Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

2/2/13 - Sea World Orlando!
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Re: Chadster's 2011 Photo Diary - N.E Trip Pg. 23

Postby paiging_jen » Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:04 pm

I completely forgot about the boomerang ride op at Great Escape. At least it was comic relief for what was yet ANOTHER boomerang on the trip. :lol:

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: N.E Trip Pg. 23

Postby chadster » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:05 pm

^ "If you no have headache, you go to other vekoma detah machine, have good day! Tylenol by exit on way out!" and "Thank you for read report" :lol:

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: TPR's N.E. Trip

Postby Jerrykoala2112 » Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:52 pm

Oh man, how I miss snacky snack time! The whole trip was a blast, and that anal probe in Canadia is too true! Practice does make perfect ;)

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: The North Pole!

Postby chadster » Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:26 pm

A few months ago I visited Santa at his Workshop at the North Pole. But this was no ordinary workshop, this workshop had rides and toys, and a Haunted House!

Santa's Workshop at the North Pole is located at the base of Pikes Peak in Cascade, Colorado. Hidden off the beaten path in a peaceful mountain setting, this family park has something for everyone, including a visit with Santa! The park was clean, staff extremely friendly, and they rather enjoyed having a coaster/theme park enthusiast stop by for a visit (And they didn't think I was strange, bonus!). I spent about 2 hours in the park and enjoyed the various attractions, shops, and food offerings. The park itself is cashless giving you a ticket to carry around with you. All of your purchases are recorded on the ticket and you present it to the cashier on the way out of the park (no losing the ticket, they won't let you out!). A winning idea in my book for such a small park.

So next time you are in the Denver area for a Brewery tour, take the short drive to Pike's Peak and visit Santa!
Santas Workshop 002.JPG
Welcome to the North Pole!
Santas Workshop 001.JPG
Park Map. In the parking lot.
Santas Workshop 003.JPG
I visited on Saturday just after lunchtime and the crowds were non-existent. The park, however is open up until December 24, but call before you go to make sure they are open!
Santas Workshop 022.JPG
First up, an overview of the park.
Santas Workshop 004.JPG
All of the rides and buildings were in excellent condition, clean, and appeared to be freshly painted.
Santas Workshop 013.JPG
The views were impressive.
Santas Workshop 017.JPG
I didn't take the train ride, but it seemed to be a tradition to wave at the people on the Sky Ride and vice versa.
Santas Workshop 021.JPG
Santas Workshop 023.JPG
The more smaller parks I visit, the more I am finding these mini-himalaya's. Fun Fact.
Santas Workshop 024.JPG
I must have broke the Tilt as it was down after I rode, the Slide was fun.
Santas Workshop 074.JPG
What happens to snow men when they melt?
Santas Workshop 026.JPG
My North Pole.
Santas Workshop 031.JPG
And they had the good Paratrooper! A very popular ride.
Santas Workshop 033.JPG
So lets take a walk around and see how many people stare at a creepy old single guy walking around a park called Santa's Workshop....
Santas Workshop 027.JPG
They had several of these organs scattered about.
Santas Workshop 034.JPG
I didn't watch the show, figured that would be over the top creepy despite park staff informing me it wouldn't be.
Santas Workshop 038.JPG
Another band organ. They played on a schedule every so often.
Santas Workshop 035.JPG
I swore I was in Colorado and not Oregon. Oh. And NOTED!
Santas Workshop 036.JPG
One of the eating establishments. The pricing was ultra cheap. A 32oz drink was about $2. You could get a complete meal for around $6.
Santas Workshop 037.JPG
Kinda looks like frosted cookie.
Santas Workshop 044.JPG
This thing hauled!
Santas Workshop 045.JPG
I couldn't snap it :(
Santas Workshop 040.JPG
For you wheel of ferris fanatics.
Santas Workshop 042.JPG
Ok, I was really kinda creeped out by this. It had a guy puking his guts as you enter. I mean, really. Now, had that been Santa puking, I might have gone for it, still, I guess they are covering all Holidays.
Santas Workshop 051.JPG
It wouldn't be Christmas without the farm.
Santas Workshop 052.JPG
Overview of the wee little kids rides. Most of the rides were family.
Santas Workshop 054.JPG
Would a Hat Hopper be KT approved?
Santas Workshop 066.JPG
Time for a rest.
Santas Workshop 039.JPG
Ok, lets go find the Candy Cane Coaster and see if Candy Canes fly.
Santas Workshop 067.JPG
Santas Workshop 055.JPG
Looks intense.
Santas Workshop 064.JPG
Yup, they look beat up.
Santas Workshop 065.JPG
See that sign above the exit? If you could touch it, you could touch it.
Santas Workshop 070.JPG
So after a breath taking ride on the coaster, I did some Christmas shopping.
Santas Workshop 072.JPG
and visited Santa......Hey, I still want my Red Ryder BB Gun!
Santas Workshop 075.JPG
After my visit with Santa it was time to go. Seriously guys, this was a great little park worthy of a visit if in the area. If you know me it all, you know that I'm a small park whore, but regardless, if you come up for a little ski action, pop in for a ride, you won't be disappointed!

