TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Day 6, FINALLY - Blowing off con and going to SFOG posted.
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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Thu Sep 19, 2019 4:43 pm

That's almost enough. You're close.

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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby IntaminLove » Fri Sep 20, 2019 12:35 am

Your thread is making miss Dragon Con more! I'm enjoying it so far and I'm looking forward to the rest.

bert425 wrote:oh, the app is really good, and I had at LEAST 4 things to do in every timeslot every day. But I knew I wouldn't go to many / any of them. .and that's exactly what happened.

after going for so many years? I don't really do a lot other than hang with friends, go to concerts and parties, and of course the Art Show. I might go into a panel or two. . . in all seriousness? I did TWO Panels this year. and Both of them ended up being on Sunday.

I absolutely love the app. I go through the entire Events section and add a bunch of stuff to my schedule. I usually end up doing a few of those things and they tend to be concerts/parties. I spend most of my time hanging out with friends since it's the only time I get to see a lot of them.

I always intend on going to panels, but I've only been to one panel in all the years I've been going to the con. The people I want to see are usually scheduled at inconvenient times for me or the lines are huge. I wanted to see David Tennant and decided to skip it because I had seen him earlier this year. I heard the wait was 8 blocks long so it's a good thing I didn't bother.

bert425 wrote:what I think got them to finally go "official" on Thurs?

the Bunny Hutch Party

it's been the kick off for con for several years now, and is SUPER popular. . and it's Thursday night. So I really do think this is what got them to pull the trigger and say. . ok, Thurs is now official. ya happy???

there were good bands playing Thursday night too. 

The bunny hutch is great and it gets more popular every year. My group had to push back costume plans until next year. We pretty much have the ideas nailed down and it will be really fun.

What bands did you see? My experience with bands at the con has been lackluster. I didn't bother checking out any bands this year, but I did watch MC Chris. I hate rap, but I wanted to see him since he voiced MC Pee Pants on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was pretty sloppy and amateurish so I left early.

bert425 wrote:as to the Hyatt legacy rooms? not true they ended them, as many of my friends are already booked for next year via Legacy. However, one of my "contacts" at the Hyatt did inform me that for 2021 they will be "starting the lotto over" so new folks will have a chance to get onto Legacy.

Sorry for not being more clear about this. Yeah if you already have legacy status then you have it until you give it up or the hotel stops offering it. What I was told by friends with legacy at the Hyatt is that the legacy rooms were capped a few years ago. I have no idea if that's true or not. I have met some people who wanted legacy rooms and were told no. It's nice to hear that there will be a legacy lotto in 2021. Luckily I don't have to worry about all the hotel madness since I have a "legacy" condo haha.

bert425 wrote:I went THREE times this year (every time with different friends).

if you can't find someone to go with, reach out to me, I'll always go with

I'll keep that in mind. My friends always go to Trader Vic's, Metro and Sear. They never want to try going to a new place. I'm open to meeting up for various things at the con and non con things.

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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby SharkTums » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:37 am

Interesting report, I just can't do any of these cons as it's way too many people and I'm not a people person!! =)

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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby bert425 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 8:01 am

^^ we did Trader Vic's Wednesday night, Polaris Thursday Night, Sear Monday night.

Vortex was twice for dinner, once for lunch. . and Metro Diner / Hilton buffet were breakfast a couple of times :)

^ understood completely, Elissa.. that's why my Spouse will NEVER go with me. too crowded for him to deal with.

Why do I still have a donkey title???
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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby bert425 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:11 pm

ok, so I woke up fairly early on Thursday (8:30am is early, right?). . and had a message from Marce over in the Hyatt.

that basically said: "Breakfast"?

I was up, and Travis/Larry were still asleep, and they weren't going to be joining us at the zoo. . so I quickly got up and wandered the still mostly empty hotels and was at the Hyatt in under 10 minutes from our room in Marriott.

I discovered that the Hyatt had changed over to needing keys to work the elevators - something that wouldn't be an issue when there was a lot of activity in the Hotel during con, as SOMEONE would be getting into the elevator to go to their room with a key. but this early? myself and another guy (who was also trying to get up to a friend's room) were just standing in the international lobby for a good 4 minutes.

