Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Quest to ride the newest Intamin Mega Coaster
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Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby Jakizle » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:19 pm

Hi everyone...I haven't done much roller coaster riding this year as I have been very busy in my personal life and in fact, other than Disney or the Six Flags parks here in Texas, I haven't been to a single park in 2018. Our family was planning a Europe trip the last week of October so I decided to add an extra day to visit EnergyLandia in Poland! I figured this would be a good treat to myself and make up for a lackluster 2018 by riding the newest Intamin Mega Coaster. I knew the new Intamin restraints were big guy friendly after riding Red Force and Taron last year, and the park was open for the last weekend of the year on our travel dates, so it all worked out great! Even better, since it was the weekend before Halloween the park was open until midnight on Saturday, October 27th!

But weather was looming...and it would be cold. Would I be able to get on Hyperion? Lets jump into the pictures to see how the day went...
EnergyLandia is located between the cities of Krakow and Katowice in Poland - while both have air service, KLM had many flights a day from Amsterdam to Krakow and is a very easy 90 minute flight.
Descending into Krakow around 10am on Saturday, October 27th.
So first up, I picked up a rental car and drove to Katowice (about 45 minutes) to check out Legendia before spending the night at EnergyLandia. Driving in Poland was very easy, although the car rental company (Sixt) did require the International Driving Permit which you can pick up at AAA.
Unfortunately, despite checking the park website that they were to be open this weekend, I arrived to find out Legendia decided to close for the weekend due to weather. It was fairly cold in the 40s with rain all weekend :(. They did post on their FB page Friday night it turns out, but I didn't follow it and never thought to check social media. Fail on my part! They were very nice though, as they kept their info office open and gave me a 50% coupon to come back next year. Maybe when the RMC opens down at EnergyLandia!
I at least had to get a selfie with Lech Coaster! One look like an awesome ride.
Now I was nervous as I drove the 45 minutes back towards Krakow to EnergyLandia. Would it be open??? I saw the black tracks of Hyperion from a distance, but never did see a train run as I pulled up to the park.
I am here! There were a fair amount of cars in the parking lot so the park was open. Was Hyperion running??
Yes!!! I have never been so happy to hear the sound of a roller coaster running as I walked into the park.
Now I was getting excited again. Hyperion looks unreal in person. The ride is massive!
Wow! Pictures don't do the drop and overbank justice. Lets go ride!
The park entrance was dead but I found 1 ticket booth open to purchase my ticket for the park. The cost is 119 PLN which converts to $31.50 USD, a very good deal for the size of the park.
Hyperion is located right at the very front of the park, and there was no doubt where I was headed first!
The entrance inside the very large station/queue building.
Love the themeing of the queue!
Hyperion was only a 1 train wait despite 1 train operations. Thank god they stayed open with the light crowds today!
They divide the queue at the end into 3 lines. 1 is for the front row, and lets in 4 riders each train. 2 is for individuals, and 3 is for everyone else. It seemed like the gates would let in 4-5 individuals per train and then the rest of the seats were allocated to line number 3. Once up at the station doors, they let in door 3 first, then the individuals could fill in empty spots. Interesting queue system!
Pumped for my first ride on Hyperion! Every dispatch was met with fog and a 10 second countdown. Pretty cool and gets everyone hyped up.
My first ride was in the very back row and WOW! The airtime on Hyperion delivers. I will go into more of an in depth review later, but this is easily a top 5-10 coaster for any enthusiast.
I went ahead and rode again in the front of the train, then decided to check out the rest of the park. As you can see, no waits for anything! It was DEAD. Happy Halloween ;)
I headed all the way to the very very back of the park to ride Formula, the Vekoma launch coaster.
The park's one knock is the excessively long queue lines...if it was busy they might need them, but when it's not it was a very long walk to each coaster. The line for Formula at least provides some nice views of the snappy layout!
Ready for a front row ride to start!
Formula was great! The first inversion and turn are very funky, but then the ride delivers with great ejector airtime and super smooth transitions and inversions.
I was worried about fitting with the OTSR's, so I rode without my jacket. Didn't have a problem! Thanks Vekoma.
If Vekoma is going to build rides like this now, we need more of them. Was bummed about Lech Coaster now, but with the RMC and more coming southern Poland is definitely an area to return to.
Next to Formula there are plenty of equipment for TPR members to injure themselves on (flashes back to nightmares at Europa Park...)
No water rides for most park goers today, but across the way is the parks SLC.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to ride, but being a new build SLC it had to be better right???
After finally finding the entrance (and another long, unskippable queue line), it was time to ride Mayan Coaster.
Color me shocked! The ride was actually very "bouncing" like older SLCs and the soft vest restraints are a huge win.
The park doesn't have a lot of "big" flat rides, but does have a middle size drop tower and discovery type ride.
At this point I figured I might as well ride all of the coasters. But the spinner had OTSR's and there was NO WAY I was going to get that restraint closed. Bigger riders beware on this one.
I forgot to mention, on the rest of the coasters, there is a counter of how many riders per train that counts down as park guests enter the station. Once it hits zero, the gate locks and lets you in once the next train dispatches. Worked pretty well to ensure full trains when it did get a little busier later.
