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Dragon's Cove (RCT2)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:11 am
by historyfreak92
Good Chilly Midnight TPR! Will be busy for a while but I'll show you a interesting scenario from RCT Loopy Landscapes which is!

Dragon's Cove located in a seaside coastal town of Anacortes Washington since 1982 as a wild life lake park but after a few months after it opened it easily turned into an amusement park!

It was pretty fun to build! I built some water slides too and made it into a water park some a bit! I would love to visit this park! This was also a coaster building challenge like Volcania I showed last year!

Starting with the parks first coaster from 1982 which is a Schwarzkopf Flywheel Shuttle Loop named Termite as a good starting coaster I would love to ride this first!

Two Reverchon Spinning Wild Mouses from 1998 as the Rat Race, & over above a custom Vekoma MK named as the Cyclone from 2000! Mostly inspired by Dreamworld Austrailas Cyclone but made mines into terrain! But it's a arrow not vekoma!

A Mack Powered Train named Gottenburg Blitz a name I made up in 1987, & the first prebuilt completed coaster is a Schwarzkopf Family Terrain Coaster as the Troll in 1986! Looks fun!

A customized built RMC Iron Horse Terrain Coaster which is a floorless using wooden log fences to make it look like a RMC & I understand it's akward but its name is Fatal Magic in 2014 with a powerful jojo roll!

Fatal Magic looks intense as magic could be, here is an prebuilt Mack Bobsled which is totally terrain built! Named Rat Plague some other thoughts I made up in 1988! Was hard to build but I managed!

The third prebuilt is an Arrow Suspended which has Airplane Train and named it Attack of the Killer Planes in 1992 and I know the name is bad just had more trouble thinking!

The fourth prebuilt coaster which was a B&M Dive Machine but made it into a gertslaurer look like and had lots of fun building this! Named Centipede in 2011 as the world's longest Gertslaurer Eurofighter Terrain Coaster with many elements! With a first straight drop couple of inversions twists to the chainlift!

Then Centipede goes completely into terrain! I would so have a dream to ride this anyday now!

The fifth final prebuilt coaster was a Vekoma SLC Custom which was a pain to build but the ratings turned very high and great I was lucky enough! Named Electric Dragon in 2006!

Just some water slides that looks fun, & we have a Gravity Group Terrain as the Ravine Flyer in 2015 with nice g forces, and airtime!

The last screen is a Mack Water Coaster named Noah's Ark in 2009 which looks prett fun, & wet!

Dragon's Cove.SV6
If you would like to see this here's the file!
(1.44 MiB) Not downloaded yet