I decided this was ridiculous, and reached out to one of my contacts at the Hyatt (as well as turning on the charm at the front desk), and within a few moments? I had an "elevator" key. . . which saved me a crap-ton of grief thruout the con, as it made it so easy to get up to my friend's rooms (and the Digi-suite) during active con :)

anyways, the reason I headed over to meet Marce & Neal, as most of my friends with Hyatt Legacy, also have Concierge level access as part of their room plan. That means they get to take advantage of the Lounge up on 22 with snacks/coffee/drinks/mixers, etc. Back when the Hyatt was the "main" hotel where the con used to house the big name guests, we used to often see them in the Concierge suite. I have very fond memories of hanging out with certain actors/actresses, and writers (including comic book writers/artists) over the years - purposely not name dropping.. but my friends know whom I'm talking about!

and we NEVER asked any of these folks for autographs, so they were genuinely happy to talk to us when we saw them multiple times in Concierge during the con.

one of my best memories like this is from years ago, of meeting and chatting (and explaining Dragon*con) to Reverend Jesse Jackson - who was at the Hyatt for a CNN interview (it's only a block or so away from the Hyatt). . . he had come into Concierge to get some coffee, and ended up chatting with us for a while. it is a great memory.

I wasn't staying at the Hyatt this year, but (apparently) I'm pretty memorable, as the ladies staffing Concierge remembered me, and greeted me warmly. So it was not an issue that I popped in with Marce & Neal for a breakfast snack. I didn't take advantage either, think I only popped in there 3 times during the whole week I was there. .and only ate twice. Next year I'm in the room with Neal/Marce, so I'll officially be back staying at the Hyatt.

we were sitting maybe 5 minutes before some folks I hadn't seen in 2 years (remember, I didn't go to con last year), spotted me/us and came over. Like I said, I guess I'm memorable. . LOL.

we spent a bit of time visiting, then decided that we'd go pick up our badges over at the Sheraton, and head to the zoo from there.

although we really didn't need to wait in the line around the building (and if we had come back later, there would have been a way shorter line), but Neal decided we should wait in line, so we did. Think it took about 30 minutes? but continuously moved.

as we were 10 feet away from the Sheraton entrance - after the line down two sides of the hotel - I put points in the karma bank by me grabbing a lady who was struggling walking down the hill (and if she was struggling on the hill, how the heck was she going to make it all the way back around the hotel to the end of the line??) and greeting her as if I knew her and pulled her into the line with us. shortened HER wait to about 5 minutes :) Never did see her again during con, but still was happy to help her out.

we got our badges, said hello to our friends at Registration tables (hey Chip!), and then grabbed a lyft to the zoo.

on to pics.
walking thru the Hyatt to the international tower to meet Marce, they were already setting up the bars in the lobby. Yeah, they know Dragon*con folks like to drink.

all the lobby furniture (from Hyatt, Marriott, and Sheraton) had already long disappeared. .that went bye-bye on Wed. .not to return until Monday afternoon. I mean, I get it. . they don't want folks sleeping (or passing out) in the lobby. . and the furniture certainly impacts traffic flow. So it makes sense to remove it.

still wish there were places to sit in the Hyatt or Marriott other than just the bars, once Con starts.
in Concierge at the Hyatt, and almost immediately ran into Jesse (woven Cthulu mask), and David. Folks we've met and hung out with over the years at Con.

turns out David is moving to Austin - tho he was here for a few weeks scouting and never called me. . thanks a LOT David. He promised we'd go for Sushi while he's here tho.
one quick Lyft ride later, and Marce, Neal and I were at the Atlanta Zoo.

20+ years of coming, and I've done many of the Atlanta attractions (world of Coke, CNN, Olympic Centennial Park, Georgia Aquarium, multiple Museums, the ferris wheel, etc). .but had never been to the zoo. . so jumped at the chance to go.

tho in all fairness, until last year, had never been to SFOG either, despite coming to the city every year. The issue with THAT is that the park is only open weekends. .and the weekend is CON. so never broke away to do it. That changed this year :)
it's a lovely zoo, tho a bit on the smaller side. I did get a bit of "sticker-shock" as it's among the most expensive zoos I've ever been to.

it was ~$30 just to get in. Did not include any "experiences" or rides on the Carousel or Train. But eh, we're here, I'd never been, and it's a vacation. . so I paid and in we went.

It wasn't super crowded, as we were here on a Thursday afternoon, but they weren't dead either. I'd guess most of the folks there were Zoo Member, as the membership wasn't that much more than a single day ticket. Being from out of State, and I'm only in Atlanta once a year tho? 1 day ticket is what worked for me.

The Zoo has some new areas that just opened, and the zoo employees were very excited to talk about the animals (I think most of them are volunteers).
This is one of the new areas that opened recently.

Neal and Marce posing so pretty :)
so new it even still SMELLS new.

and yes, this is the Elephant enclosure, but by smells, I mean wood, not elephant poop.
the Elephants have a ton of space to move around and lots of stuff to play with.

the two females were in the pen, and a much larger male was being kept separate in a building way in the back (which was open to the public, but when we went to see him, he was being fed so he was mostly out of view).

