The 2016 Roller Coaster Daily International Coaster Poll

New coaster poll designed to be one of the most accurate!
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The 2016 Roller Coaster Daily International Coaster Poll

Postby calebk71 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:28 pm

Hi, guys! I am a new TPR user, and I really love this community of coaster enthusiasts. As we all know, the Golden Ticket Awards recently took place. These awards are sometimes known for not accurately representing the common view of us coaster enthusiasts. This has to do with the age and coaster count minimums, and in no way am I going against the voters and contributors to the GTAs, but I happen to see them as a little odd because the coasters you want to vote for aren't always available if you are one of the lucky enthusiasts chosen to vote. The poll designed to be the more fair and realistic option was the Mitch Hawker poll, which hasn't taken place since 2013. This poll was definitely the most accurate coaster poll ever designed. Now, I am no Mitch Hawker, but I have designed a coaster poll that is definitely more accurate than counting up the amount of votes coasters got and rank them as so. I am calling it, as the subject says, the 2016 Roller Coaster Daily International Coaster Poll. The poll I have designed gives you more voting opportunities depending on your coaster count. (Roller Coaster Daily comes from my Instagram account of the same when name, and it is the amusement blog I am the author of.) This is because if you have a high coaster count, you are more experienced. This eliminates the age and high coaster count requirement. I use a then complicated second algorithm to rank the coasters. Please note the following before you apply to vote:

1. You must have a coaster count of 25 or higher to be eligible to vote in the poll at all past the Best New Ride section. (If you have ridden 25-49 coasters, you will submit your top five, 50-74 your top fifteen, and 75 or more your top twenty-five. A similar algorithm applies to the other two categories.)
2. You must have a steel count of 20 or higher to be eligible to vote for the steel coaster section of the poll.
3. You must have a wooden count of 20 or higher to be eligible to vote for the wooden coaster section of the poll.
4. You can only submit one voting form.
5. You can only vote if your application was approved. You must vote with the email and name you provided in your application. An forms sent in that do not match an approved email and name will deleted and not counted.
6. The poll consists of three sections: Best New Roller Coaster, Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World, and Best Wooden Roller Coaster in the World.

I am only creating and holding this poll to provide an alternative to coaster enthusiasts seeking a more fair and balanced poll. Thank you so much for reading this. I would really appreciate you voting so we can all see if this poll is successful and can continue to be held yearly. Please please please vote! **I'd like to note I am an amateur when it comes to polls, so please be expectant of a few mistakes and errors here and there.

You can apply to vote by emailing me at with your name, total coaster count, steel count, and wooden count.
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Re: The 2016 Roller Coaster Daily International Coaster Poll

Postby Imagineer Josh » Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:34 pm

Glad to see someone is taking a stand to re-build Mitch Hawker's gracious creation. I'm supporting this
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