57 pm

Oh Liseberg, one day I'll get there... Awesome photos Jake, love your shots of all the rides interconnecting, great stuff!

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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby technfxrick » Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:08 pm

This is now one of my favorite parks in the world!!! I loved it and could of easily spent another day here :)

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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby coastercrzyjames » Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:46 pm

Wow, thanks for sharing such amazing pics of Liseberg Jake! Liseberg was easily one of the best parks I've been to, and one of my favorites from the Scandi Trip. Balder was GREAT, made my top 5 wood coasters, I think it's number 1 or 2 actually. Had such a great day at Liseberg, beautiful park, great city, and you can't forget the amazing burgers and ice cream we had at lunch. I love reliving the memories through the photo TRs.

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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby gerstlaueringvar » Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:42 am

Great TR! Balder's airtime is even better than Outlaw Run and El Toro :omg: gotta go to Sweden! It must be very cool to see them transfer another train when sitting on a train :lover:

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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby viking86 » Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:53 am

Awesome pictures from Liseberg! It really is one of my favorite parks! I haven't been this year to check out Helix, but I definately will next year.

BugEyed wrote:
viking86 wrote:The drive from Gothenburg to Oslo is very unspectacular, standard highway with generic countryside view for pretty much all the way.

Ok, really good to know. I was imagining towering cliffs, steep fjords and an endless series of spellbinding geological wonders that I'd be compelled to pull over and see. I think I'll just save the cost of a rental car, take the train and sleep the whole way.

if you want stunning scenery go the west coast or up north.

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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby BugEyed » Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:56 am

Just can't wait to visit Liseberg any longer. 2015 is the year!

Thank you so much for the awesome TR.

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Re: Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

Postby cfc » Sat Sep 06, 2014 2:55 pm

BugEyed wrote:Just can't wait to visit Liseberg any longer. 2015 is the year!

Thank you so much for the awesome TR.

Any year is a good year to visit Liseberg.


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