They did a good job with this.
and you can get pretty close to them.
the zoo also has plenty of sculptures and photo-ops spread across the grounds.

and if you've followed any of my trip reports, you know by now that I LOVE a good, fun photo op.

so here ya go.. me on a baby giraffe sculpture
I wanted to take him home! so cute. . .LOL
moving on to the next pen, they had zebras
and Giraffes (hence the sculpture). . but since the area was so new, they were slowly introducing the animals to it. That's why the Giraffes were still in pens towards the back instead of roaming the area.

they certainly were interested in anyone that came near the front of the enclosure tho, and kept peeking their heads out to see who was there.
another new area is the Reptile House, which apparently used to be over by the Orangutans (there's an old boarded up building over there with snakes and lizards on it). . but is now over here just off the new Savannah area. And they did a lovely job here too, with some of the exhibits outside, before going into the humid reptile house.
every time I see a turtle, I hear in my head - from Kennywood -- "Tuuuuuur-tlllllllllle"

(even tho it's a Tortoise)
EVERYBODY is eating at this time. Well, eating or sleeping, which is likely what I should be doing to prepare for the upcoming weekend. But I can make it thru. Sleep is for the Tuesday *after* Dragon*con.
ok then.. headed into the indoor portion. With a stained glass-type sign.

must admit, it's well done.
this dude was just hanging out.
while his buddy a few enclosures over, was just crashed out.
well. . this reminds me of Texas. Rattlesnakes everywhere, you gotta watch where you step.
I am NOT a fan of snakes, but this dude was just beautiful.

So pretty, I had to take a pic. In person, the scales "shimmered"
Frog Benches! in the sun, so no one else was sitting there (this was tagged as a "quiet zone")
Now I can say I've sat on the back of a frog, like the scorpion says, "it's in my nature"
the Gorilla were just hanging out in the grass.

but thanks to some good timing (and/or karma thanking me for earlier in the day), was able to get a pic of momma with a baby! So cute.
and, of course.. photo ops.
Red Panda!
who was being VERY cooperative and posing for pictures.
the Orangutans were mostly hanging out over by the video screens (the zoo has this awesome set up where the primates can go do sliding picure puzzles on video screens that are projected onto screens outside the enclosure, so zoo guests can watch along and see how smart these guys are.

not this guy tho. . he wanted to hang out, upsidedown, on the other side of the enclosure and play with the hammock.
another photo op. .this time a Monitor Lizard photo op.

My arms aren't long enough to get a selfie of me riding him, but I tried. . LOL
eventually tho, just stood up next to him.
Marce, under protest (hence the tongue) and I being Pandas.
the Pandas were beautiful too, but they were being lazy. Although, if I were in an enclosure, on display? I'd prolly just lay around too.

this guy was completely legs spread also (and trust me, we know it was a guy. .LOL). . but did not take any pics of that.
awwwwww. . . .
Double awwwww. . tho the one at the bottom is playing bearskin rug!
a photo op? yes please
Like Most zoos these days, the Atlanta Zoo has an "endangered Species" Carousel.

I'm thrilled, it's a Carousel. so of course I'll ride it, even tho it's an upcharge. and even tho it was riding to what sounded like a local radio station playlist.

tho I do question why they have some of the animals on an "Endangered Species" Carousel
I mean. . the chariot is lovely.

but Peacocks are endangered species?
close up on some of the design work.. which, again, is just lovely - even if that "padded wood" seat looks terribly uncomfortable.
Marce and I rode Elephants. She wanted one that didn't move, so I got the up and down one (a galloping elephant) while she got the stubborn one that didn't move.

pic came out great tho :)

Maybe we were on a certain kind of Elephant that IS endangered? but lookie at all those "horses". . . horses are endangered? I was confused a bit.
but at the end of the day? it's a Carousel. .so of COURSE I'm happy.
See? Giant smiles ;)

I did note - and even mentioned it to the attendant.. I've never seen a Carousel where people get up in the middle of a cycle and move around, and get off before it stops. *multiple* folks were just moving everywhere during our prior ride. it was weird.

maybe I'm just used to Theme Parks where they announce over and over not to get off your mount until the ride has come to a complete halt?

Could just be Atlanta tho.. LOL

"Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage"
peee-yewwww. . . yep, an overgrown 4 year old.
Marce pointed this out to me in the zoo shop, and said "you like stuff like this!"

and she's right, so of course I bought it!

and then it was time to call a Lyft and head back to the Host Hotels.. as it was after 4pm, and we had dinner reservations at 6pm in Polaris (the rotating restaurant at the top of the Hyatt). . so we needed to get back, and shower and change, to be on time for our reservation.

