Little Amerricka

Anyone interested in pictures of NAD trains?
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Re: Little Amerricka

Postby ButteredToast » Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:43 pm

DirkFunk wrote:Great thread. Question for you: I recall the guys from House of David in Benton Harbor, MI having a PTC train (or at least part of one) and talking about how they got blueprints from Little Amerricka yeeaaaaaaars ago when they were early into the process of rebuilding the park. Did you ever have any conversations with them?

My bad, how did I never respond to this? :?r I haven't been in contact with anyone from the House of David. I'm wondering if the train in question was the one we just traded for from Chicago. As you can see from the recent Little Amerricka trip report and from the photos below, the cars are a bit on the rough side. Still, they're better than nothing, and there are some parts we can salvage off them. One plan is to also fabricate two more cars while rebuilding them so both coasters could run 5 car trains.

The way my boss figured, PTC junior trains are lighter than full-sized trains, which would require less materials for supports, in addition to making maintenance a bit easier with parts being interchangeable. One of my concerns, being around 6'2", is rider comfort for those of us with longer legs. Meteor is already a bit of a knee knocker for me, and I'm not sure if shattered kneecaps is covered by the insurance policy with the more intense ride. Another concern is if junior trains can stand up to the rigors of higher speeds and stronger forces on a larger ride. The matter is still up for discussion.

I've been talking with several different people about NAD trains and coasters and am waiting to talk to a couple of more notable coaster industry names. Currently the focus is a custom designed layout combining the Stricker's Grove Tornado and the larger Ghoster Coaster models to fit space requirements. Things are coming more into focus and hopefully we can start nailing down some design details in the near future. I'll keep TPR posted, especially if we hit the lottery and RMC Meteor becomes a thing.
The very well-aged original train from the Waldameer Comet
Not exaaactly ready to run, but this crew is more than capable
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