Sunny Swamps (RCT2)

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Sunny Swamps (RCT2)

Postby historyfreak92 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:22 pm

Good Cold Freezy Afternoon TPR! Just staying at home bored mostly, & wrapping pipes which I really hate doing in cold weather like this but I am here to show you a scenario that most of you RCT1 players might remember!

Name of this mysterious lake scenario is Sunny Swamps! Never got to this scenario back in the old days! But I have chosen to give this a good try & I did! I had a lot of fun building this!

Located near Spokane Washington in a small town named Sprague somehow a thought I made up! Next to a lake resort, golf resort, or some big family resort since 1978!

Lots of inspirations mixed in together! Sorry it's over crowded! I just wanted to make a nice colorful park! I understand not everybody likes what everybody likes!

Here at the entrance you find a Arrow Wild Mouse named Scallywag in 2001 as a good starter ride! Also from above the skies a B&M Giga Roars over as the Black Ninja that goes around the whole entire park as the longest, fastest, & tallest roller coaster in the northwest! I think I would love to ride this!

Two fun wooden hybrid coasters are a Gravity Group named Bamboo Cut in 2008 as inspired by Ravine Flyer II from Waldameer, & the longest GCI ever built as the Naga which is a name of a long dragon in 2013 with extreme airtime on a long terrain wooden coaster! Man I don't know which one to choose!

A Custom Maurer Sohne Launched Coaster over the lake as the Lantern Gag Blow in 2008 that goes through a water village town I made up! Looks fun to me!

There are two types of samurai rides I named in this park which is kind of unusual but this is a B&M Stand Up with Seven Inversions which is an Out & Back designed named the Evil Samurai in 1998! Is this ride evil because stand ups are painful? I don't know I'll just ride it until something happens!

Here is the second samurai coaster which is a B&M Floorless with 8 Inversions as the Good Samurai in 2000! So what this one should be smoother than the Stand Up? Both are B&Ms but I'll ride both whether theyre good or bad! But right between is an Gertslaurer Infinity like Alton Towers Smiler but only two inversions because of the intensity! Named Shiva in 2011 as a very forceful ride!

Well I just wanted to build me a Olympia Looping which is not like it because it's my own made! Relocated from an unknown park in europe in 1989! So instead of scrapping it the park decided to buy in which I would for my backyard! So fun I would ride this last!

Another hyper coaster that also goes around the whole entire which is a enormous Intamin AG Giga Coaster as the Swashbuckler in 2002 as the second tallest, fastest, & longest ride the northwest! This park has two tall hyper coasters! I don't which one would be better Black Ninja or Swashbuckler! I guess I plead the 5th!

Another B&M Sitting Coaster I made in which this state has the most B&M Sitting Coasters in any other state! Named Mermaid's Bane in 2003 as a very intense coaster with nine inversions! I guess don't let the mermaid curse you! Or are they evil?

Another great Schwarzkopf Coaster that came with Olympia Looping as well! Named Himalaya Bahn in 1989 which is my own made too! I just made mines more longer, & is now more funner! So which one is better? Himalaya Bahn or Olympia Looping? I think it's just great that the park has two schwarzkopf coasters!

Fairly visible but it's an Zierer Family Coaster as the park very first ride Magnolia Hopping in 1979! I wouldn't mind riding it!

Here is the prebuilt water coaster which is an Mack built as the Pagoda Peak in 1998! I kind of looked at it as SW Orlandos Journey To Atlantis but this ride isn't indoor! So I decided to keep it as I go!

The other two great B&M Coasters are a relocated Inverted Coaster from unknown as the Siren in 2009 inspired by Mirabilandias Katun in which I adore very much! Then a Flying Coaster mixed up with Tatsu, & Manta as Flying Dragon in 2013 as the world's tallest, fastest, & longest flying coaster ever built! I would have a hard time deciding which one to ride!

And the last final coaster which is an Arrow & Huss Custom Looper in 1991 as the smoothest Arrow Coaster ever built as the Jungle Storm for which I built for fun! This park has great collections of rides along with Swamp Cove right near by! This was intended to be a water park but I sticked with the amusement park business! The most colorful rides are what my sister built to help me with the park some, & me & her are so proud of this park!

Sunny Swamps.SV6
Here is the file to imagine the nice colorfulness!
(1.79 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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