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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:38 pm

Hey, at least by the looks of it, they're putting that admission money into well maintained habitats. Although the attempt at making the carousel

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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby bert425 » Sun Sep 22, 2019 4:06 pm

^ yeah. . the habitats were large, and wonderfully maintained from what we observed.

it really IS a beautiful zoo, and worth a visit if you're in Atlanta. (tho I find the Aquarium an overall better experience. . .loved both tho, and have been to the Georgia Aquarium many times).

ok. . so the Lyft driver dropped us back off at the Hyatt, so I could go grab some stuff from Marce's room that she had brought for me before heading back to the Marriott so we could rest for a couple of hours until our 6pm dinner reservation at Polaris (the rotating restaurant at the top of the Hyatt).

as noted elsewhere, Polaris dinner with friends has also become a tradition at Dragon*con, most often with Marce,Neal, and Clan Wade (Sarah, Josh, and thier kiddos Lily & Orin). .but often also attended by myself, Travis, Anjeanne, Michelle, Lisa & Mike. . . really whomever is in early and wants to come. But reservations must be made in advance, and Marce had booked us a table for 9 at 6pm.
You could tell that Con was just getting ramped up to start (it was maybe 4:15 or so), but there was starting to be a lot of activity in the Hyatt. In particular the check in line was starting to get really busy.

Coming down from Marce's room in the Hyatt, who did I bump into in the lobby?

the Wades! Sarah as Spider Gwen-om (I think), me, Lily (as Spider Gwen), and Josh - who was "cosplaying" as Peter Parker from "Far from Home". . which I just saw today, finally, so I now get it.

but had no idea at the time, LOL. He did tell me later at dinner that some people *did* get it, and asked him about his Peter-Tingle.
Me and Sarah, in our "Spider Poses"

this was just a quick hello, since I would "officially" see them in a couple of hours, and I really wanted to get back to the room to get off my feet for a little bit.

I gave them quick hugs, and confirmed Marce/Neal were up in the Hyatt room. . then headed back to Marriott
I got up to the room and kicked off my shoes & hopped in shower (Larry & Travis had taken off to sign up for gaming, I believe, and had been gone most of the time I was at the zoo, and were still gone when I got back).

I popped on DCTV Land, and saw they were showing a panel from years past when Alice Cooper was a guest. So I sat and watched that while relaxing.

eventually, my roomies came back in and confirmed we were meeting for dinner at 6 and we chatted for a bit. . . until I got a text from Marce asking me if I wanted to go with her to a "ribbon-exchange" that was happening in the Marriott on level 10 (the meeting level that all the elevators go to). Ribbons have become a big thing at Dragon*con in the past few years, tho it took me by surprise a little bit.

there were tons of people with enough ribbons on their badges that they swept the floor while the walked! some were super clever too. Myself, I ended up by the end of Thursday night with enough ribbons that I had to toss them over my shoulder like a necktie for any restroom breaks, so I removed most all except the really important (and/or funny) ones - but I still ended up with a ton by midmorning the next day anyways. . .LOL

heck, Marce had made some ribbons for ME to have to hand out. . tho I didn't realize at the time that's what they were intended for. When she asked online a few weeks before con if anyone wanted ribbons, I just said, "I'd love a DGAF one". . and Marce showed up with ~100 of them for me to hand out. They got super positive feedback from those I handed them to tho)

anyways, since I had already showered and was pretty much ready for dinner, I responded sure I'll meet her 3 floors up, and took the stairs up to meet her on 10 - where there were probably 300 people socializing and exchanging ribbons.
not sure what he was cosplaying as, but I liked the flamingos, and asked to take a picture.

LOL. . my rule of thumb? if I don't recognize it? it's probably from some Anime I've never seen. . . .but I dunno if that's the case here.

any ideas?
LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this. . she had her service dog cosplaying as a Beanie Baby!!!

we only were able to hang out here for about 30 minutes, before we had to head to the Hyatt to meet up for our dinner reservation tho. So after getting probably 20 ribbons, we headed out to meet up with our group for Polaris.
on the way over to the Hyatt via Skybridge, we passed the area where the robots would "live" for most of the con.

it was early on Thurs still, so only a handful were out: a few BB-8, a Wall-E, and some (I think) from Buck Rogers? or maybe Star Wars). . . more and more would show up here to interact with congoers thruout the weekend, including a fantastic K-9 from Dr. Who, and multiple R2-D2s.
as noted, Polaris is the upscale restaurant at the Hyatt (tho the do really relax the dress code during Dragon*con). Reservations are highly recommended, and really needed as there's only so much space up top.