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: The North Pole!

Postby traincrossin » Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:34 pm

For some reason this place reminds me of of a mini-Holiday World. Looks like a fun little place! Oh, and you got to see Santa too. How many houses does that guy have?
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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: The North Pole!

Postby QueerRudie » Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:28 pm

Awesome adventure...

I remember ions ago small parks like that all over the place, basically over-sized kiddielands with small coasters, and cheezy attractions around a central theme of... nothing. This looks like a better interpretation of these places, and one that's amazing to see all over.

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: The North Pole!

Postby PAL » Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:59 pm

Did you sit on Santa's lap? Now that would be creepy!

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: The North Pole!

Postby Chroniq » Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:25 pm

Thanks for another great trip report Chad. Your updates have helped me learn a lot about the smaller parks in America that I've skipped over in the past..Anyone can post a photo trip report of Disneyland, but your posts make me want to jump in the car and take a road trip. I encourage anyone reading this to take a moment (or an hour) and look through all of these parks and photos. It's pretty incredible.

... And now I know where to send my Christmas gift list too...
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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: The North Pole!

Postby chadster » Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:17 pm

^ Thanks Chris, that made me smile! :mickey:

traincrossin wrote: How many houses does that guy have?

Infinte =)

QueerRudie wrote:This looks like a better interpretation of these places, and one that's amazing to see all over.

That's why I LOVE small parks, especially those with carny rides! :airtime:

PAL wrote:Did you sit on Santa's lap? Now that would be creepy!

I did :wtf:

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Re: Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Elitch

Postby chadster » Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:43 pm

Elitch: It's not to see. Well, I took a trip to the park on August 21st to see if it's not to see. The coaster lineup on paper doesn't look impressive, but I went in keeping an open mind, and, well, head banging was the story of day.

Having not been to the park before I can't compare it pre-Herschend, but I can say I found the park to be clean with the feeling of fresh. From what I understand, it hasn't had a good track record over the last few years, but with the infrastructure improvements that it appears that they have made, they have an excellent foundation for adding attractions in the near future.

One thing of note, looking on the back of my parking ticket, I found PARC Management properly displayed in the disclaimer, guess they are running out the stock which was obviously over bought; now we know why they are no longer managing.