Next up is the park's family boomerang. It seemed to have a bat/vampire theme but was just called Boomerang.
Despite being completely forceless, I still enjoy these rides for some reason!
I will say the station was very well done on this one.
At this point it started to rain so I decided to check out the dark ride.
It was pretty bad sadly. It was just a giant room of figures with easy to hit targets. I heard they didn't use to have fog, so that at least helped so you couldn't see the whole room at once. Would love to see them work on this some more.
Here is a picture of the cars and station, however. Has some potential but needs some tweaking. If you are curious about your score, take note of your car number as that is the only way to see how you did on the screen by the exit.
The rain wasn't stopping for a while, so I decided to press on. Next up was the park's family SLC, Dragon!
This definitely won the award for the wettest ride of the day.
Speaking of wet, the new Intamin water coaster was going to be a no for me. Last thing I wanted on my 10 day trip was to have wet shoes and clothes in my bag. However, Dragon was very fun! These are great ride models and I'm happy to see one coming to the US at Dollywood.
The only ride with a wait during the day was the park's booster ride, which is cool as it's included and not an upcharge. I saw Speed, the water coaster, running all day but never did see a soul on board lol.
There are numerous kiddie coasters, which I elected to skip.
Another kiddie plopped down!
Now that I made my way back to the front...time for more Hyperion!
The first airtime hill on the ride may be the best one on earth. It's pure ejector airtime all the way over. And it's super comfortable at the same time. Bliss.
However, the airtime twist and dive is by far my favorite part of the ride! It is stand up ejector airtime all the way through the half loop, even while twisting and dropping. Bonkers!
The return run has the stengel dive which gives you a bit of side ways airtime, small airtime bump, then the big floater hill which is the only "break" in the ride. The overbank starts the twisted section of the ride and is way more inverted than I thought it would be!
I love twisty airtime hills on Intamin rides! This final stretch was kick butt in the front of the train.
The final airtime hill provides fantastic airtime as you fly by the water element (which thankfully was off) and then you get even more airtime as you pop up into the brakes.
Excited for another back row ride! Another interesting tid bit for bigger riders - I had no issue every time I rode an outside seat, but when I sat in the middle seats they had to come staple me pretty hard and it was a close call. So site outside! There wasn't a rattle and the far left is the spot to be anyways!
Riding Hyperion in the rain was fast, intense, and slightly painful! LOL. I did love that on-ride photos were only 10 PLN, which is like $3 USD!
After a 3rd Hyperion ride, I checked out the other 2 coasters at the front that I missed earlier. Gave the Vekoma giant roller skater a courtesy ride.
Skipped the wacky worm, but it's here :)
Decided to go grab my better rain jacket from the car and get some shots of Hyperion in action. The first drop is 85 degrees of kick butt airtime in every row!
Those riders are starting what may be the best airtime hill ever.
The overbank was fast and disorienting. One of the best!
This little section was mild in the back, but super wild in the front. I recommended the front left - great pop of air on the hill then more airtime as you are whipped up and over the ride's 2nd stengel dive.
Looking back at the first drop.
My favorite element of the ride. Crazy how long you are out of your seat as you twist and dive.
The turns at the end of the ride are low to the ground and despite their spread out appearance are still very intense as this ride HAULS ass.
Back inside the park...I was getting hungry!
I will say I struggled to find food a little...most of the stalls were closed (assuming due to weather and low crowds). There is no English menu's either. Luckily I did see a sign in the midway for what I assume was a special Halloween chicken sandwich, so I went for that!
No park visit in Europe is complete without ice cream!
Delicious as always, despite how plain I am :P
How about a night time ride on Formula?
One interesting tid bit - the first 3 cars have soft restraints, while the back car has tight straps. I still managed to fit in the back even with my rain jacket now on, but it was a tight squeeze.
But the ride kicked even more butt at night! It was running noticeably faster with more zip and airtime than before, so I went around for a 3rd ride.
As darkness falls, I headed back to the front of the park to hang out around Hyperion. Luckily the rain had stopped also!
Time to marathon Hyperion to end the night! Don't think I can make it until midnight, but I had to get some night rides on this beast.
There actually seemed to be a crowd starting to form around Hyperion....
There was now a freaking rave going on inside the ride building! LOL
And I found where all of the park goers were! Hyperion was now about a 30 minute wait.
Time for a night time front row ride! Holy crap. SOOOOOO good. Best seat in the house on this ride.
Hyperion was flying at night! It was borderline top 10 material for me but now was pushing top 5 material. When it warms up the 2nd half really delivers.
One more ride towards the back before I call it a night. I am still thinking about that airtime a week later!
After traveling all day prior and not sleeping much, I decided to call it quits around 9pm. The park actually got fairly busy from 6-midnight because they allowed you in for $1 if you wore a costume. Luckily the rain stopped for kick butt night rides and I'm glad I got them. This is definitely a park to keep an eye on, especially as they continue to invest in huge coasters. Look forward to returning in 2020!
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Re: Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby SharkTums » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:43 pm