there were 9 of us this evening, and we showed up at the elevator in the Hyatt lobby (one of the elevators is dedicated for Polaris in the evenings, and they have a check in desk downstairs where you wait for your entire party). While we were waiting, we noticed several folks dressed as Commander Riker (Star Trek Next Gen) come and speak to the downstairs hostess and ask about going upstairs to meet the rest of their group whom they said were upstairs in the bar. She told them that there was no more room upstairs and she was sorry, but they would just have to wait for some bar stools to clear up since they didn't have a reservation. They thanked her and walked off, and the hostess welcomed our group into the elevator, with an employee and up we went.

we knew there was something "off" when the employee didn't talk to us as I made idle chatter with him on the way up. . but it was confirmed when we stopped at the level below Polaris, and the doors opened to the kitchen - and he got out without saying anything to us. The doors closed, we all just looked at each other, then laughed, and I tried pushing the "Polaris" button. . which worked, and brought us up one floor further up and into the Restaurant lobby.

the lady at the Hostess desk seemed a little lost (it turned out that she was just covering for the Host who had stepped away for something), but she asked us to please wait while she checked on our table.

she was gone a few minutes, and came back just as the Host stepped off the elevator and started over asking us reservation name, etc. I *did* mention to him that we were not off to a great start here, and told him about the stop at the kitchen and how we had been put into the elevator with no explanation of what to do (we knew of course, having come here several times before, but this is a high end restaurant, the Host needed to know that the service had been. . . "lacking" thus far). He apologized, and asked us to hold for a moment while he checked something.

he came back and said that our table wasn't quite ready yet, but they would put together a place for us to wait and would that be OK? What else could we do, so we said OK, and waited while I watched him pull together chairs and extra seating around a small lounge area. I noticed there were no occupied seats at the bar, and I even said something to Marce about -- "wait, the hostess downstairs told "the Rikers" there were no open seats at the bar??". . . then the Host came back and led us across to the cramped area he had set up for us, and said it sholdn't be too long.

So I asked him why they didn't have a table ready for us, as we had a reservation. . . and he said "we had a table for your party, but it got taken by another party"

I immediately said to him. . so, the group of Rikers from the Bar took our reserved table? he actually flushed, said he can't say anything about that. .but told us it wouldn't be long. and meanwhile they were going to comp us drinks and apps while we waited.

Spoiler - it took almost an hour 15 for our table to be ready. amongst ourselves we discussed what had most certainly happened - the group at the bar saw the open table, and just moved to it and took it, and nobody at the restaurant bothered to check if they had a reservation or not. So they basically stole our table.

Polaris tried to make it right - we added it up after, and in that 1:15 we sat waiting for our table, we got comped quite a bit of $$ in apps and drinks. (the Server who was helping to keep us happy, and whom we slipped a nice tip to later on the way out, as she wasn't our Waiter once we actually GOT seated, even went and checked with the Host to make sure it was all comped and was told to keep us happy please).

Unfortunately, due to the long delay on our seating, we missed out on a few things that I would have loved to peek my head into (Dragon*con wrestling, a Queerios meetup). .but more frustrating is that the long wait was a bit too much for the kiddos whom Josh ended up taking back to their off-site (but close) lodging and picking them up some eats.

So by the time we got seated, and eaten, it was close to 9pm, and ended having to rush to go change for the BunnyHutch party, which was the big plans for the evening (at least for myself, Sarah, and a few others in the group).

at the end of the day tho? the food was absolutely stellar..the Steak Oscar was incredible, as were the apps: Warm Focaccia Boule, the Tomato & Peach Bruschetta, the Wagyu Short Rib Taco, the Sous Vide Octopus (truly was amazing), and even the Carcuterie plate.

in this pic, LtR: Neal, Marcella, Josh, Orin
This Pic: Lily, Sarah, Travis, Larry
looking out at the Marriott, as we rotated past it from our seat in the "lounge" they had set up for us
Me, Orin, Lily, Sarah & Travis

(and yes, I asked permission before posting pics with the kiddos) :)
The Polaris Menu, if you're curious
and a pic (from online) of the Steak Oscar

once we finished eating, most of us headed back to the rooms to begin changing to get ready for the 1st full "official" evening of Con.

I was going to Bunny Hutch, as noted. . and although I wasn't doing anything "Bunny" or "Hef" related? I WAS going to break out a classic cosplay outfit, and attend as "i WONDER if that's a WOMAN"

lots of pics of Thurs evening running around in costume at and after Bunny Hutch coming up in next installment :)

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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby Nrthwnd » Sun Sep 22, 2019 4:57 pm

^ Those Rikers Were Meanies! Anyway....idiots. Glad you got it figured out,
and got some apps and drinks thrown your way. Loved the Service Dog BEANIE BABY!

