Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

The Intamin Cable Strikes Again - Knott’s Berry Farm, pg. 23
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby John_RN » Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:33 am

Loving your TR! Especially love the log flume pic of you guys! hilarious!!

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby Mrlittle » Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:54 am

After my first visit to SDC during this tour, I was so impressed with the place. They really went all out for us. I like your caption about cinnamon bread. It's so true.

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby FreeFaller » Sat Oct 05, 2013 1:56 pm

Another GREAT update! I want the trip to come back! SDC is just AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE that place :)

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby mattnz » Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:34 pm

Going through these photos is bringing back so many memories, but I had forgotten about the awesome gift bags. I drink coffee out of my Outlaw Run mug every day.

Neil: I was wrong - there were obviously SIX of us in the manly log. Not five! Haha! Thanks for posting the pic.

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby Barge84 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 5:33 pm

Another great update! I'd only been to SDC once, in 2001, and after visiting again I'm not quite sure why I haven't made the 6 hour drive from here since that first visit. I'll definitely be heading down there at some point next year. Such a fantastic park.

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby donkeyman18 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 5:35 pm

SDC went all out for us it was such an amazing day. Night ERT on Outlaw Run was AMAZING!

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby XII » Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:52 pm

Great Photos. Makes me want to take another visit to Silver Dollar City. Keep up the good work.
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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby gerstlaueringvar » Sat Oct 05, 2013 8:09 pm

How I wish I can work at SDC when I am 80 like those staffs! Miss that place so much! Need to go back and explore the park more, Cinnamon bread and the skillets were my favorite. Even though they don't have Outlaw Run, it would still be my favorite park so far. Visiting the park definitely is a life long memory. Thank you for bringing back the memory!

When I grow up, I want to breed donkeys!
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It Hurts So Good - Knocked About at the City Museum

Postby mattnz » Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:58 pm

Our next stop on the Texas Midwest tour was one of the most amazing places you can eat in all of North America - Lambert's Cafe, the 'Home of the Throwed Rolls'. I was very excited to return here, having thoroughly enjoyed the food on TPR's 2010 Midwest trip, so thank you for adding it to our itinerary once again Robb and Elissa!

The menu consists of extra large portions of homestyle cooking. Occasionally the helpings are so generous they serve your meal in a sauce pan! The restaurant is also famous for their 'pass arounds', which is a nice concept, enabling you to sample plenty of different dishes, along with their incredibly large 32 oz drinks (which they'll refill for you!). The steaming hot throwed rolls, which are literally hurled at you by a waiter if you put your hand up, are also fantastic. All in all, this is an amazing eatery, and we have absolutely nothing like it in New Zealand.

After travelling to St. Louis we reached a surreal place I never thought I'd visit again, the City Museum. It's hard to describe this former International Shoe building but one I quite liked was that it was a "giant playground for adults". The museum also bills itself an "eclectic mixture of playground, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion and architectural marvel". Sums it up pretty well to me! We had the whole place to ourselves and plenty of time to sustain injuries. This was easily one of the craziest and most enjoyable days of the trip. And all without riding a single roller coaster!

