Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

My off-season is broken!
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Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby _koppen » Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:35 am

So today me and the girl had the chance to break our off-season. And what a great way to do so! The weather wasn't really cooperating in the morning, but I really wanted to go, so we risked it (I haven't had a day of school or work in weeks, so this day was highly anticipated).

Good thing we went, cause in the late afternoon/evening the weather broke up, and it was a beautiful evening. Bakken is, just like the other tivoli's in Scandinavia, a place that really comes to life in the dark thanks to million of lights.

It was still a bit chilly, but even though we were freezing around 8 p.m we still stayed until they closed at 10 p.m. I don't have that many photos from after nightfall, since my camera is pretty bad at night shot. A new one is of highest priority, anybody on here using a Samsung NX300?

Anyway, onto the photos!
Welcome to Klampenborg

Home to the worlds oldest amusement park Dyrehavsbakken

Hello mr. awesome Intamin family ride, happy to be approaching summer?

The anticipation is high, it's the first free day in quite a while.

Show these and you will get an awesome discount of 40%

Can you spot a really old coaster?

This place will look A LOT better in a few weeks, once it's all nice and green. Still it looks pretty good even as it is now, don't you think?

This is one of my favorite family oriented coasters in all of Scandinavia.

Maybe it has something to do with it being one of very few Intamin mine train coasters.

Entrance for the Circus

Lift hill pornography

Seriously, why are there not more of these? They are some of the best family coasters around. They have a low height restrictions, they are very smooth (unlike the Vekoma counter part) they have a REALLY good pacing through the entire ride without being to intense, and the trains don't have the speed-and-then-drag effect most mine trains have.

Take the curve!

Car track

A real classic, now without it's precious balls

One of the most evil rides in the world lives inside this building

For the really small ones

Imagine these trees in full bloom a few weeks down the road

A beautiful sight

And a beautiful sign as well

Station for Rutschebanen

The new trains looks good, but they have neutered the ride a bit more than desired IMO

Looking out the station

And the other way

You can walk beneath it as well (especially if you need to use the toilet)

The top of the lift hill

We took a ride on the cycle monorail

It provides some great views

Especially of the Log Flume


The evil building

It was waaay to cold for these kind of rides today

You get really close to the Flume on this ride

"Seriously, who the hell decided I should live out here, all by myself???"

"Probably the a$$hole who decided I should spend eternity under this dripping water"

Looking toward the middle of the park

Small drop

I see you Mine Train Ulven

These are fun for the small ones

This is the new for 2014 ride. It's made by Gerstlauer and it's an updated version of the one at Belantis.

You move your own personal vehicle with the wings.

And here is Tornado, just as evil as the last time I visited

I had to wait a long time for this shot, as the place was very dead the first hours

Safari cars


The ride in action. If you figure out how it works (it's not really rocket science) you can get it to spin VERY fast

I managed 41 flips during one cycle. Probably the most extreme ride experience I have done, and I'm glad I'm not that poor cat that crazy lady tried to clean using the washing machine.

Random restaurant

This is the parks wild mouse. It's made by Mack, and it's the new version with magnetic brakes (thank god). How hard can it be to get a permission for something like this you wonder? Very hard, the park had to dig it down into a 2 meter deep hole, to minimize the impact of the ride.

The park was also forced to enclose the lift hill, as it was to loud. It's quite ridiculous actually

POV shot

It's the most gentle mouse I have ever been one (and still it's barely braked). Mack do some very smooth rides these days

Great view of Rutschebanen from up here

Take that hill!

And the big drop. Wheeee

Walking down the main street clock wise

S&S double shit. Kick ass airtime on the top, the ride however is really starting to become worn out. I think it really deserved som tender love and care

Nice place!

A really weird game (yet still so awesome)

This is one of my favorite flats in the world. It's not lame as the one at Gröna Lund and the new one at Liseberg. It's very old school nice, and it has a really long circle. It also really lives at the night with it's lights and smoke effects

Swinging dragon is right next to it

Main street

Johanna rode it again. I still don't know how see does it, that woman NEVER gets nauseous

Old school ghost train. Unfortunately the live actors are only here during high season

I'm really sorry Mr. alligator, please continue with your stuff

Have you ever seen someone so EXCITED for their ride??? Seriously, can't you see the smoke coming out her ears? That's sheer excitement!

Great views of this classic from up here

Old school airtime!

These rides are just so much fun

They should by law be in every amusement park in the world IMO. Please Mr. Putin, your such a big and great man, can you make it happen? (*heavy sarcasm used*)

Just so much fun!

Good looking area of the park


Signature crooked lift hill of Rutschebanen

This was the best ride attendant of the day. Nice, polite, made jokes and actually talked to you. big thumb up. The ride attendants were actually pretty bad today. Most of them didn't even say hello..

