Pickle Park (RCT2)

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Pickle Park (RCT2)

Postby historyfreak92 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:46 pm

Good Afternoon TPR! I have something small, colorful, & crowded but a little bit big to show you!

An old Corkscrew Follies Scenario named Pickle Park that I have never made it to back then! Opened in 1982 near a small town named Livermore Falls in Maine!

Has many mixtures of other parks like Knott's Berry Farm, Adventureland Iowa (a little), & I guess like Adventuredome some!

Sorry I made it crowded! I just had a ot of fun, & I would like it if small parks would have big coasters! It would be worth it!

At the front will be a Gertslaurer Infinity Coaster inspired by Adventurland's Monster as I thought of it! Named Monstermash in 2011! The green Zierer right next is Zapper in 1989!

Above the skies is an B&M Inverter taking over the whole entire park as the tallest coaster in the smallest park that gives out great airtime, gforces, & views! Named Great American Bald Eagle in 2004! I just wanted to build me a KBF Silver Bullet inverted!

Right hidden below is an relocated Pinfari Loop Coaster named Super Looper in 1999! I guess I woudn't mind riding it!

An Arrow Mine Train named Dill Pickle as the park's first coaster in 1982!

Right on the corner is an Vekoma Family Suspended as the Soaring in 2006! Also a Mack Harping Coaster as Windmill in 2005!

Right below under some coaster is an Red Gertlsaurer Spinning Coaster named Ruby Twister in 2007! Something else I added!

Up higher is an relocated Vekoma Whirlwind as Super Whirlwind in 1993! I guess it would be smooth to right or maybe not! Also down below you may not see it goo enough is a relocated dark rale red Vekoma Family Coaster named Appleworm in 2008!

On the edge is an Schwarzkopf Speedracer named Cutlass Blade in 1984! I would love to ride! Right next is an Miller Family Coaster named Gummy Bears in 2003 as I used bear cars, & painted them different colors!

Right out of the ground is an Gravity Group Woodie named Dark Cave Run in 2019 as the park's only wooden coaster has great elements! Right next is an relocated Herschell Wild Mouse as Mad Mouse in 1987!

A S&S Premier Launched Coaster as Nitro in 2016 worth a good experience, & the second tallest in the park is an B&M Megalite Giga as the Solar System Blaster in 2017 with awesome elements I would ride this!

Pickle Park.SV6
Here's the file if your'e interested!
(1.26 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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