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Photo TR: Humen Park/Dongguan Huying Country Park (5/2/19)

PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 6:54 pm
by The Angry Darren Mullins
May 2. 2019: Humen Park and Dongguan Huying Country Park

Humen Park

This park was up first. I had visited a few times before and my last visit was 6 years ago. Many new rides have been added since then. I rode the coasters, including the Fruit Worm, which, according to info posted by Golden Horse, is not recommended for anyone over 80 kg. I would not have complained if I had not gotten to ride it, but this is the type of coaster that such a weight limit should be meant for.

Dongguan Huying Country Park

This park is part of a multi park complex that includes Qifeng Park. They are all connected by paths that go from one park to another. There is a spinning coaster here that borrows heavily from the SBF Visa spinners. It is actually a fun ride. It has a single helix instead of a figure 8 layout. There are a few other rides here as well. This is one of the parks and coasters that I discovered before ACE or RCDB. In fact, I have now ridden 1194 coasters and have discovered 479 coasters before ACE or RCDB.