Looks awesome! Thanks for the report. Excited to get to this park next summer!

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Re: Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby Canobie Coaster » Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:00 pm

Fantastic report! Glad to hear that Hyperion really is a top notch coaster.
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Re: Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby ThemeParkJunkie51290 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:07 pm

Excellent report! =) =) =) I love all the pictures!

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Re: Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby PKI Jizzman » Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:12 am

Sorry about Legendia but hey looks like EnergyLandia more than made up for it. Glad you were able to make the most of the day - tons of Hyperion rides! Well done.
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Re: Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:13 am

Wow, this looks pretty great. I'm impressed at the level of detail in some of the queues. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing!

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Re: Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby coasterer » Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:28 am

Thanks for the great update! I'm such a big fan of big rides going up in break-out coaster markets. I was in Southern Poland for about 24 hours 6 years ago, and it's exciting to think of going back there some day to THIS! Been looking forward to hearing how it rides for a while, and glad it didn't disappoint!
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Re: Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby jedimaster1227 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:22 pm

This looks like a great park! I'm impressed year over year how quickly they have grown and continue to grow (with an RMC on the way next)... If ever I were to be going to Poland, this would definitely be on my list of places to stop. Thanks so much for sharing this great report!
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Re: Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby coasterBro » Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:35 pm

Great TR. The park (and particularly Hyperion) looks pretty sweet. When you say Hyperion has "stand up ejector airtime", does that mean you actually have enough room in the restraints to come out of your seat that much, or just that if the restraints were loose enough you'd be standing up? I ask because the restraints look like what's on Skyrush, and those are pretty tight and very uncomfortable with where they hit the leg during strong ejector airtime.
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Re: Photo TR: EnergyLandia in Poland!

Postby Jakizle » Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:50 pm

coasterBro wrote:Great TR. The park (and particularly Hyperion) looks pretty sweet. When you say Hyperion has "stand up ejector airtime", does that mean you actually have enough room in the restraints to come out of your seat that much, or just that if the restraints were loose enough you'd be standing up? I ask because the restraints look like what's on Skyrush, and those are pretty tight and very uncomfortable with where they hit the leg during strong ejector airtime.

The new Intamin restraints on Hyperion, Red Force, Taron etc. are completely different than Skyrush. They sit on your legs like a normal lap bar (not at one sharper point like Skyrush) and are pretty soft. Even when "stapled" you still feel plenty of lift like you are getting "stand up airtime" while being safely and comfortably in and above your seat.

Ugh now I want to go back right away....thanks lol.


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