Your disney pin collection

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Your disney pin collection

Postby the ghost » Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:12 am

I thought this would be a fun thread since there are so many Disney nerds(me included) on these boards. I have a very basic pin collection and sadly and, kind of stupidly, I lost both of my pins. I am restarting a collection soon, but these are my beloved Jack pins! These pins are from my favorite Disney movie. I am also a huge fan of Alice, Stitch, MULAN and Hercules. I love all old animated Disney movies as well as Incredibles, Nemo, T.S. Anyway, while trying to stay on topic, post pictures of your pins here.
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Re: Your disney pin collection

Postby Nrthwnd » Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:37 pm

As we eventually get into winter, I decided to do a little browsing through all I have from theme parks, tours, and the like.

And The Most Obvious Souvenir I have come across are my PINS COLLECTIONS. The majority is of course,
Disney, but I do also collect other parks and cities' pins and badges, depending on how interesting it looks to me.

And, not only generally collecting Disney pins, but a few categories I list as definite FANpins I enjoy collecting:

Scary Teddy from NBC - and the bear MUST be seen on the pin, solo/with others and definitely LOOK like ST.

Maleficent - I think she is my Number #1 Villain of all Disney films. I haven't collected her as often as I used to.

Halloween - I have a couple of lanyards full of Boo Pins, but haven't bought any pins in last couple of years.

Attractions - There are some really interesting and unique Attraction Pins from ALL Disney parks, out there. :smile:

BUT - My most complete collection that I can ever hope to have (and honestly be proud of), all fits into one of those
marvelous PIN BAGS you can buy at Tokyo Disneyland Resort (and practically no where else in the world of Disney,
unless the US parks have caught up?), and can easily be retrieved, all pulled out, and admired.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - and related (like my mini Mickey-Deep Sea Diver). A number of these pins, in fact a
LOT of my pin collection, come from eBay auctions. I get lucky most times. And some times, I pay waaay more than I
should, lol. :wink: But that's being a true collector, right? A bit of $$$$ doesn't hurt too much, when you know what you got.

Down below my several lanyards of Disney Pins there....
Sitting there on top of David's massive Anne Rice book collection....
A bag just for 20K Pins.
...From the Best Park On Earth!
What spill out. And it's easy keepign them dust free with these bags you can buy in
the thousands, LOL! (o;
My Two Rare pins. The first one was either the very first, or the third, in the pin collection
than now has grown to several collections in various form: "A Piece of History". This one
became The Fastest Selling of all offered, and is still looking for and getting at a high price.
On the right is a pin (with an early photo of it!), celebrating the 1994 Opening of The Nautilus
20K walk-through in Disneyland Paris. And then Space Mountain opened a bit later on.
For me, among this bunch, the best one, is with Minnie as our 20K Hostess on one of
Tokyo Disney Sea's wonderful "mini-submarines." Awesome attraction! And again, a
photo pin looks so interesting to me, especially what they do with it.
The light up pin. The battery still works, but weakly, and one little light bulb looks...out. )o:
But that's okay. I'm too lazy to change a small battery, ha! Also, I am not a regular Flattened
Penny collector, but from time to time, I see one that I like and want. Same goes for souvenir
Coins and the machine that spits them out. not many, but I do have a few I like to have.
Another one I like a photo being used in. Especially of Disney himself! And the
Countdown To 2000 Pin Collection had of course, one for 20K as well as all their other films.
The Treasure Book Series pin. Has a great photo of the divers from the film, inside it.
A kind of copy of the "Piece of History" pin. Not sure if it has the same 'piece' that the original had. Diver Mickey.
And what look slike a small light porthole on the sub is actually for a small jewel....mine fell out. )o:
I don't actually like to collect 20K pins when Disney characters are on them, too. I'm a purist
about that, most of the time with any collection. But this was a nice one from WDW. (And I
did have one already with Minnie on it, TDS) The square one below it is supposed to be a
"digital-designed" pin... I think.
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Re: Your disney pin collection

Postby Nrthwnd » Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:47 pm

Here's the latest Scary Teddy I picked up, on eBay. From a Playing Cards pin set.
Talk is Cheap :idea: Action is Pricele$$


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