Photo TR: Colorful Yunnan Paradise (1/24/19) Part 2

My 600th Park
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Photo TR: Colorful Yunnan Paradise (1/24/19) Part 2

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:51 pm

January 24, 2019: Colorful Yunnan Paradise (Kunming, Yunnan, China)

Before I talk about this park, I want to say that this TR almost never happened. I spent the last 8 days traveling through southwest China and I tried to go to this park a few days ago, only to be misled by two travel agents who just swore, by golly, that this park closed after only a short time in operation. A taxi driver also said there was nothing at this park and that it was better to have him take my wife and I several hours outside of town to a better attraction. There was also the nonsense of me being told I could ride a coaster in Dali a couple of days before and being allowed to pay for a ticket and getting all the way to the loading platform only to have the idiot who motioned for me to go up to the station decide to turn me away when he saw that I was a foreigner. All of these things almost derailed my desire to go to Colorful Yunnan Paradise.

I did make it to the park yesterday and I had a great time in what is one of the best parks I have ever visited. Perhaps the best thing about this is that Colorful Yunnan Paradise became park #600 for me to visit and the four coasters here upped my coaster count to 1186 coasters.

Here are my thoughts on the coasters:

Mine Train-This is a Golden Horse ride with a new track design. It is a big improvement over their earlier mine trains.

Wing Coaster-This is a fun B&M that borrows elements from Gatekeeper.

Tiger Leaping Gorge-This is a Mack Supersplash. It is the third one I have ridden. It is a fun ride with a reversal turntable that lets riders take a drop backwards.

Launch Coaster-This is a Mack Blue Fire clone. It is my favorite coaster here. I hope that more of these will be built.

This is an excellent park. The only downside is that it takes about three hours to get here using public transportation. I took a subway one hour to Kunming south railway station and waited nearly an hour to get on a bus that took another hour to the park. I have now visited 600 parks, ridden 1186 coasters and found 460 coasters before ACE or RCDB.
Colorful Yunnan Entrance.jpg
I finally made it to Colorful Yunnan thanks to a handful of lying locals in Kunming.
Colorful Wheel 1.jpg
That wheel looks big!
Colorful Wheel 2.jpg
It is really big.
Colorful Mine Train.jpg
Mine Train is a Golden Horse ride and uses a new track design.
Colorful Faucet.jpg
I like the faucets in the restrooms.
Colorful McDonald's.jpg
There is even a McDonald's inside the park.
Colorful Trabant.png
This trabant ride is nice.
Colorful Ride 1.jpg
Here is another ride at the park.
Colorful Tiger Leaping Gorge 1.jpg
This is Tiger Leaping Gorge, it is named after a scenic area in China.
Colorful Tiger Leaping Gorge 2.jpg
It is the third ride of this type that I have ridden.
Colorful Ride 2.jpg
This is a basic family ride. It allows riders to shoot water, but there are no specific targets.
Colorful Launch 1.jpg
Yes! A Blue Fire clone, this one is called Launch Coaster.
Colorful Launch 4.jpg
It is a lot of fun.
Colorful Launch 3.jpg
Here is the big loop!
Colorful Launch 2.jpg
Here is the lead car.
Colorful Wing 1.jpg
Last, but not least, is Wing Coaster.
Colorful Wing 3.jpg
It borrows elements of Gatekeeper.
Colorful Wing 5.jpg
It is the tallest coaster in the park.
Colorful Wing 4.jpg
It is a fun ride.
Colorful Wing 2.jpg
Here is the first drop on Wing Coaster.
Colorful Carousel.jpg
I will close out the TR with a photo of the Carousel.

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Re: Photo TR: Colorful Yunnan Paradise (1/24/19) Part 2

Postby PKI Jizzman » Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:33 am

I'm happy you were able to visit a park with better offerings than a wacky work or wild mouse for your 600th park :lol: I was really worried that was going to be the case when I clicked in, haha. The park lives up to the name, the coasters are nice and vibrant.
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Re: Photo TR: Colorful Yunnan Paradise (1/24/19) Part 2

Postby Canobie Coaster » Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:18 am

Great report! It's definitely colorful.

China's wing coasters looks amazing. I really hope I can make it out there to ride them sometime in the near future.
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Re: Photo TR: Colorful Yunnan Paradise (1/24/19) Part 2

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:13 pm

I am glad that I was able to make this my 600th park. I am glad that I didn't encounter any of the stupidity that I often experience at the parks here.

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