My Brand New Colorful Paradise Pier (RCT2)

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My Brand New Colorful Paradise Pier (RCT2)

Postby historyfreak92 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:34 pm

Good afternoon TPR! I hard a very hard two days of work yesterday, & glad I am off until my birthday next week before I go to Galveston on my birthday so here's a revamp for one of lovely seaside parks!

It is Paradise Pier but usually it was called Big Pier in RCT1 first of all! Located in Brownsville Texas since 1922 as one of the only last surviving seaside parks since the old centuries!

I know this can't be in real life or maybe I could be wrong! I just got somehow bored, & just did it for fun! So it's now a Big Pier Boardwalk Amusement Park!

Here are the houses! I guess if this was real I guess I would love to live here but I just don't which one! Bumbly Beach or Paradise Pier?

Here is the Entrance with many rides interacting with each other! I made this Pier into Pacific Park, & many others! The Light Blueish Harpin Coaster is a prebuilt one named Seabreeze from 2001!

Here's the first two original coaster built on the pier since the Roaring 20's & both are prebuilt! Wheely Reel is a Virginia Reel from 1922, & the Cheesy Mice is a Wild Mouse from 1926! Both seem to look fun!

At the corner of this pier wee see three coasters interacting with each other! The small Vekoma Roller Skater is named Clown Fish in 2000! The pinkish Vekoma SLC Custom is named Jellyfish from 2003 as one of the only Suspended Looping Coasters over water! I would love to ride! The Whiteish Arrow is a Suspended Swinging Floorless named Seagull from 1990 with nice g forces! I guess I will ride it!

And I built me a Side Friction named High Roller from 1930 with good airtime hills just for fun!

This custom Schwarzkopf Looper is named Octopus from 1985 as one of the first looping coasters to be built on the pier! I kind of went for a Fantasy Island UK on this park but I did terrible with a Vekoma Looper so I decided to use a Schwarzkopf one so I would love to ride this before I die!

Most of the back edge of the glorious pier is a Ed Vettel Out & Back Woodie named Water Spout from 1946, & right under is a custom Mack Launched like the new one from Blackpool named Electric Magnetic Eel in 2018! As both of these rides look heart pumping!

I have a cool story I made up! Before Water Spout there was a brakeman side friction coaster like Scenic Railway from Luna Park Australia from 1924 to 1939 when It was damaged by an oil spill the brakeman coaster was severely damaged, & closed but the rest of the pier, & rides survived! So after WWII Ed Vettel wanted to help Paradise Pier come up with a better fun ride so It was Water Spout, & the Intamin Bobsled ride is named Seashell Bobs in 1988! I would run so fast to ride that!

I was crazy enough to go to far with a Custom Water Ride with a Family Schwarzkopf Coaster named Seaweed from 1987, & a Custom Intamin Impulse named Flying Seaplane in 2004 as one of it's kinds!

Also the one & only with a Wooden Reverser Coaster named Beach Dancer from 1929!

Outside of the pier are a bunch of coasters built over water! Here is a Schwarzkopf Speedracer named Humpback Whale in 1977, & Intamin Launched named Power Surge in 2014!

A Morgan Hyper named Lobster Snap in 2014 with lots of fun airtime! But don't let it snap you!

Behind the Schwarzkopf Looper is a Zierer Tivoli named Squid from 1998 which looks pretty fun, & over the pier is a B&M Megalite Hyper named Starfish in 2012 with looks Extremely Overwhelming!

Paradise Pier (new rides).SV6
Here's the file if you're interested!
(1.71 MiB) Not downloaded yet

If the donkey is rockin, don't come knockin!
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Re: My Brand New Colorful Paradise Pier (RCT2)

Postby historyfreak92 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:07 pm

Good Afternoon TPR! Just a small bit update that my Paradise Pier needed! A B&M Family Inverted Non Looping Coaster Named Tikk's Flight in 2018!

Here it is and the file will be here!

Paradise Pier (New Rides).SV6
Here it is with the new coaster enjoy!
(1.75 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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