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Re: Saltwater/Freshwater Aquarium Hobbyists

Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:47 pm

Wow!! The tank looks great!! I love the fish collection you have so far, and the rock work looks amazing!!

I just got a shipment in today!! I got about 100 new Blue legged hermit crabs. (Apparently you need about 1 per gallon.) I also got in about 200 snails. (Since you need 1-2 per gallon) sadly I think the majority of the snails were DOA. :( (glad they have a 14 day guarantee) I also got 2 bristle starfish, which are both doing great. (Hiding right now) but they are doing well! I got 2 emerald crabs, but they got into a fight in the bag during the acclamation process and one died. :( Ohhh, and my favorite addition for the day was 2 lettuce nudibranch's!! They look amazing, and next to my clown fish, and starry blenny they are my favorite things to watch!!

Still holding off on the anemone . . . I still don't think the tank is quite ready for one. . . .

I hate the whole "hurry up and wait" process of this hobby.
One of the nudibranch's!!

(Sorry for tall the blue!! It's their bedtime!)

Re: Saltwater/Freshwater Aquarium Hobbyists

Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:03 am

That looks awesome! You're definitely giving me some thoughts lol. Whenever I move I plan to go much larger and do a sump for my filtration instead of hang on back and canister filters.

The snails and hermits are pretty cool. The snails I've noticed definitely are the harder workers. I bet that by the time 24 hours has passed you will notice large areas they have covered. They really help out the bioload in your tank tremendously.

So appreciate your feedback I the rocks too. I am happy how it turned out for sure.

The nudibranchs are so cool looking. So pretty! I bet they are fun to watch. I've been looking at getting into coral a little bit more. I love everything that waves in the flow of the water. I only have one coral right now. I'll need to get mixing more calcium into my water for sure for them.

Do you have any full tank shots? I know you're working on the algae, so maybe when it clears up some you can share!

Re: Saltwater/Freshwater Aquarium Hobbyists

Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:57 am

Ugh. I was about 2 seconds away from giving up on the aquarium. . . I bought a fish that I didn't know had ICH, and (stupid me) was to excited to get him in the display tank, so I didn't quarantine him. . . Turns out he gave ICH to most of my other fish, who all died. I wen't and bought new Clown fish, they were dead the next day. . .

Much much later... I got some maroon clown fish yesterday, and they have already decided to host in my LTA!!! My hair algae is almost gone so I am about ready to post a full tank shot! :) We are also looking at upgrading to a 500 gallon system soon!! And we are working on plans for the house we are going to start building, and that house is going to have a 1,000+ gallon in all display tank!! :) So excited for it!! But for now, I am going to work on fighting with my pistol shrimp who keeps hiding under the rocks. I finally got to see him today, for the first time in 2-3 months!

Also, don't waste your time, or money with the lettuce nudibranch. . . They were both dead within the day.
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