While I skipped the fireworks, I did manage to check out their Cirque show, more on that later. For now, sit back, grab a beer (or root beer) some nuts, and enjoy what's not to "see"!
Elitch Gardens 004.JPG
Welcome to Elitch! Come on in, we will see what's not to see.
Elitch Gardens 002.JPG
I won't be seeing anything form the tower, the wind shut it down.
Elitch Gardens 005.JPG
Inside the entrance gates, nothing to see here, moving on.
Elitch Gardens 009.JPG
Looking down mainstreet I didn't see many people around. I did see that it looked inviting.
Elitch Gardens 013.JPG
The wheel is in the perfect place, really. It allows you to see all of the park and had some nice landscaping around it.
Elitch Gardens 015.JPG
I see the spider's go go parts, which meant it would be difficult for it to operate today.
Elitch Gardens 017.JPG
I see a couple of nut jobs.
Elitch Gardens 019.JPG
Ahh, my next stop is over here I see.
Elitch Gardens 021.JPG
I really like these rides, as you can see it makes for a great photo op.
Elitch Gardens 022.JPG
I see headaches ahead.
Elitch Gardens 023.JPG
I can't see waiting this long for a headache.
Elitch Gardens 037.JPG
I see people about to get whiplash.
Elitch Gardens 028.JPG
I see headbanging!
Elitch Gardens 035.JPG
I see people in pain!
Elitch Gardens 039.JPG
I see people wishing they had not gotten on the ride and see people on a different ride enjoying themselves.
Elitch Gardens 048.JPG
I see my next stop.
Elitch Gardens 050.JPG
The boomerang is not to see.
Elitch Gardens 058.JPG
But being a whore, I went to see how it was running, shockingly, it was not all that good.
Elitch Gardens 054.JPG
This is the really the main ride I came to see. I did not enjoy it whatsoever. Not only is it slightly boring, it hurt my man toy. And that is something I did not want to see happen.
Elitch Gardens 077.JPG
Next it was time to get over my fear of this type of drop tower (note: have not ridden one of these since the KK accident) and see if my nerves would hold.
Elitch Gardens 062.JPG
Well I did it, and I have to say, the view was very nice, you could see for miles. Oh, and I'm over my fear of the Intamin cable. Of note, only two cars were running, the third was missing some needed components, like the shocks.
Elitch Gardens 084.JPG
As you can see, the park looks really nice. They just need better coasters...
Elitch Gardens 141.JPG
because this was not what I wanted to see, another headbanger.
Elitch Gardens 134.JPG
The 20 story walk up the stairs to the top of thing left me out of breath, but, I was able to see my fourth and final legal credit of my visit. You see, the kiddie credit was off limits, even with a kid, odd, being as Dollywood and Silver Dollar City let adults ride theirs alone.
Elitch Gardens 082.JPG
So, lets go in and have a looksee at their best coaster.
Elitch Gardens 186.JPG
This person made sure to point out the sign for me to see, so I was sure to make note of it and not break the rules.
Elitch Gardens 091.JPG
Want to see some PTC porn? Well, ok.
Elitch Gardens 096.JPG
It really was a decent ride, not intense, but it was good. I didn't see any bruising after riding, so it goes in the top 30 list.
Elitch Gardens 102.JPG
See, it was beautiful today out, not too hot, not too cold.
Elitch Gardens 107.JPG
See, look at those people, they were happy to be on the best coaster in the park.
Elitch Gardens 126.JPG
Dan would not like to see this amount of wetness, not acceptable. It was unexpected as a matter of fact.
Elitch Gardens 209.JPG
Walking around the back of the park I found a classic arcade and a few games. Do you see the banana? If you do, mine's bigger.
Elitch Gardens 132.JPG
You know, I had high hopes for this, but it just didn't go fast enough for me. See, faster is better.
Elitch Gardens 083.JPG
The staff at the park were friendly, the Thunderbolt op could see I had my camera with me and offered to hold it at the booth as I walked in.
Elitch Gardens 194.JPG
We'll see about that. They didn't.
Elitch Gardens 152.JPG
Fancy. Like Piers. Too bad he wasn't here to see this.
Elitch Gardens 215.JPG
To quote QueerRudie, "Nah....too easy" but, why not. Doubt you will see any ACER's up there.
Elitch Gardens 153.JPG
This would be a sight to see. Wonder what it does.
Elitch Gardens 218.JPG
Hell YES! Must. See.
Elitch Gardens 216.JPG
Being a Cirque fan, I decided to go and see this show titled Bosque. I went in with low expectations, and left quite surprised.
Elitch Gardens 210.JPG
Inside, we find the stage were you can see the setup for the first act. Three acts in all with the traditional clown walking around in the crowd making fun of people. The three acts included two guys where one laid on his back with his legs straight up in the air with the other guy balancing on top getting flipped around. A lady twirling from ceiling and a chair stacker. All were very talented and it lasted around 40 minutes. Props to Herschend, I hope many of you were able to see it this year.
Elitch Gardens 223.JPG
This was one of my favorite photos of the trip. With the wheel all lit up in it's bright LED's and the flag flapping in the wind, it was really a neat sight to see.

Well, hope you enjoyed looking at what was not to see. I have high hopes for this park which needs a large signature attraction. With Herschend seemingly getting back to basics, lets hope something big is on the horizon.
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