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Photo TR: Changsha Oriental Heritage & Other Parks (7/14/19)

Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:55 am

July 14th & 15th 2019 (Changsha, Hunan, China):

I would visit three parks over the past couple of days and ride my 1200th coaster in the process.

Yutan Park-This park is located about a 15 minute bus ride away from the newest Fantawild Park. I stopped in for a bit, rode the coaster and left. This is a common city park with a small area of rides. The jungle mouse here became my 1200th coaster to ride and Yutan Park became park #609 for me to visit.

Oriental Heritage (Changsha)-This is Fantawild's newest park and it just opened a little over a week ago. It is park #610 for me to visit and my 10th Fantawild park. There are three coasters here. Big Top is a Vekoma family suspended coaster. It is the third model of this type that I have ridden. It is a lot of fun. Visitors to Dollywood this year can experience one of these.
Puppy Coaster is a wacky worm knockoff and it became coaster #1202 for me to ride.

The real star here is Celestial Gauntlet. This is the first Vekoma Energy Storm coaster and is Vekoma's best work to date. It is like a mega lite with inversions. It is glass smooth and a lot of fun. It became my 1203rd coaster.

One downside to this park is the slow ride ops in light of the almost $50 USD entrance fee. I do not mind the admission prices going up, but they need to start implementing customer service. Celestial Gauntlet was running only one train and can only carry 16 passengers. I waited about 45 minutes for it. With a train leaving the station every 7-8 minutes, only 8 trains will be dispatched an hour. This is not good for when these types of places get busy.

Hunan Martyr's Park-I visited this park in 2010 and I went there again a couple of days ago. It was raining, but I discovered that a new mite mouse coaster had been built. I went back this morning to ride it. It became coaster #1204 for me to ride and coaster #498 for me to discover before ACE or RCDB.
Changsha Yutan Entrance.jpg
I am on my way to the new Oriental Heritage, but first, I will stop in at Yutan Park.
Changsha Yutan Ferris Wheel.jpg
They have a big Ferris Wheel here.
Changsha Yutan Mouse.jpg
A mouse coaster is here.
Changsha Yutan Mouse 2.jpg
I see these often.
Changsha Yutan Mouse 3.jpg
This one became my 1200th coaster.
Changsha Fantawild Entrance.jpg
After a 15 minute bus ride, I arrived at this place.
Changsha Fantawil Bridge.jpg
The park is less than a week and a half old.
Changsha Fantawild Lanterns.jpg
This is just inside the entrance.
Changsha Fantawild Buildings.jpg
Here are some of the buildings in the park.
Changsha Fantawild Building.jpg
There is some circus theming here.
Changsha Big Top 1.jpg
The Big Top is from Vekoma and is the third coaster of its type that I have ridden.
Changsha Big Top 2.jpg
This is the first drop on the Big Top.
Changsha Big Top 3.jpg
Here is another look at the Big Top before I move on.
Changsha Rapids.jpg
The rapids ride is nicely themed.
Changsha Puppy 1.jpg
Puppy Coaster is a wacky worm.
Changsha Puppy 2.jpg
Here is an onride shot.
Changsha Chutes.jpg
The chutes ride looks great.
Changsha Gauntet 1.jpg
Now for what you all clicked on the TR to see.
Changsha Gauntlet 2.jpg
Celestial Gauntlet is like a mega lite with inversions.
Changsha Gauntlet 6.jpg
Look at that first drop.
Changsha Gauntlet 5.jpg
There were no rough spots at all on this.
Changsha Gauntlet 3.jpg
Here is an action shot.
Hunan Martyr Mouse 1.jpg
I went to Hunan Martyr's Park on Monday morning for the new mite mouse coaster.
Hunan Martyr Mouse 2.jpg
It was raining when I took this photo.
Hunan Martyr Mouse 3.jpg
Here is an onride shot to finish the TR.

Re: Photo TR: Changsha Oriental Heritage & Other Parks (7/14

Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:30 am

This is the first I remember hearing about the new Vekoma model. When you say it is like a Mega-Lite with inversions you mean it has airtime as well as loops?

Thanks for posting!


Re: Photo TR: Changsha Oriental Heritage & Other Parks (7/14

Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:41 am

Great report! I really wish these newer Vekoma models would come to the US.

After the loop, everything looks super low to the ground so the airtime seems like it'd be great.

Re: Photo TR: Changsha Oriental Heritage & Other Parks (7/14

Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:15 am

Please Cedar Fair and Six Flags start building Hyper GTX and Vekoma Fire Storms and Lech coaster clones! The world neeeds more of them

Re: Photo TR: Changsha Oriental Heritage & Other Parks (7/14

Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:44 pm

Yes. There are a few good pops of airtime on this ride. I went in with low expectations for it and was pleasantly surprised. Airtime and inversions work well together on the same coaster.
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