Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/30/14

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Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/30/14

Postby KDGY75 » Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:55 pm

Yesterday was Kings Dominion's Preview Day for family and friends. A very nice event despite the cold, rainy weather. It was from 11:30a-4p, and of course the crowds were very low because of the forecast.

Majority of all attractions were open including coasters, shops, and restaurants (pretty much a normal operating day). Surprisingly to see Grizzly running both trains and Rebel Yell racing! I must say, for the park to open this weekend, they have out-did themselves with an awesome job and the staff were very energetic and friendly.

Of course, nothing is perfect and a lot still is in preparation for opening weekend/'14 season, but I'm sure there's going to be a lot of smiles on the younger and older generations with this season's additions. Many "Golden Years" memories, charm, theming, and character has been restored from seasons back!

Kings Dominion has gone all out for their 40th Anniversary! Here's my report below...
Also, for more "Golden Years" memories of the park, you may follow us on Facebook at

"The Singing Mushrooms" in action..

"Welcome to Candy Apple Grove"

"One of Those Songs"

Kings Dominion Clown Band

The Floral Clock
Happy 40th Kings Dominion!
Crowds were starting to draw in...
New 40th logo with flowers/planters
The new and improved International Street for the 40th Anniversary, opening this Saturday! New enhancements with the Royal Fountain, the new 40th Anniversary Kings Dominion logo/planters while you enter the main gate, new paint jobs in numerous locations, and the new KD40 merchandise shop where you'll be able to purchase the the anniversary pins. Along with the remarkable "Walk of Memories" surrounding the Eiffel Tower, new 40th Anniversary banners and much more!
More 40th banners.
New 40th banners on International Street
New "Fountain and Floats" restaurant.
New paint job on the new "Pizza Parlor" of International Street! Many Golden Years fans maybe remember it as "Tower of Pizza."
International Street's new paint job!
"The Singing Mushrooms" shirt
"Fallen Rides of Kings Dominion" Sad but cool shirt sold in the new KD40 Souvenir Shop on International Street.
New 40 "Fallen Kings Dominion Rides" shirts sold at KD40.
KD40 Souvenir Shop.
New 40th postcard.
Spring and Festive!
KD40 Souvenir Shop. Showcasing the original staffing uniforms from the 70's.
Original staffing uniform from the 70's.
Dominator's new black and orange, colored restraints. (It's still the original OTSR, just a change color along with brand new black seats)
Showing Dominator's new colored restraints/seats up close. Photo Credit: KDFansite
Old Virginia, not much here has changed.
DINOSAURS: Giants of Patagonia
The old water wheel has been added back to Shenandoah Lumber Company/Log Flume
20 or so candy life-size candy apples scattered throughout Candy Apple Grove, taking it back to the roots!
It's been 14 years...The life-size CANDY APPLES scattered around the area, with the return of the infamous Floral Clock, along with the renaming of Triple Spin to Bad Apple. And we cannot forgot about the beloved Singing Mushrooms. Candy Apple Grove is back, and here to stay!
Candy apple, meet Eiffel Tower.
Candy apples and 40th banners along the midway.
The large candy apples has nothing on Drop Tower thought! ;)
BTW, was closed due to weather.
Side of the Floral Clock
Shockwave off-setting the candy appples
The Floral Clock is back in Candy Apple Grove, since years ago!
Triple Spin renamed to Bad Apple.
Back by popular demand and cherished by many since 1975 are "The Singing Mushrooms." They were removed in the early 90's, but they are back and for GOOD! Bopping up and down to catchy tunes as "Welcome to Candy Apple Grove."
They're such a beauty!
Rebel Yell has received its original red, white, and blue color scheme. Along with the same colored chaser lights, which runs the whole course like it did back it the Golden Years! Also, they were racing quite frequently throughout the day.
You can spot out Rebel Yell's chasers here.
Chasers running the whole course back to 305.
Drop Tower was down but 305 was running great, front seat+rain does not mix though! lol
This image of 305 will look a lot better opening weekend!
New Safari Village logo/sign.
Safari Village has replaced Congo with the return of The Hungry Hippo since 1996. Also, Anaconda with its vibrant re-paint job(not perfect but, smoother ride with the new wheels and paint job, also the tunnel splash effect was working a few times) Volcano's new constructed load/unload station, which has improved the capacity level. (the mountain is still under a multi-year project). 305 was firing up the track, along with all the coasters running good. I'm not sure if Crypt will be open this weekend, as the gondola was missing/under repair. According to Kings Dominion's website, opening mid-May
305 and Anaconda off in the distance.
Anaconda's new vibrant paint job!
With Anaconda's new wheels and paint job, it wasn't perfect but definitely a smoother ride from before.
305 and Anaconda lifts together.
New position of Volcano's operating booth.."All clear means you're out of here!"
Volcano's new Q system. The entrance is now on the side of the Q going down steps leading you to the station. The load and unload station combined into one vs the past. As you can see the photo, the operating board has be removed to where we use to load the back/middle of the train. And exiting, you'll walk up steps that's beside the operating board. This process is a lot quicker, they train dispatches to the launch area vs unloading, then loading. It took no time!
Volcano's new painted water pool.
Volcano's 1st roll-back of the season! ;)
The new entrance stairway to Volcano's station.
Exiting Volcano.
Volcano's new exit steps.
The old walkover ramp of Volcano has been gated off.
New exit ramp from Volcano.
Do I smell "Smurf Mountain??" :)
Not sure of The Crypt will be in operation this weekend s the gondola was missing, according to Kings Dominion's website..opening mid-May.
The launch pulsing lights are back on for FOF!
Kings Dominion's Clown Band is back and are crazy as before! This talented group of musicians roam throughout the park as they interact with guest with pure entertainment!
1970s "Walk of Memories"
1970s "Walk of Memories"
1970s "Walk of Memories"
1970's "Walk of Memories"
1980s "Walk of Memories"
1980s "Walk of Memories"
1980s "Walk of Memories"
1980s "Walk of Memories"
1990s "Walk of Memories"
1990s "Walk of Memories"
1990s "Walk of Memories"
1990s "Walk of Memories"
2000s "Walk of Memories"
2000s "Walk of Memories"
2000s "Walk of Memories"
2000s "Walk of Memories"
"Walk of Memories" guides around Eiffel Tower.
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We are the Golden Years of Kings Dominion!

