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Re: Summer Roadtrip

Sun Jun 30, 2019 6:49 pm

Question! My phone plan doesn't include out of the states data, so do either La Ronde and/or Canada's Wonderland have in-park wifi?

Re: Summer Roadtrip

Sun Jun 30, 2019 9:43 pm

DarienPoint wrote:Will do! Is there any sort of plan I should do for La Ronde or Wonderland? I know those two parks will be the busiest, so should I start from the back of the park, hit a certain ride, or...?

My home park is La Ronde, so I can try to help you! First, I would look if Monstre is open or not. If it’s open, run to it! It’s not a great coaster, but it always has the longest line in the park. Generally because it only runs one train of 20 people and the fact that it’s rarely running certainly doesn’t help! :lmao: Toboggan Nordique, their wild mouse, attracts a lot of guests so I would get that credit right after Monstre. It’s right in the middle of the park, not too far from le Monstre. After that, hit Titan, their Giant Discovery. Monstre and Titan are not that close but they literally always have huge lines. Since Vampire (Batman clone) and Vol Ultime are next to Titan, I would do them right after. Then, I would get the Super Manège and Boomerang credits.

Oh and if you have time, try Demon. It’s a weird Mondial topspin and it’s awesome! It’ll be right in between the Monstre/Super Manège/Boomerang section and the back of the park. I would end your visit by doing Goliath (in the back of the park) as it has good capacity, Ednor, the SLC, not that popular as anyone could guess and Dragon.

I sincerely hope you have a fun time. I must say it’s far from being a great amusement park, but some of my visits are fine. It really depends on the crowds. When this place is packed, it gets frustrating because there’s no efficiency. If you want some help with your visit in Montréal, I can make some suggestions to you. Anyways, I hope I helped you and have fun in Canada! (happy Canada Day by the way ^^)

Re: Summer Roadtrip

Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:01 am

^ Thank you! I'm most likely buying a Flash Pass so I hope that'll help me, I know Toboggan doesn't work with Flash Pass so I gotta do that first.

Also, how will crowds be?

Canada's Wonderland - Monday (July 15th)
La Ronde - Wednesday (July 17th)
Great Escape - Friday (July 19th)
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