Photo TR: Humen Park/Dongguan Huying Country Park (5/2/19)

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Photo TR: Humen Park/Dongguan Huying Country Park (5/2/19)

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Fri May 03, 2019 6:54 pm

May 2. 2019: Humen Park and Dongguan Huying Country Park

Humen Park

This park was up first. I had visited a few times before and my last visit was 6 years ago. Many new rides have been added since then. I rode the coasters, including the Fruit Worm, which, according to info posted by Golden Horse, is not recommended for anyone over 80 kg. I would not have complained if I had not gotten to ride it, but this is the type of coaster that such a weight limit should be meant for.

Dongguan Huying Country Park

This park is part of a multi park complex that includes Qifeng Park. They are all connected by paths that go from one park to another. There is a spinning coaster here that borrows heavily from the SBF Visa spinners. It is actually a fun ride. It has a single helix instead of a figure 8 layout. There are a few other rides here as well. This is one of the parks and coasters that I discovered before ACE or RCDB. In fact, I have now ridden 1194 coasters and have discovered 479 coasters before ACE or RCDB.
Humen Entrance.jpg
I have returned to Humen Park after my last visit six years ago.
Humen Spinning Coaster.jpg
Spinning Coaster is still here.
Humen Fruit Worm 2.jpg
They have added this thing since I last visited.
Humen Fruit Worm 1.jpg
They allow adults to ride.
Humen Fruit Worm 3.jpg
These are more fun than they look.
Humen Wave Swinger.jpg
A lot of Chinese parks have a wave swinger.
Humen Haunted House.jpg
Look at this before you go to bed.
Humen Ferris Wheel.jpg
A Ferris wheel has been added since my last visit.
Humen Dragon 1.jpg
Humen Park recently added a powered coaster.
Humen Dragon 2.jpg
Here is one last photo from Humen Park before I move on to the next park of the day.
Huying Entrance.jpg
My next park is Dongguan Huying Country Park.
Huying Bridge.jpg
It looks like it will rain soon. I better hurry.
Huying Carousel.jpg
There are rides here.
Huying Ride.jpg
These are common in almost every park here in China.
Huying Coaster 4.jpg
There is a coaster here.
Huying Coaster 5.jpg
It appears to be based on the VISA spinners.
Huying Coaster 3.jpg
Look at how they have the bottoms of the lift motors covered in plastic.
Huying Coaster 6.jpg
Here is the final turn into the station.
Huying Coaster 7.jpg
It is very photogenic.
Huying Coaster 8.jpg
It is a lot of fun.
Huying Coaster 2.jpg
This will close out the TR.

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