[PLC] Six Flags Enchanted Kingdom

A new Six Flags park opening in Seattle!
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[PLC] Six Flags Enchanted Kingdom

Postby rainbowpoop » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:02 pm

Greetings everyone, my name is Eric and I am the park spokesman for Six Flags Enchanted Kingdom! We are a brand new park in the Six Flags chain located north of Seattle. This park has been a huge risk for the chain, and with a lot of unexpected bumps during construction, we went over our budget. Because of this, the park is only half complete and with pressure from corporate to make a return on their investment, it is time to open. We still have a lot of attractions for guests to enjoy and exciting plans for future expansions! Without further ado, onto the photos!
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-25-01-31.jpg
Here is the main entrance for the park with Bandit looming thirty stories overhead.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-28-35-31.jpg
The cool thing about this entrance is that it also doubles as Bandit's launch pad.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-30-44-91.jpg
The first area of the park you walk through is Six Flags Street where you can purchase all sorts of merch and gifts.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-29-41-76.jpg
The Six Flags Street picnic area offers great views of Bandit's top hat!
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-31-03-98.jpg
You will soon run into the Grand Carousel as well as Princess Amelie's castle, one of the icons of the park.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-32-44-79.jpg
Turn right and over the bridge and enter Frontiertown, a land of Bandits and Outlaws.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-33-59-03.jpg
Frontiertown's main plaza.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-34-53-98.jpg
Bandit's break run passes right through 'Golden Arch.'
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-35-03-54.jpg
Bandit completing its final test runs.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-36-13-62.jpg
And the main reason we went over budget. Crackaxle Mountain, which contains both Roadrunner Express and Crackaxle Plunge, the park's log flume.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-37-34-40.jpg
It was definitely money well spent; the mountain sure is scenic.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-38-23-16.jpg
Can you say airtime? This is my favorite moment on Roadrunner Express, make sure your hands are up!
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-39-07-39.jpg
And at the end of Frontiertown is Jackson Square Trading Post where Outlaw looms overhead. Outlaw is a clone of Goliath at our sister park, Six Flags Great America.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-42-51-33.jpg
Continuing our tour, we have Riverfront Boardwalk, or simply put 'The Boardwalk.' This area has eccentric architecture, neon lights, as well as the smells of deep fried delicacies.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-42-36-55.jpg
The Great White is a modern take of the boardwalk wooden coaster. It features two double downs as well as a station flyby.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-41-12-87.jpg
For great views of the park, make sure to take a ride on the Americana Wheel!
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-43-59-48.jpg
The Great White turns colorful as night falls.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-44-45-96.jpg
Riverfront Boardwalk viewed from Crackaxle Mountain.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-49-58-29.jpg
Finally, we have the Enchanted Forest area. Which unfortunately isn't fully completed. We planned to have three more attractions in this area, including two more dark rides, but due to our budget they have to be added in the future.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-46-14-34.jpg
The star of the area is Hypogryff, which drops you off the side of Dragontooth Mountain, and features the first batwing element on a dive coaster!
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-48-02-73.jpg
We do have one dark ride which takes you through the Enchanted Forest, and into The Dragon's Lair at the heart of the mountain.
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-48-49-46.jpg
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-49-39-04.jpg
PlanetCoaster 2018-04-26 13-51-56-70.jpg
And that concludes our quick tour of the park! Opening is in four days and we hope to see you all there! Let us know what you think of the park as we want to strive towards a better park experience!

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