Where Are You Going in 2019?

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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby coastered » Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:59 am

The big USA trip
- Coney island New York (* = First time visit)
- Six Flags Great Adventure (*)
- Busch Gardens Williamsburg (*)
- Kings Dominion (*)
- Carowinds (*)
- Dollywood (*)
- Holiday World (*)
- Kentucky Kingdom (*)
- Kings Island (*)
- Kennywood (*)
- Cedar Point (*)
- Six Flags New England (*)

- Walibi Holland
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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby Married a Canadian » Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:26 am

Canada's Wonderland: Home park. Looking forward to Yukon Striker.

-WDW Florida: our annual Snowbird vacation. Doing the Disney runs round MK and Epcot this February for the first time. Am looking forward to that (probably a major coaster fan sin...running round the park rather than walking!)

-Universal Florida: Same as above minus the running part!

-Kings Dominion: Our "new" park for 2019. Father and son have "I305" and "Volcano" on our respective bucket lists. Will be perusing the forum for tips and advice in the early new year. Thankyou already to the people who have given advice on travel and operating schedules.

-Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Back to where it all first started for me in North America. Revisiting the first park I visited outside of Europe. We are very much looking forward to it (loved Apollo's Chariot back in the day) as there have been so many additions. We also loved the historical part of Williamsburg when last there, and plan to spend a couple of days in the area.

Two Disney Cruises, one to the Bahamas. One to Norway. Looking forward to the Norwegian cruise as it is out of my home country (UK) and my parents will be joining us for the first time on a cruise.

S***loads of overtime required between now and these trips!!
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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby XII » Sun Nov 25, 2018 12:53 pm

2019 is gonna be a much smaller year for me than this year, but this is what I've got planned.

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Knotts Berry Farm
Disney's California Adventure
Sea World San Diego
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags America
Busch Gardens Williamsberg
Kings Dominion

Six Flags Over Texas
Oaks Park
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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby K1ngdaKa88 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:54 pm

I haven't planned much at all, but few things are already for sure.

- Connyland
- Europapark
- Phantasialand
- Efteling
- Walibi Holland

I have a few trips in mind to do but I'm not sure yet which ones I'll be doing.
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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby Dombot » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:56 am

Confirmed (* indicates home parks)
-Busch Gardens Tampa*
-SeaWorld Orlando*
-Universal Studios Florida*
-Islands of Adventure*
-All four WDW parks*
-Six Flags over Georgia
-Lake Winnepesaukah

-Kings Dominion
-Silver Dollar City
-Wild Adventures

Should be an interesting 2019. :)
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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby JordyC » Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:18 am

Small update:

Annual visits
Efteling (home park)
Walibi Belgium
Walibi Holland
Movie Park Germany

Holiday Park

Fort Fun Abenteuerland
Freizeitpark Plohn
Bayern Park
Legoland Deutschland

Hansa Park
Heide Park

Parc Astérix
Disneyland Paris
Walt Disney Studios
Parc Saint Paul

Walibi Rhône-Alpes
Parc Spirou

Rainbow MagicLand
Cinecitta World


Farup Sommerland
Djurs Sommerland
Legoland Billund


Tayto Park


Port Aventura
Ferrari Land
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1. Hyperion - Energylandia 2. Wildfire - Kolmården 3. Taiga - Linnanmäki 4. Untamed - Walibi Holland 5. Shambhala - PortAventura 6. Schwur des Kärnan - Hansa Park 7. Taron - Phantasialand 8. Helix - Liseberg 9. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park 10. iSpeed - Mirabilandia

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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby hoppedup » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:16 am

hoppedup wrote:Planned (* first time):

Cedar Point
Kings Island
Kings Dominion
Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Busch Gardens Tampa*
Sea World Orlando*
Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Fiesta Texas*
Six Flags Over Texas*
Sea World San Antonio*

Darien Lake*


Worlds of Fun*
Silver Dollar City*
Six Flags St. Louis*
SIx Flags Great America*
Kentucky Kingdom*
Holiday World*
Fun Spot Kissimmee*

Going to Texas in ten days. Going to knock out SFOT, SFFT, and SWSA. We might even hit Park at OWA on the way home. We may have to actually ride a Wild Mouse and some flats to make that one worth it. :lol:
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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby BlahBlahson » Sat Dec 08, 2018 12:05 pm


Cheap Beer and Fish Park
Seaworld's Waterpark
Park not associated with Blackfish
Busch Garden's Waterpark
Pandora Place
Star Wars Land
Food and Wine
Logistical Nightmare Kingdom
Parkhopper Plus Add on #1
Parkhopper Plus Add on #2
Harry Potter World
Hollywood Studios
Moana's Happy Interstate Waterpark
Kids School Group Florida Resort


Fun Spot
Calfornia Adventure
Six Flags Magic Mountain
(Queen Mary's Dark Harbour)
Wild Adventures
Six Flags over Georgia

Hopefully depending on work and cheap flights (*new to me)

*Six Flags over Texas
*Six Flags Fiesta Texas
*Seaworld San Antonio
*Six Flags Great America
*Little Americka
*Mt Olympus
Cedar Point
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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby larrygator » Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:40 pm

I'll probably be light on the US this year since, I'm returning to Europe this summer focusing on Scandinavia and Poland. Not sure of all the European Parks, possibly.

Walibi World, Efteling, Toverland, Energylandia, Legalandia, Liseberg, Kolmarden, Grona Lund, Phantasialand, Tivoli Gardens, Wonder Island, Linnimaki

US Parks are likely to be Northeast based: SFGAdv, SFNE, Kennywood, Knoebels, possibly some small New England parks. Last minute sales will impact my decisions this year as I did not renew with Busch or Cedar Fair.
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Re: Where Are You Going in 2019?

Postby prozach626 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:59 pm

Next season we will kick it off like this last season by attending Coaster Campout at CP. My brother and sister in law want to come with us this time, which will be cool. They have never been to CP before. Over the last two years they have come to KI, SFGam, and SFSTL with us. They dig it.

Right now, we're planning a summer vacation to include SFGadv and CW. This has spawned probable sight seeing in Philadelphia, New York City, Niagra Falls, and Toronto. We're also going to fly to Carowinds for a weekend trip and we'll drive north to SFGam on some Saturday. Other than that, a few beers spread over a couple nights at SFSTL will also take place.


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