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Re: The Six Park Game

Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:33 am

Geauga Dog wrote:
prozach626 wrote:^^^ SFSTL: I hope your business plans include a hyper.

I would like to add one within the first five to six years after taking the park over. Have to figure out how I'll replace all the DC Comics characters and ride names. Justice League would be difficult to convert without scrapping it and starting all over again.

Ninja and Boomerang would be removed.

You could turn that DC Area area back into Spain and make it a Spanish themed dark ride. Call it Bandit Express

Re: The Six Park Game

Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:56 pm

*Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
*Six Flags Fiesta Texas
*Six Flags Great America
*Cedar Point
*Kings Dominion
*Geauga Lake

Company name: Thrilltopia Parks, Inc.

Re: The Six Park Game

Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:23 pm

~ Here's My Six ~

La Ronde
Kings Island
Fiesta Texas
Magic Mountain
Canada's Wonderland

Company Name: NorthWind ~ Our Motto: "Better this, than SouthFart."

And I will hire others to do all the work, design, concepting, creating, enhancing.
With my total approval, of course. :smile:

Re: The Six Park Game

Thu Dec 15, 2016 2:19 am

Do they have to be Six Flags/Cedar Fair parks? If no, I would choose those:

- Phantasialand
- Walibi Holland
- Connyland
- Nagashima Spa Land
- Hirakata Park
- Universal Studios Osaka

Name: PUDDI corporation

Re: The Six Park Game

Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:33 am

Yes, You can only include Six Flags and Cedar Fair

You can pick 3 Cedar Fair and 3 Six Flags Parks, And the name of your company:

Re: The Six Park Game

Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:32 am

Name: ThrillsUnited inc.
Park + 5 year plan:

Six Flags Over Georgia (Georgia's Great Escape)
2017: RMC Georgia Cyclone
2018: SFOT Flat Ride package
2019: Add VR to Ultimate Flight when both stations are open.
2020: Add a water coaster at the water park
2021: Break ground on new section of park.

Six Flags America (Adventure Park America)
2017: Scrap Mind Eraser. Huss Top Spin + Zamperla Endeavor in Mardi Gras + expand kiddy area.
2018: 4D Free Spin extended in Mind Eraser area.
2019: Mat Blaster (Mat Racer and Water Coaster)
2020: Green Lantern wing coaster in Gotham City
2021: Compact Gravity Group wood coaster like the one going to Fun Spot.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Discovery Kingdom)
2017: Add Safari off-road adventure type attraction
2018: Chance Hyper Gtx
2019: Scrap V2. Break Ground on new area.
2020: Add Dueling Gravity Group Woodie in new area.
2021: add water park.

Worlds Of Fun (Wonder World)
2017: New entrance + Gain rights to ninja turtles and add Ninja turtle themed indoor family launch coaster (Kinda like Verbolten).
2018: S&S screamin swing.
2019: Break ground on Hotel/Indoor waterpark
2020: Refurbish V2 from Discovery Kingdom
2021: RMC Timberwolf

Michigan's Adventure (Michigan's Great Escape)
2017: RMC Topper track wooden coaster.
2018: Intamin Mega-Lite
2019: New Entrance
2020: Power Rangers themed area + 3 family rides
2021: Break ground Hotel/Indoor Waterpark

Dorney Park (Allentown Adventure World)
2017: Break Ground on Hotel/ Indoor Waterpark
2018: Compact GCI woodie
2019: Break ground on new area
2020: Intamin Blitz + New Entance
2021: Removal of stinger + Sky Roller + 2 other flats in New area.

Re: The Six Park Game

Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:16 pm

My Theme Park chain would be called Patriot Parks International. The six parks would be:

Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Walibi Holland
Knott's Berry Farm
Kings Dominion
Worlds Of Fun

I tried to place the parks in areas near large cities, and I tried putting them apart enough so they were strategically targeted like how there's one park on the West Coast, one on the East Coast, one in Texas, one in Europe, and one in the Midwest. I also had to replace Elitch Gardens with Worlds of Fun just so I could have 3 CF parks and 3 SF parks (Walibi Holland was formerly operated by SF, so it counts)

Re: The Six Park Game

Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:30 am

Name: Wonderworld Parks

Great Adventure (SF)
Over Texas (SF)
Magic Mountain(SF)
Cedar Point (CF)
Kings Island (CF)
Knott's (CF)

Re: The Six Park Game

Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:41 am

coasterbill wrote:Six Flags New England
Six Flags America
La Ronde
Dorney Park
Michigan's Adventure
California's Great America

Company Name: Sh*tholes R Us

5 year Plan: Asphalt

Dang, why all the SFNE and CGA hate? (I haven't been to any of the others).

SFNE has two amazing coasters and...well...some other stuff to thin out the waits for those two coasters.
CGA has been improving, so it's becoming... a polished sh*thole?

Neither seem nearly as bad as your report from La Ronde!

Re: The Six Park Game

Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:31 pm


Cedar Point (CF)
Kings Island (CF)
Carowinds (CF)
Over Texas (SF)
Great Adventure (SF)
Magic Mountain (SF)
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