Looking forward to the Bunny Hutch party pix that you got, Bert! :b
Talk is Cheap :idea: Action is Pricele$$


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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby bert425 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:35 pm

We finished up dinner late enough that several of my group that had eaten just headed to the DigiSuite (a suite in the Hyatt that my friends from "Digitribe" book every year (hence it being called the "Digisuite". . tho I've also seen it referred to as the "Digisuite dungeon of Doom").

most of us donate towards the suite, and many folks also bring along snacks, alcohol to donate to the bar, and other assorted things for the suite - such as games for everyone to share/imbibe. Jason acts as host, and he really is a fantastic guy (as are all the Digi-folks.. .otherwise, I wouldn't wanna hang with them every year! :p ). He also makes a themed drink/punch at the "bar" every year, and in the evenings that's what many in the room are partaking in. Tho he also makes a really mean Bloody Mary -seriously, among the best I've ever had.

The digi-suite is invite only, and there are rules that must be followed inside the room - but I can't tell you what they are, as they are need to know, and you outsiders don't need to know (Bwaaa-Haaa-Haaa).

The room basically functions as a reprieve from Con, and a great place to pop into thruout the day - there's typically someone (or several someones) in there to hang out with and chat with and play games with (I'm not much of a gamer, but this year I got to participate in a few games of "Two Rooms and a Boom" - which I think got many participants as we could hold onto our drinks while playing. .LOL. . . it was a fun game tho and I enjoyed it).

Anyways. . after our dinner, several of the group headed to Digi, but since I was planning on wearing an "outfit" to Bunny Hutch Party, I needed to change into that. So my plan was to go back to our room in the Marriott, change, then head back to the Hyatt to hang out at Digi for a few hours, and then head to Bunny Hutch at ~11:30. The party officially started at 10, but it runs until well after 1am, and I knew the line to get in would be wrapped around the building. So better to hang out with friends until the party had been on for an hour or so, then go over just before they announce winners (usually around midnight).

spoiler. .that worked beautifully, as I believe that Gary and I waited, maybe, 10 minutes when we finally got over there to Bunny Hutch?

anyways. . here are pics from Thursday Evening at Dragon*con. . . as the con officially kicks into gear.
Here's what I wore for the evening. . . it's the majority of an old cosplay i brought back by request of some friends (they really wanted me to bring back my Courtney Love from about 9 years ago, but I have no idea where those "costume" pieces were.. so instead it was the reappearance of "i WONDER if that's a WOMAN" - at least most of it. . couldn't find the shorts and my blue boots were too heavy to schlep along for just 1 night. . LOL).

Bunny Hutch *IS* a costume contest - featuring any iteration you can conceive of, of a Playboy Bunny (classic cosume with ears, cuffs, tail) or Hef (classic smoking jacket).

but to ATTEND the party, you don't need to be in costume, although many DO dress up in some sort of costume/outfit. They wont' turn anyone away from the door for not being in a costume, but the parties sure are more fun when the majority of the attendees are dressed up in some way.

next year, Marce is talking about doing a group costume with many of us as bunnies, and several of us are all in on it :)
Waiting for the elevator to go down to the Marriott lobby to take skybridge back to Hyatt.

got lots of hoots and hollars while walking, and always a joyful laugh when I corrected those who yelled out "Wonder Woman" !! with what I actually call the cosplay.

good fun.

Still 100% sober, but was sipping on my Sprite/Pineapple rum that I had made, and would be imbibing more shortly after getting to Digi :)

So I finally make it up to Digi and am thrilled to see many of my friends already hanging out in the suite: Bri & John, Jason, Rich, Alan Strange, Nathan, Cody, Lisa & Mike, Gary & Cynthia, . . and tons of others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

hung out and visited with folks for a bit, having fun, and then Lisa asked if anyone was wanting to / willing to take her and Mike's daughter Kayli out to roam for a bit to take pictures of Costumes, as it was past 10pm now, and the Con really was going pretty strong at this point. Not as busy as it would be on a Friday night, but a lot of folks already out and about in the hotels general areas.

it was too early to go to Bunny Hutch, but I offered (since I've spent lots of time with Lisa & Mike & Kayli over the years - including a full day with her at SFOG last year). So Lisa told me "don't you dare lose track of her" (LOL), and off we went to roam for a bit and look at costumes.

we get to the elevator in the Hyatt to head down to the lobby, and I noticed she's not carrying her camera so I asked her: "Before we get in the elevator, I want to make sure you have your camera. . since it's gonna be a pain to come back up and get it"

Kayli: "no, I don't"

me: "you don't have your camera???"

Kayli (with a heavy sigh of exasperation): "no. . I left it in the car (which was parked in the garage under the Hyatt). I TOLD Mom that!"

me: "why did you want to go take pictures if you don't have your camera? How are you going to take any pictures?"

