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Into the Unknown

Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:43 pm

This is where the Journey Begins. The first step Into the Unknown. You stand at the edge, unsure of what to do next? So now you have a choice:
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You take the Blue Pill, the journey ends here. You continue browsing the forums. You take the Red Pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Journey 1: Fun Spot AKA a Lazy Week in Orlando.

It has come time for spring break of my last year in college. My father needed to take some vacation time. Going to college in Tampa, our timeshare had some rather tantalizing options on International Drive in Orlando. Including one resort next door to Fun Spot Orlando.

So dad flies in to TPA on Friday night, he spends the night in my dorm, and the next morning, we begin the harrowing drive on I4 between Tampa and Orlando.

Much to our surprise, we arrive safely at our resort at the north end of I-Drive. We check in and head up to our room with a view.

So now it's time to head into the park to process our season passes. With our passes processed and wristbands on, there was only one acceptable course of action:
White Lightning!

After a couple laps there, we wandered over to Gator Spot. Always an interesting walkthrough. So glad it's included with the wristband.
DSCN0373 (2).JPG

Gator Pile!

Crikey, mate!

But the star of Gator Spot is easily the albino gator Bouyah. I texted this picture of Bouyah to mother saying, "Look what we found outside our room!"
And what a view it is.

After saying later to the gators, we wandered around the park for some more rides on White Lightning and Freedom Flyer before walking back to our room so we could pick up some food for the week.

After a couple days of riding White Lightning non-stop, we had an itch that needed to be scratched. So we headed south along I-Drive so we could have our mines blown.
Our chariot awaits!

Last year, we'd seen it under construction. But now it was finally time to ride. We sat down in the back row of that ever-so-comfortable Timberliner and waited almost impatiently for the train to crest the lift.

Ho. Lee. Sh!t.

It was worth the wait.
I thought I loved White Lightning, but wowzers is Mine Blower awesome! Relentless pacing with so much airtime.
So we had to run back around for the front to confirm it was just as bad-A$$. Spoiler: it was. After another ride in the back, dad had to take a breather while I ran around for another couple laps before I too had to catch my breath.

And what better way to calm down from Mine Blower than a lap on the best Spinning Mouse in Florida and a cycle on the inverting frisbee?

Okay, we've calmed down enough. Let's get our Mines Blown some more!

A couple laps later, Dad needed to relax a bit so we walked around the park and Old Town a bit, taking a spin on the Ferris Wheel as well.
Hello, Kitty

But how could I resist the urge to take pictures of Mine Blower from across the pond? I couldn't.


Since we were over there, I mentioned to dad that our passes got us discounts on the Skycoaster and I wanted to do it with him since I flew alone last year. But nope, he wasn't interested.
It wasn't meant to be this year.

We got another lap on the "spinning" mouse. "Spinning" was in quotes there because we got the rare ride where our car was not unlocked for spinning. Realizing it was a fluke, we had to get another lap and boy, did we spin so much that it made up for the dud.

A couple more laps on Mine Blower and Dad needed to go back to the room.

He took a nap, while I went back out to White Lightning and the Paratrooper since I knew the latter was leaving soon for Atlanta and needed some rides on it before it closed. After the cycle, my cart stopped at the top for a while because they were having some troubles with the lap bar. I wouldn't have minded this so much if there wasn't a chilling wind that night.
After being liberated, the park was just about to close for the night so it was time to go to bed.

Waking up the next afternoon, it was time to take some pictures while dad just stayed in the room to relax.
I could get used to this view

Ferris Wheel!

IoA in the distance

You can get some neat shots of White Lightning from the sidewalk outside the park.




Going down the drop!

Coming back in.


Fun to ride and great to photograph!

We took a break from Fun Spot for some time at Disney!


Growing up in Minneapolis, I went to the Mall of America a lot. Even now, I could spend several days just walking around without getting a Nickelodeon Universe wristband. But with Disney Springs, the couple hours I spent there were more than enough. Even with nearly an hour sitting at the top of the Coke store with a cup of Beverly. Though I was glad to have tried Pizza Ponte. Thanks for the recommendation, Robb!
You say Living Statue, I say Weeping Angel. Don't Blink.

Well, our trip was now coming to an end. Dad had to fly back to Minneapolis and I had to go back to school. But not without some last rides on White Lightning, Freedom Flyer, and Mine Blower.

Under the lift.






Underbelly of the Paratrooper


Glad I got my last rides in. Have fun in Atlanta!

And of course, I had to get a hat.

Re: Into the Unknown

Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:51 am

Sounds like you had a good time. How smooth was Mine Blower?

Re: Into the Unknown

Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:56 am

Nice report of both the Florida Fun Spots! I also liked seeing the Gator Spot since I've never made my way there.

Those spinning mice are so awkward without the spinning. Hirakata Park always runs their mouse that way and those hairpin turns are not meant to be experienced without spinning alleviating those lats.

Re: Into the Unknown

Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:21 pm

Nice report. Mine Blower was the surprise coaster of our Florida trip this year. I thought it blew Mako out of the water.

Re: Into the Unknown

Sat Sep 22, 2018 1:14 pm

Canobie Coaster wrote:Nice report of both the Florida Fun Spots! I also liked seeing the Gator Spot since I've never made my way there.

Those spinning mice are so awkward without the spinning. Hirakata Park always runs their mouse that way and those hairpin turns are not meant to be experienced without spinning alleviating those lats.

Thank you!. Love Gator Spot and it's easily the hidden gem of the Orlando Fun Spot. The non-spinning cycle on the Fun Spot mouse was tolerable. But spinning couldn't save Primeval Whirl. But that's a rant for the next update. ;)

prozach626 wrote:Sounds like you had a good time. How smooth was Mine Blower?

It's not the smoothest coaster in the world, but not the worst. I'd say it had more shuffling than roughness. But it's also the kind of ride that will beat itself to sh!t if not properly maintained.
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