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Re: Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/31/14

Postby krakenmaniac » Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:06 pm

That looks awesome. I'm going on Saturday the 12th, and cant wait. Just wondering are they offering Fast lane this year because its not on the website.

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Re: Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/31/14

Postby mike541x » Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:57 am

Great TR. After seeing all these improvements over the past few months, I'm thinking about going this weekend. I was planning to go sometime this summer. :p

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Re: Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/31/14

Postby Diamondbacker27 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:06 am

I'm going to say this again, I wish Kings Island would have done this.
I wonder if the 50th will be even better ;)
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Re: Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/31/14

Postby JRice92 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:19 am

Looking at all of this is getting me really pumped for Kings Dominion this year. At the time last fall when I planned our trip my sister & I had no clue about all the improvements that were going to get made, plus we've never been to the KD before so it's shaping up to be a blast when we go in June!
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Re: Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/31/14

Postby Diamondbacker27 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:21 am

I'm glad they made improvements on other rides and not just the look of the park.
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Re: Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/31/14

Postby SuperShawn » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:37 am

Looking good, can't wait to get down there and check it out in person.

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Re: Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/31/14

Postby Barge84 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:44 am

I've only been to KD twice, and both trips were within the last 2 years. I've always thought the park was pretty sterile, but had some great rides. With that said, I love what they've done! It's amazing what an investment in paint, theming and just giving the park some love has done! I can't wait to get back there in May to see all of this.

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Re: Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/31/14

Postby imawesome1124 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:58 am

Not gonna lie, I squeaked a bit when I saw that Rebel Yell got its original colors and tracers back. KD outdid themselves BIG TIME for this year. It makes me sad that we probably can't go this year because of financial reasons. :(

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Re: Photo TR: Kings Dominion Preview Day 3/31/14

Postby KDGY75 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:45 am

Thanks everyone, the park has really out did themseleves with the 40th! (I'll have better pics this weekend, the weather is suppose to be great.
As myself, KD is my home park and been going to since I was 4(1984). To see them bring so much charm and character from what Paramount has taken away from us, says a lot about CF! :) I'm so grateful to see us going back towards theming...Happy 40th, KINGS DOMINION!
*SIDENOTE* I just added more pics from the weekend! ;)
We are the Golden Years of Kings Dominion!


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