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Re: Christian's Coaster Adventures 2019

Postby cparkes92 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 2:06 pm

Irons Flea Roast (part 1)

After my morning riding Cedar Point's Big Three, I drove seven hours (it would've been six, but I hit traffic around Ann Arbor and I also had to pick some things up at my sister's place in Grand Rapids). After a stop for dinner at a gas station Subway in Reed City, I finally pulled into the Irons Flea Roast parking lot around 8pm.

For those who don't know, the Irons Flea Roast and Ox Market is part flea market, part beer tent with live bands, and part carnival with rides I have no interest in riding. Friday night was country night, so they had a local country band (I used to work with two of the members of that band) and later that night they had a regional country band. The first band played a mixture of covers and original songs, while the second band played mostly original songs with a couple of covers thrown in.
The Whiskey Rebels, the first band of the night. Based out of nearby Ludington, they've played together for several years now.
The paratrooper and the sizzler (which appears to be a scrambler under a different name).
Hurricane, with spinning space ships.
Tornado! (This ride looks exactly like a flat ride in Planet Coaster)
The Rock-o-Plane and the Gator (a powered coaster with a 60" maximum height requirement).
Redneck wave swinger!
Kiddie rides were in the center of the midway.
There was a carousel, but it had a maximum height requirement of 60"
More kiddie rides!
They even squeezed a kiddie ride next to the Ferris wheel (which has a lower capacity than the wheels in RollerCoaster Tycoon)
A fun house! Note that one of the L's is dropped in "hillbilly", likely for space purposes.
Another fun house, but this one had a maximum height requirement of 54" (the "Hilbilly Village" had no maximum height)
Super slide!
The second band, Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys, out of Grand Rapids.
This festival even has a costumed ox mascot!
Beer pyramid (I didn't drink any beer, but A LOT of beer was sold that night)
Top 10 steel: Steel Vengeance, Millennium Force, Maverick, Mako, Incredible Hulk, Banshee, Diamondback, Raptor, SheiKra, Montu
Top 10 wood: Mystic Timbers, Shivering Timbers, Beast, Racer (KI), Viper, American Eagle, Woodstock Express, Blue Streak (CP), Mean Streak (RIP), Wolverine Wildcat


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