Assistance with schematic Japan trip

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Re: Assistance with schematic Japan trip

Postby Jew » Wed May 29, 2019 10:14 am

I used Japan Ball for baseball tickets.

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Re: Assistance with schematic Japan trip

Postby Kstr737 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:51 am

Ok I booked it! Mid June til the holiday and have the schematic in place.

Now into the deep logistics.... I figured out lodging for Tokyo, Nagoya where I'll be staying in western style hotels. My wife is joining me for the very tail (Nagoya and baseball in Tokyo). But the first portion is going to be more budget oriented and I am traveling solo (Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto, Hiroshima).

I haven't worked through Kyoto or the Fuji pieces. So any recommendations toward lodging in that specific would be helpful.

Kyoto: I am looking for a more traditional experience (Ryokan) well located in the city and again on the affordable side. 3 nights

Mt Fuji: I see a two night stay in the area and am thinking Kawaguchiko ?
Basically looking for an easy place to base and move back and forth from train, the hike from Yoshida, and get a few early morning hours (and the skip passes) for Fuji Q. Scheduled along the lines of:
Day A: early train from Tokyo, find hotel drop bags, Mt. Fuji hike, Night at hotel
Day B: Finish hike, recovery and relax (or rain date for hike) Ideally be cool to be somewhere with an Onsen, a hotel/resort that is nice enough to hang out
Day C: Fuji -Q half day at opening (leave bags at hotel? or Fuji Q fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo?) Double back for bags, train to Kyoto.
^This is the most complicated logistical piece of the trip.
(I see a Mystay across from Fuji Q, it is coming in at $120 a night over the dates I need. Anything better in the area, or is there another area, I should consider for the price point or better $ to achieve all the above?)

DisneySea: If my options of a day are to go are a Tues, Wed, Thurs or Fri, mid June. Any considerations to take there? What is the cheapest way to get a one-day, one-park pass to Tokyo Disney Sea?
Thank you again

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Re: Assistance with schematic Japan trip

Postby Satans Hockey » Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:46 am

Kstr737 wrote:If anyone has any suggestions on professional baseball and wrestling.

That website will tell you which wrestling shows are going on in every city in Japan.

I used the Loppi machines to see a few different shows. I watched this video and took screen shots of the steps. It was really simple and the machines are in so many different Lawson stores.

If you drink, these venues don't care about what you bring in. I filled up an entire drawstring bag full of beer and brought them inside the venues with me. A lot of other people do the same thing. Just don't leave the trash at your seat because everyone cleans up after themselves. Also watching wrestling over there is very different then here. People don't really stand and there aren't any obnoxious drunks like you would see here. People still clap and chant but it's still way different than anything here.

All the venues I went into have sections labeled as North, South, West and East so it helps to screen shot those symbols so you have an idea of what section your seats will be in. If you have trouble just ask someone and they will gladly help you find your seat.

The trains are very easy to use to get around but after a long flight I didn't feel like trying to figure them out with my luggage so I used this bus service and it was perfect. You get to bring 2 checked bags and they will take you straight from the airport to your hotel if it's listed on there or you could always pick one near your hotel if it's not on there. I was extremely happy about using them.

I love driving and very rarely take public transportation because I hate it but I can't imagine driving in Japan over taking the trains. Their system is so perfect, clean and efficient that it just doesn't make sense to drive in my opinion. Plus they drive on the left with their steering wheels on their right and while I would like to try it, I'm sure it definitely takes awhile to get use to. We stayed in a few different hotels and had no problems checking our bags.

I found a lot of people, even in Tokyo didn't speak English so I did a lot of pointing at menus and another thing is if you see pictures outside just take a picture in your phone and point at that when you get in. I wish I had learned some more simple terms in Japanese just to make things easier but it didn't prevent us from doing anything and everyone was very nice and willing to help us out because we were polite and friendly back to them.

Google maps is a must. It helped out with the trains and walking directions. I bought a Japanese sim card with a data plan just for that, I think I spent $28 for 1.5 gbs that lasted the entire time.

Cash is king over there but pretty much everywhere in Tokyo that we went to took credit cards. My card doesn't charge a foreign transaction fee so I used my card for the majority of the trip but we still had enough cash on us just in case. We carried our passports on us at all times just in case and if you're purchasing certain store items you can get them tax free for purchases over, I think it was $50 by showing your passport.

We also used for a few tours, a sumo wrestling practice and a round trip bus ticket which included a ticket to Fuji Q and I have nothing but good things to say about both of them. I would absolutely use them again for other experiences in the future.

Also if you haven't already the official TPR Japan trip reports are very helpful to make you feel more confident in going in with a game plan and to make you feel like you aren't going in completely blind to the trip.

We absolutely loved Japan and we can't wait to go back. If you somehow have a miserable time when you go then you might as well never travel anywhere ever again lol


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