Unfortunately the Intamin curse strikes for about two hours during the day

You need to ride this one optimally over the lift launch. Otherwise it will take the chance to kick your a$$! The best way to do it your first time is with your hands on each side of your neck. Still, you won't be prepared for how powerful it actually is, no matter how many times you read how powerful it is, it will surprise you big time. I will show you bellow how to ride it optimally, as I know a lot of people will ride it for their first time during the Scandi trip

To the right is what you want to do. If you do like the guy to the left, you will end up with the face expression he does, as well as a half broken neck.
None of these are recommended!
Left bad, right good! These are very important steps to follow, otherwise you might end up with a bad impression of a really awesome ride.
Looking down the main street toward the wild mouse.

Johanna was dumb enough to ride this thing, she loves spin-and-puke machines.

She regretted it big time however, she said it was majorly painful. Maybe it's time has come, ans something else should be brought in?

The ride has some really nice lights running under the rails. It's fun to follow it when you ride as it changes color and pattern constantly.

Love the way Mack and Gerstlauer are making "wooden" supports.

And old classic.

Very fun, and quite intense ride.

Always make sure I ride it when I visit.

I love the bus, and I love the coaster behind it.

The 5D cinema, and the shooting ride. Both are fun rides, but they are nothing spectacular.

Now this ride is awesomely fun!

Every park should have a Kang-a-bounce. They are perfect family rides, and even a thrill seeker like myself like it (I do like more flat rides than others though, I don't need thrills to have a great time).


I really love the smell of old wooden railroad ties around this ride. You can almost feel the ride when you come close to it.

A lot of people hate this ride with a passion. I LOVE it. It really is the ride that pushes how extreme you can go in terms of intensity. There's a fine line between brilliance and insanity, and this ride is so high up on the list you can go, without crossing the line to insanity.

I remember the first time I rode it, first it almost snapped my neck of, because I wasn't prepared and I also remember that I thougt "holy shit, are we actually going through that tight turn? No way, it's way to tight!" when we approached the final turn of the ride.

But as I said earlier, be prepared for intensity and brace yourself, then you will love it!

That's a pretty serious look

Time for some dinner!
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Re: Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby _koppen » Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:47 am

It was a nice and cosy place.

I took a 400g steak. i never seen one as big as this, usually they are small, but very tall, this was the complete opposite.

The water cleared in the late afternoon/evening.

The new look with the new ride. Doesn't it look great?

As I said, I love this ride, but it sure is not for everybody, that's for damn sure!

Same awesome ride attendant can be seen here.

This photo gives a great sens of the speed of the ride.

Love the lights! To bad my camera have a hard time with night shoots, it dosen't do the place justice..

I really like this ride. I hated the one at Belantis, so it was nice to have a nice experience on it. (that may have something to do with me hating all of Belantis)

It just look great!

Big smile

This ride is amazing at night.

The lights are gorgeous

Ad the smoke really takes over the whole area when it goes of

Looks great!

I sure hopes the dragon also likes smoke

This really is a night place.

And with this picture I leave you. We had some really awesome night time rides on this coaster before we left at closing time. Hope you enjoyed watching.
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The Megalite is *the* roller coaster of the world! (after finally riding Expedition Geforce I'll admit it was pretty awesome as well!)

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Re: Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby KBrylczyk » Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:54 am

You have no idea how much more excited you just made me for the Scandi trip. :b :b :b

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Re: Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby Nrthwnd » Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:38 pm

Thanks for showing what you could, of the night lighting at the park.
Usually in the TPR Tours, there is not much time in the schedule to actually
stay into the evening. We're always heading somewhere else, heh.

Can't wait to get back to this park, especially Tornado!
It's a truly surprising coaster, right from the lift hill. And I've always
enjoyed how the coaster is housed. Very cool design and themeing.

I love it.
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Re: Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby cfc » Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:56 pm

Tornado is easily in the top five of "crazy rides." I like it, too.

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Re: Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby Randomman295 » Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:06 pm

Congratulations, you just put Tornado on my bucket list.

Loved this TR.

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Re: Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby SharkTums » Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:49 pm

If you're going to spend a night at one of the Copenhagen parks I think we chose right in doing Tivoli!

Don't get me wrong, Bakken is awesome, I love it, but we can't do two super late nights in a row, especially in June where it won't get all that dark anyways! ;)

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Re: Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby booink » Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:00 pm

Nice trip report ! For the oldest park in the world, it's looking great =)
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Re: Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby Midgetman82 » Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:29 pm

Thanks for sharing your report. I really like the atmosphere with the age on the park. For however old it is, it looks far better than a lot of other less old parks I know of in The States. Tornado is something I'd like to try if I ever get the chance someday, just to experience how intense Intamin can really get with their coasters.
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Re: Bakken, Copenhagen photo report.

Postby XII » Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:37 pm

Nice Photo TR. Bakken looks totally awesome. I can't wait to visit it this June.
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