Kayli: "i'm gonna take MENTAL pictures"

ok. . the little smart-ass made me laugh out loud with that. . so off we went in the elevator, and down in the Hyatt and over the Skybridge to the Marriott where the main action is these days (due to the Pulse bar being in there).

(which was having an underwear party tonight on the Pulse Loft bar section. .but no, we did not go there. .hey, she's a little kiddo still!).
getting off the skybridge, more Robots have now shown up in this area.. including a beat up Wall-E, and a Jawa cosplayer who was evaluating him.
Kayli posing with Wall-E

(the folks operating the robots do an amazing job blending into the walls in the background behind the crowd, so you really can't tell who is operating what robot. But the kids are always enthralled, since the robots really do move and interact with them. Wall-E looked up at the camera to pose behind Kayli for this pic).

oh.. she wasn't thrilled I kept making her stop for pictures, but I told her - "your Mom will want to see these!". .so she begrudgingly posed

(and yes, I asked Lisa's permission before posting these pics of Kayli) :)
one of the bigger BB-8s
who interacted with Kayli and was rolling to her to "hide" from the Jawa

this was so awesome!
Kayli had no idea what this was, or what show it was from. .but I told her

"trust me,it's cool. . go pose with him"

and she Loves her some R2-D2
This guy spent all weekend cosplaying as Mighty Mouse. . but I guess if you have the perfect costume? go for it. it looked really good.

(Kayli had no idea who he was either. . but she's just as tall as he is!. . . like I said, when you have a perfect costume. . .)
an amazing Raven from Teen Titans (done slightly more adult).
some folks who were headed to Bunny Hutch, we stopped them on the way for this pic.

Kayli's smiling, but I heard about this particular pic later. . . ."MOM!!!! Bert kept making me stop with STRANGERS. . and take pictures with half naked people !!!"

(and to make it even better? Lisa laughed about it when I showed her the pic) :)
3 degrees of Eddie!
and since her Uncle Chip is a giant metal head, like I am. . had to get a pic of Kayli in there with the Eddies throwing up the horns.
she didn't want to pose with this guy . . who I'm not sure was anything more specific than "Aztec warrior". . but the outfit was intricate and really well done.

So stopped and got a pic.
and of course, I had to stop for a pic with me, when I saw the Masque of the Red Death roaming around.

talk about a fantastic costume.

Kayli had seen enough, so she was ready to head back to Digi. . so we headed that way and back up to the suite.
which was now really hopping with lots of folks whom I hadn't seen in a couple of years, since I skipped last year.

Including Sarah who had changed from Spider Gwen-om to a killer Mera
see? KILLER.

(and what's even better. . as you'll see a bit later, when we bumped into her at Bunny Hutch? she added bunny ears to the crown)
oh yes.. hung out in digi for a while, drinking the killer punch for that 1st night.
(I don't remember what it was called, only that it was goooood)

L-R behind me in this pic:
Marce (sitting), John, talking to Stephen, between them/behind bar Jason, Travis talking to Lisa (back to us), and Larry talking to Cynthia (guessing from the blue dress).

Gary (Cynthia's hubby) and I were chatting and we looked up and Cynthia, Travis, and Larry were gone. We weren't sure where they went, but someone said they had headed over to Hilton to Bunny Hutch. . so we refreshed our drinks and headed out that way to try and find them.
along the way, we saw G-D, who was cool with it.. . so we stopped and took a picture.
and then I bumped into another acquaintance (who's name I can NEVER remember), whom I met many, many, many Dragon*cons ago at one of the "Gaylaxians" room parties. so we stopped and said "hi" and Gary snapped a pic, and then continued onward thru the Marriott.
the two from "Good Omens" were absolutely amaze-balls.

And they were smart enough to pick out a spot along the wall (and out of the way) in the Marriott, so that they didn't impact traffic flow.

not all cosplayers are THAT thoughtful.
Gary and I made it into Bunny Hutcy, and didn't spot Cynthia or Travis (which should have been easy, as her bright red hair, and his height make them easy to spot even in a crowd). . but we *did*( find Andy almost immediately.

Andy and his Partner, Caress, are whom I met the prior night and are from Austin. And we know a lot of the same people. (in Austin and at Dragon*con).. so it was typical to have to go all the way to Atlanta to meet a cool couple from my own City. LOL

as you can see? I was starting to feel the drinks by this point :)
absolutely no idea whom / what he was cosplaying as. . something from an Anime?

maybe Peter Pumpkin Eater? who knows. . LOL
Gary and I, with some of the room (the well lit half, since the entire front end of Bunny Hutch party is dark with dance music playing, and folks having a blast).

you can see behind us some of the Bunny and Hef variations roaming in the crowd.
burry, but she was Rainbow Brite bunny
Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat) and Harley Quinn bunnies.
a crowd shot, as they had paused the music to announce the Bunny Hutch Costume Contest winners.
Drunk bert, and Robin.

no, I didn't know him.. but Dragon*con is all about meeting new people.
Here's Sarah and Josh at Bunny Hutch, with her Aquaman inspired ears added.

