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Foodie TR: BD 80 Goes to the Columbus Zoofari!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:52 pm
by BigDipper 80
I'm sure a number of you here are familiar with the Columbus Zoo, probably because they have a kiddie woodie at the waterpark. But the zoo itself is excellent, and I had a chance to wine and dine my way around the park last weekend. I'm putting it in Random because it's pretty light on the rides and pretty heavy on the food!

Every year, the zoo holds a big fundraising party with a bunch of local and national restaurants offering up small plates and you can eat and drink your way around the zoo all night long. Some of the places we noshed at included Carrabba's, Max and Erma's, Benihana, City BBQ, Krispy Kreme, Dippin' Dots, Donato's, Nada (a Columbus-Cincinnati Mexican restaurant), White Castle, and a couple of other local restaurants whose names escape me. And of course, there was booze flowing freely, much of which is included with the price of admission :lol: . It's an absolute blast to participate in. Some highlights from the experience are below: