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Re: Crazy Diets and Ways to Lose Weight

Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:14 am

Jacobgoblin wrote:here are some more tips to Lose Weight Fast..

-Eat 6 Small Meals Per Day
-Focus on Eating Less Carbohydrates. Fats and Protein are fair game!
-Eat lower glycemic carbohydrates, also known as “Slow Carbs”
-Exercise – Focus on building muscle with weights and trade long boring cardio for short, high intensity cardio
-Cut out liquid calories – Soda, Juice, etc. (Stick to water and unsweetened tea)
-Record Everything – Every day, take weight measurements and pictures of yourself in the mirror
-Don’t make Dieting a big deal. Make it easy and fun.
-Start by doing ANYTHING in the right direction. Don’t worry about big goals. Baby Steps are key.

Those are all good sugestions.

I'm no fan of fad diets. Yeah, they may work but if you don't change your eating habits you are just going to put it right back on.

Re: Crazy Diets and Ways to Lose Weight

Sun May 28, 2017 11:00 pm

Twister II wrote:What are some of the crazy diets or ways to lose weight you have tried?

I hear a popular one is doing Bikram Yoga. I tried bikram yoga once and loved it! It was very challenging, but after the whole process of dying and planning out your funeral during class, felt amazing after words. I can't wait to go back again!

- Smart for Life has the cookie effective supplement keto os which I've heard a lot of people have lost weight on.
- There's a fruit diet, where you eat fruit every 2 hours with water.

Lets hear yours!

Hello Twister ,

Sometimes people will do anything to lose weight, as evidenced by the two diets below. If you’ve tried these or other similar diets, it might be time to get the help and advice of a professional in the weight loss industry.

The Grapefruit Diet - This diet has you eating grapefruit and nothing but grapefruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While you’ll likely lose weight for obvious lack of calories, you’ll also lose a great deal of health for obvious lack of nutrients.
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