Excuse the quality of some of the photos in this update. We had our small but hardy camera out today...
IMG_0001 (Copy).JPG
Next stop on the trip was the awesome Lambert's Cafe.
IMG_0002 (Copy).JPG
While we waited for our tables, we took some time to do a little shopping.
IMG_0003 (Copy).JPG
This looked deliciously alcoholic.
IMG_0004 (Copy).JPG
Quite a few of us sampled the local brews.
IMG_0005 (Copy).JPG
I had to buy some genuine Missouri moonshine!
IMG_0006 (Copy).JPG
These strangely realistic cats creeped me out.
IMG_0007 (Copy).jpg
Finally, it was time to eat.
IMG_0008 (Copy).JPG
And Lambert's did not disappoint!
IMG_0009 (Copy).jpg
It's an absolutely fantastic place.
IMG_0010 (Copy).jpg
The food consists of delicious, homestyle cooking.
IMG_0011 (Copy).JPG
IMG_0012 (Copy).JPG
Onwards to St. Louis. What is with America's obsession with fireworks?
IMG_0013 (Copy).JPG
We drove near the Gateway Arch, but didn't stop by this time.
IMG_0014 (Copy).JPG
I cannot believe we made it back to this surreal place. I thought it was all a dream!
IMG_0015 (Copy).jpg
Crazy, random fun awaits...
IMG_0016 (Copy).jpg
Delving deep inside.
IMG_0017 (Copy).JPG
I noticed quite a few new things since 2010.
IMG_0018 (Copy).JPG
I don't remember any of this from last time.
IMG_0019 (Copy).jpg
The playground structures at the City Museum can be very confusing!
IMG_0020 (Copy).jpg
This led us to one of the most claustrophobic experiences of my life. The only way out was via a tiny tunnel underneath the floor.
IMG_0021 (Copy).jpg
The slide to oblivion!
IMG_0022 (Copy).JPG
Time to explore some more...
IMG_0023 (Copy).JPG
Love the clash of art and insanity in this place.
IMG_0024 (Copy).JPG
Inside the whale.
IMG_0025 (Copy).JPG
The Enchanted Caves.
IMG_0026 (Copy).JPG
Hey TPR!
IMG_0027 (Copy).JPG
The City Museum is also known for its ten-story shoe shaft slides.
IMG_0028 (Copy).JPG
Good luck Andy!
IMG_0029 (Copy).jpg
Neil and Roxanne added to our entertainment.
IMG_0030 (Copy).jpg
There was so much to see...
IMG_0031 (Copy).JPG
Including some actual museum-style exhibits.
IMG_0032 (Copy).jpg
The City Museum is even educational.
IMG_0033 (Copy).jpg
And enlightened!
IMG_0034 (Copy).jpg
Knobs anyone?
IMG_0035 (Copy).JPG
For no particular reason, they had this giant, empty ballroom. Well, why not?
IMG_0036 (Copy).JPG
But back to the creative ways for TPR to injure ourselves!
IMG_0038 (Copy).JPG
This place is really not for the faint hearted...
IMG_0037 (Copy).jpg
This room reminded me of something out of the movie Saw.
IMG_0039 (Copy).JPG
The ball pit was a good time! It looked so innocent, but I witnessed quite a few injuries in here...
IMG_0040 (Copy).JPG
IMG_0041 (Copy).JPG
We made our way to the rooftop.
IMG_0042 (Copy).JPG
The views were great.
IMG_0044 (Copy).JPG
They had crazy climbing structures everywhere.
IMG_0043 (Copy).JPG
Some were very unnerving.
IMG_0045 (Copy).JPG
This one was particularly frightening...but Andrew braved it!
IMG_0046 (Copy).jpg
Neil drove a bus off the side of the building. No, really!
IMG_0048 (Copy).jpg
I was glad not to be in the middle of a heatwave like our last visit. This was exhausting enough!
IMG_0049 (Copy).jpg
IMG_0050 (Copy).jpg
Glad to see the creaky Ferris Wheel of death still here.
IMG_0051 (Copy).jpg
These slides were fun...
IMG_0052 (Copy).jpg
If you could make it to the top!
IMG_0053 (Copy).JPG
IMG_0054 (Copy).JPG
I am still having nightmares about this image!
IMG_0055 (Copy).jpg
I was glad to see Alexis make it out alive.
IMG_0056 (Copy).JPG
Everyone becomes a kid again at the City Museum!
IMG_0057 (Copy).JPG
I can't recommend the place highly enough.
IMG_0058 (Copy).JPG
Just stock up your first aid kit. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Photo TR: The Kiwis Do Texas Midwest 2013

Postby televisedconfession » Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:37 pm

Yay for the City Museum!!!! It was sooooooo amazing!
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