Gary and I stepped outside to get some air in the hallway, as the room was packed, and met this guy. .whom I vaguely recall was attending his first Dragon*con.

I remember he told us he was trying to come across as Starlord, but didn't want to wear a mask, and asking us did the outfit work.

don't recall his name, or if we ever saw him again during Con. .but I have a picture of him. . LOL
and we met this fantastic couple. . who wanted to post for pics, and the wife wanted me to hold her hubby's chain.

i think Gary just happened to snap the pic while I was blinking, but I freaking love this pic, and eventually will use it for a profile pic on Facebook at some point.
here's his other half. .she looked amazing as well.
remember my friend Jesse who was wearing the Cthulu knit at breakfast? this was his roommate Christina. . . I guess they came by and saw us while we were outside getting some air.

i don't really remember seeing David, Jesse, or Christina at Bunny Hutch. .but I have this pic, so I guess we must have.. .LOL
I DO remember this tho, this lady was sitting next to the couple with the leashes, and I commented how much I liked her chain/Crystal over dress. . and her Husband insisted on taking some pics of us (he too about 30 and all but about 3 were blurry, so I guess that I wasn't the only one a little bit tipsy at this point!).

we'd gotten enough air, so decided to go back into the party proper to try and find Gary's wife (and Travis & Larry).
but first? I danced with Left Shark.
and we found em! they had met up with Andy, and were all together. . so we were able to snap this wonderful pic:

l-r: Andy, Travis, Larry, Cynthia, Me, Gary. . and just above me? it's a Bunny-(photo) Bomber!

how awesome is that!

I believe we hung out at BH party until at last 1:20 or so, and then it was time to wander a bit.. not quite ready to go to sleep just yet! So I must have wandered off with someone (since they took the pics following for me on my phone). .but no idea if it was Travis, or Gary still.
yep. . the Bunny Hutch was ending, and party goer's were spreading out among the other hotels.

these guys were in the Hilton Lobby.

Whoo-hooo ! I can see where they are keeping their carrots.

(in the fannypack.. . get yer mind out of the gutter. .LOL. . . . yeah, it's hard to do a mostly naked costume when you *must* wear your badge at all times at Dragon*con. . and need a place to keep room keys, ID, cash, etc. the fannypack was a weird decision, but looked like only one had to bite the bullet and wear it for everyone's stuff)
absolutely zero idea where this is, or whom we're with. Looks like Hilton carpet tho!
ok.. definitely still in the Hilton, since this is the Dr. Who TARDIS display that the Hilton puts up just off the lobby area.

didn't know this guy, but loved that he was doing a Gender-F cosplay.. so posed with the Phoenix.
Heading back to Digi to close out the night, had to pass thru the Marriott again, so snapped some pics along the way.

two folks that had been in Bunny Hutch (I think in the costume contest).. "Maleficent Bunny and Huntsman Hef" ?? (if I'm guessing)
Robotman from DOOM Patrol.

this outfit was absolutely stellar. and I remember him telling me how hot it was under it all.

but damn if it didn't look great.
speaking of looking ... I *believe* this is one of the Sailor Moon characters (Sailor Neptune) as a Rabbit.. tho not sure about the syringes in the ears?

but since she posed facing away from me when I asked for a picture, hell if I can remember now.. . LOL
and final pic, as I headed back to Digi in the Hyatt (where I didn't take any more pics tonight, other than 1 with Rich since he was in the suite by then hanging out). . . a classic Ms. Marvel costume.

Which is, by far, my favorite version of her costume in the comics (even tho the lady wearing it has movie Carol's hair. .it's still really well done!)
that aforementioned pic with Rich Murray. . . since it's rare we're both in the same place and at least one of us is alert enough to remember to take a photo! At least this year, I got it on day 1 :)
and after a bit more visiting at Digi, and a shower back at the room (to get all that makeup crap off my face). . a 4am selfie sent home to my spouse to show him I had survived the first full night of Dragon*con
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Re: TR: bert does Atlanta - Animals, Cosplayers, & Coasters

Postby Nrthwnd » Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:43 pm

Bert you looked awesome! In a she-male kinda way, y'know? ;)

All the costumes looked great. Though I would hope that "Aztec" guy had shoes
of some kind to wear. His choice to make, I guess.

A great night there to be had, Bert, thanks for shring! :b :br
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